Worth Watching: Kids, Cancer…and Cannibis?

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Is it possible that oil extracted from cannabis with a juicer can save the lives of cancer patients, including kids? Watch this and see what you think. Also, consider the fear medical personnel experience which prevents them from speaking publicly on the matter.

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2 responses to “Worth Watching: Kids, Cancer…and Cannibis?”

  1. matsovani says:

    The only people who don’t want to legalize Marijuana are the pharmaceutical companies and those who are paid by them.
    Jesus knew it was a miracle plant, and so does big money that’s why it has been banned for so long.

  2. Hruhs says:

    I personally know a patient that is nearly a carbon copy of this child, only a little worse.  Sent home from the regional Children’s Hospital with a prognosis of a few weeks of remaining life, blind, deaf, unable to move.  Parents started juicing cannabis (think wheat grass juice) and forcing many ounces a day on their dying toddler.  Today, a year or so later, this child too is free of disease.

    The depravity of our system of misgovernment continues to amaze me.  Die you peasants die, you useless eaters, you drag on profits, you the subhuman poor.  There was a reason Jesus was preferential to the poor.