The GOP slice of the One Percenter Pie

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According to, a staggering 92 percent of Wall Street money for the 2012 presidential election has gone to Republicans. Considering how sympathetic and lenient Barack Obama has been toward the securities and investment sector, despite the economic shenanigans of the past few years, this is quite a striking statistic.


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22 responses to “The GOP slice of the One Percenter Pie”

  1. Bongo says:

    Intesting that not a single comment here has railed against the citizens united supreme court decision allowing anything goes for money in politics, plus cementing in stone the specious notion that corporations are persons.

  2. that guy says:

    The reason they’ll give to obama, and give more to the republican nominee isn’t because they feel like one favors them more than the other.  They’ll give to both, so when either one of them wins, they can show up and say “Now you owe me, This is what I want.”

  3. William Noble says:

    Democrats aren’t having a contested primary this year. A more realistic look will be the general election.

    • Henk says:

      Ah yes I am sure as the real race begins they will pivot and dump huge piles of cash on President Obama. Paying out all this cash now is because they…well really, if they plan on supporting Obama later why would they be spending all this cash now?

    • Michael L. Hoenig says:

      And I thought I was the only one who understood that little snippet of truth…


    • jimmmmmy says:

      Good point.

    • Michael L. Hoenig says:

      Meanwhile, the BIG donors can continue to earn interest on their money.

  4. soularddave says:

    How about a pie chart that shows donations under $100 ? Surely that will show more blue. 

  5. CwV1 says:

    Sort of points out that Obama is not real popular with the 1%.
    Spin it any way you want but people with money know that it’s power and they spend it where they think it will do them the most good. And whet they are spending it on is to defeat Obama and the Dems in Congress.

    • jimmmmmy says:

      Why defeat Obama hes done everything wall street demanded and more? Your aware that all these contributions are tax deductible and therefore a wonderful way to money launder Especially if you hold large positions with the “Lame” Stream Media

    • Michael L. Hoenig says:

      Political donations are NOT tax deductible…

      I’ll leave the rest of your post for others to discuss.

    • jimmmmmy says:

      There are many types of pollitical contributions that are tax deductible A simple search on the internet will show . Why lie?

  6. Chris Herz says:

    Just goes to show its cheaper to rent than to buy.  

  7. Guest says:

    I find this unbelievable and probably a fund raising ploy. Check out who’s behind open scretes .org. In most U.S. auctions , I mean elections the accounting set [banksters] run the odds on their super computers and made strategic donations . THis is too far out of whack to take serious without more in depth investigating.

  8. john2333 says:

    I think that this is normal, seeing as how it’s the republican primaries right now.  This will look better when a republican has been selected and obama and the chosen repub go head to head.

    • soularddave says:

       I wonder if the money spent is FOR certain candidates, or intended to fight AGAINST other ones. Or could this mean they’re just saving their money for now? Maybe they just can’t get a fix on any of their positions – they seem to change a lot.

      What do you think the primary considerations for Wall St. are?  Taxes on the 1% ? Regulation of Wall Street & banks? Contraception?? Birth certificates? Prices at the gas pump? Privatizing S.S.?

  9. BuelahMan says:

    Think it may finally be time for America to get off of the R vs D ping pong table? God knows I preach it continually. For decades.

    • soularddave says:

       And, pray tell, who’s got a ghost of a chance?  If anyone else wants to run, 75% of the electorate better know who they are and what they stand for. I’ve heard a couple of names, but don’t know a soul who also does; let alone what they’re all about.

      Ideas, please?    Remember, we’re at the mercy of the MSM.

    • Michael L. Hoenig says:

      We’re at the mercy of our own INDIVIDUAL level of activity.

      Buy into Faux “News” or do your own research if you don’t trust the wrongfully-accused “MSM” — there’s no media goon outside my door, nor in my home with a gun at my head.