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WhoWhatWhy Radio: Fukushima Update

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WhoWhatWhy’s Karen Charman speaks with KGO San Francisco radio host Pat Thurston about Karen’s article updating us on the Fukushima disaster (Saturday, January 21, 2012)

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NOTE:  (Correction)

In her KGO interview, Karen Charman misspoke in stating that 60-80 percent of the fish in the Pacific Ocean may have been contaminated by the Fukushima disaster. The article she was referencing said that 60-80 percent of the Japanese fishing catches tested monthly since the disaster tested positive for contamination by Cesium 137, a radioactive isotope.

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4 responses to “WhoWhatWhy Radio: Fukushima Update”

  1. Avatar Pavel says:

     Japaneese infest seafood, they lost all credibility. Only stupid are going to build new nuclear reactors…

  2. Avatar Dutchbradt says:

    The entire planet was contaminated with Cs-137 due to atmospheric nuclear testing in the 50’s and early 60’s. Consequently every environmental sample will always show some Cs-137.  The question is what levels above background are being seen in the fish? 

    @ Randall Blanchard: There was extensive reporting of radioactive contamination in air samples taken all along the West Coast immediately following the accident. These were part of the regular radiation monitoring programs conducted by health departments and  environmental labs in every state in the union.  There definitely was airborne contamination observed as a result of the accident. We even saw it here in New York State.  So did Europe.  In all cases, the amounts were trivial. 

  3. Avatar Will Nixon says:

    Good work, Karen!

  4. What about the U.S. supposedly disabling radiation detectors along the West Coast of the U.S. ?