Brave Reporter Challenges Romney Deceit

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Romney and reporter go at it

Can/should a reporter call a candidate on semantic nonsense? Watch this video–in its entirety—and see reporter be reprimanded by Romney press secretary for sticking to his guns. Will this reporter keep his job? Stay tuned.

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15 responses to “Brave Reporter Challenges Romney Deceit”

  1. Kyannpeppa says:

    Dave Eger, Bullseye!! You said it! I am so sick of this guy’s lies and fake demeanor and delivery of his insincere crap to any useful idiot that will believe him. He has the same tense and scared behavior and look during debates when challenged and confronted with the truth as he does in this video. All he does is window dress and speak in worthless general terms instead of using all his money to say what, if any, specific plans and solutions he has and will implement if elected, all the while unfairly usinng negative, non stop and expensive attack ads (many proven to be untrue) at a fellow GOP Candidate whose intelligence and insight he is threatened by who does have a good and specific plan.

  2. Linda Minor says:

    Peter and DiNardo’s full statement follows:

    We are thrilled to announce that Glen Johnson, most
    recently of the AP’s State House bureau in Boston, will be returning to
    Morrissey Boulevard to become’s political editor. In this
    role, Glen — who has covered Massachusetts politics for nearly two
    decades — will oversee the expansion and redesign of the site’s
    political coverage leading into the 2012 presidential race and beyond,
    with a blog, videos, aggregated content, the smart display of original
    Globe stories, and any other creative ideas we can come up with. He will
    draw on the expertise of our political staff, both locally and in D.C.,
    to make the page a must-read for anyone interested in Massachusetts and
    New England politics. We will also look for opportunities to republish
    some of Glen’s politics blogs in the Globe, and we contemplate a regular
    presence for Glen in the Globe in the form of a regular political
    column that would be based on his reporting and analysis. With his deep
    knowledge of the local political scene, his agility as a writer, and his
    embrace of new media, Glen is the ideal candidate to fill this
    position. And it couldn’t come at a better time for us, as we prepare to
    strengthen our web presence with a two-brand strategy and gear up for a
    presidential primary in our backyard.
    This is a homecoming for Glen, who worked for the Globe for more than
    five years, from 2000 to 2005, in between two stints at the Associated
    Press. He has covered four presidential races — including Paul Tsongas’
    1992 bid, when Glen worked for the Lowell Sun — and four administrations
    on Beacon Hill, stemming back to the Weld years. Most recently, he
    served as the AP’s lead Romney reporter in 2008. He lives with his wife
    in North Andover and has two college-age sons. He is an avid cook and
    observer of professional cooks (ask him about his stint in the kitchen
    at Thomas Keller’s Bouchon). Glen will join us on Jan. 31, and we
    couldn’t be happier to have him back on board. All cooking tips welcome.
    Jen and Bennie

  3. My only thought is that Willard (mitt) Romney’s job growth sank to 47th in Massachuttes while he was Governor….

  4. Aneaglefliesin2003 says:

    He sure has a right to his freedom of speech and his own opinion!

  5. Guest says:

    There’s a authoritarian mind set that derives from Mormonism that becomes apparent at times. “Listen to my words,” listen and obey. Interesting. Romney is very easily rattled. No wonder others are expected to tip toe around him.

  6. And Clinton “did not have sex with that woman”, right?

  7. Cusumanolaw says:

    Semper Fi. Hurrah!

  8. calma1 says:

    LOVE how Romney’s press secretary is telling the reporter how to act professionally. Since when do press secretaries get to dictate to reporters 

  9. $888939 says:

    “Can/should a reporter call a candidate on semantic nonsense?”
    I thought that was what they were supposed to do; the political ones, anyway.   On another note, whenever Romney gets confronted with an unpleasant truth, he always looks like he’s seconds away from violence.   

  10. tony bonn says:

    speaking of romney has anyone besides reported on his destruction of records as he left the governorship of massachusetts?… was enough to make nixon blush….

    romney is a bankster crook who has been annointed as republican presidental nominee by the rockefeller-mic-yale-cia axis of evil.

  11. Ya Windsock Willard doesn’t do lobbyist.  If I were wearing my Depends I’d sh!t myself laughing.  

  12. pericolosa says:

    Clearly these guys didn’t learn that little ditty when they were kids, the one about sticks and stones…

    And so they treat the questions as though the reporter was waving a knife at the candidate. Of course, the mass media itself perpetrates and perpetuates the same confusion: How many times a day is a question or a statement directed at a politician described as an “attack,” by someone playing a journalist on TV?


  13. Bamftiger says:

    Black tyranny, Israeli tyranny, Mormonics tyranny, Sci Org tyranny, Cracker tyranny- it’s all TYRANNY.

    Paradigm shift or death are the only alternatives to living in a World of Darkness where slavery is the fate of the REAL 99%.

  14. dave_eger says:

    “Listen to the word’s I’m saying and you’ll realize that I’m not actually saying anything of substance at all.” 

    The only way Romney says anything that actually has meaning is in statements that can be translated to have multiple meanings so he can reinterpret it differently later if anyone tries to stick him to it. Listen to his words carefully, because they are very carefully crafted to have a lot of words with very little substance.

    What really impresses me with Romney is how he can keep up that same shitty grin while repeating the same fluff over and over.

  15. Thomas says:

    I like how Wrongney backpedals as if it’s some kind of amazing claim to integrity that lobbyists who share his private jet and flank him at all times are not technically “running” his campaign.  Bravo.

  16. SickOfTheStupid says:

    Romney Is just has full of crap as Obama and the rest………………..he couldn’t speak the truth if his life depended on it
    Notice how the handlers get upset and offended when the lies are challenged ………….