WhoWhatWhy editor Russ Baker discusses our exclusive on the Saudis and 9/11 with George Galloway

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19 responses to “WhoWhatWhy editor Russ Baker discusses our exclusive on the Saudis and 9/11 with George Galloway”

  1. M3rdpower12005 says:

    I think you should read MOHAMMAD ATTA and the FLYING CIRCUS by Daniel Hopsicker

  2. joe bell says:

    To the person who complained about my artistic writing ,i apologize .
    I was in school with William Shakespeare ,but since then i have developed a few 
    problems . i try to cope with my disabilities .77 , arthritis ,both shoulders and knees ,adult deficits , terrible childhood , but do not  fret over your comment . I have been told so many times about that ,and cannot improve .     
      I accept your comment graciously , and since you say nothing about the contents ?
    i will forgo any more for play . got along without you before i met you ,will get along  
    after i leave you … no problem 

  3. Pfgetty says:

    Yes, Ed Kendrick, isn’t it odd that with literally hundreds of connections between the 9/11 attacks and Israel, we simply ignore all that for ten years and then hammer the Saudis instead?

    • joe bell says:

      i am not picking on any one ,but reading House of Saud /house of bush ,bu Unger ;and Unauthorized biography of ghwbush by Tarpley ,can give you enough ammunition . to blast anyone republican . The Israeli do not get a free ride ,they are the biggest .largest receivers of our charity every year . . The USS LIBERTY SHOIULD ALSO BE ON OUR MINDS to never forget . look that one up under another Texan . who also brought us the worst dictator in Brazil , another abraham lincoln gordon ? i think , John Hopkins .home of wolfowitz and other neo-cons of the same color.

  4. whole2th says:

    How do connections to the Saudis explain complicity of mass media, the Congress, NIST, FEMA, FBI, heads of state and a host of many others in the cover-up of what really happened on 9/11?  

    What is the Saudi connection, for example, to National Geographic which has entered the fray of propaganda to bolster the official lies of the 9/11 Commission and NIST?

    And speaking of hasty departures, what about the owner of Urban Moving Systems leaving for Israel within a week after 9/11 and Zim shipping leaving its space in the Twin Tower just weeks before 9/11?

  5. Larrypayne says:

    Thanks for running this. Now we know Galloway is a coverup artist as well.

    • russwnyc says:

      Larry, your stuff always seeks to make the same one or two points, and lacks fresh information or substantive documentation. I doubt you move a single person. Not sure what you hope to achieve with this approach.

    • Larrypayne says:

      Russ, anyone who has researched 9/11 knows that many of the 19 hijackers have turned up alive. It is most likely that none of them were on the planes. So if the FL Saudis that skipped out were connected to the group of fake hijackers then they were only part of the diversion, and did not have an important part in the actual attacks.

      What is the real reason the Saudis are being demonized at this time?

    • Russwnyc says:

      The difference between you and a journalist is you speak with great certainty regarding things about which you cannot be absolutely certain. btw, “researched” is a very loosely applied term. It once meant directly obtaining corroborating information through actual personal steps, not recycling things printed or posted by strangers. How have you been able to “research” who is and is not alive? Also, just because multiple people have the same names do not make them the same people. Are you stating with certainty that the individuals shown on video from, say, Boston Logan Airport and then identified as being on the planes were not actually on the planes, but are alive somewhere else?

  6. pastoral says:

     Wonder what you thought about the military exercises going on the morning of 9/11 with the scenario of a terrorist attack on the WTC.  The exercise is how it was pulled off and allowed to happen.

    • joe bell says:

      it was partially designed to confuse any real ATC guys .if you go to vanity fair magazine  and look up  nasypany /neads /norad on 911. they have / had ? the tapes recorded for your listening pleasure . he , nasty pansy was promoted to general . ; capt leidig at nmcc ,promoted to admiral . watch that video and the one after ,faa. 911 commission ,12th public meeting , june 17, 2004 .  they run back to back . should have been the first one . has john farmer said ” ground truth “, they investigation went from the top down ,when it should have gone the other way.  deborah loewer , captain , navy  . in charge of w. h. situation room ,was with bush in florida ; promoted to admiral. go to scribd.com, find the staff  notes on faa witnesses, compare those to 911 testimony of  faa ,sliney , belger ,white and griffeths ; sliney was in a movie ,flight 93 ,consulted also, director ,same guy who wrote the neads story. michael bronner. lynn spencer wrote “touching history”, with sliney the main character . they are so confident they got away with all this ,they are touring universities to tell their “heroic stories . usa today says ( 2006) ATC plays himself (with himself being more appropriate ). reliving  the horror of the day. ???? the play acting and role in the book ,contradicts his and belgers performance at the interview listed above . NORAD had 3 hijack coordinators at the herndon , va. hq, where sliney was director ( screw the manager title they give him ). the coordinators were notified by faa employee after the first plane hit; they were told to tune into cnn ,when they saw the second plane crash.  same scenario ar naval command center ,; the lone survivor ,lt kevin shaeffer  told the naval quarterly magazine .”chips”. june/ spring issue 2003. he worked for 911 commission staff ,see 911 report..2004 ,he disapeared  until 
      this year ,surfaced at navy war college ,r.i. sporting a beard . i have searched the internet thoroughly for at least 2 years. a lot of phony stories or postings attributed to him . i have followed all of them ,no response from the source .     i may be back with more. i am typing with left hand only . thanks for asking . the only way to solve 911 is thru these two meetings . i wrote to john farmer twice ,no response . according to someone he sold out for dean of law at rutgers? john azzarello .is partner and leader of team 8, told kean that what they said was not written in the report . they challenged 
      kean and zelikow to no avail. you should see keans background . in his book . W.P. ,he says we are just ten average citizens .. joke of the century .’

    • russwnyc says:

      Would you please take the time in future to double-check what you type? This sort of thing, with a giant block of type, no capitalization, typographical errors, etc, does a disservice to yourself and whatever points you wish to make–and also to the site’s readers. Thank you.

  7. joe bell says:

    prescott bush ,his grand?daddy was arrested by edgar hoover ,along with all the other  wealthy icons at the time ,for selling ,nnnnnnnnnooooooooooooooooooo 
    OIL to the nasty nazis . they were released because of their wealth ; they won’t share their wealth with the poor folk ,in the form of jobs ,nnnnnnnnnnoooooo
    . so much for the fbi and mule mueller 

  8. Egan314 says:

    Oh, something that most people dont know, George Bush’s maternal grandfather was the most famous Satanist, Alastair Crowley, and his paternal grandfather was a Nazi sympathiser, who tried to start a fascist dictatorship in the US in the 1930’s to 1940’s, not sure the exact date.  This knowledge staggered me.  How could he be normal with ancestry like that?

  9. Egan314 says:

    At last, Galloway listens to something!  Some of us know that 9/11 was fishy, exactly what is still to be discovered.

  10. Bob Levin says:

    Welcome to the legacy of ongoing treason by the Bush family. I’ll have more to say when I publish my blackfile summary report. Russ…great interview as usual. Like your website and writing…Bob Levin, FBI Whistleblower http://www.BobLevin.org

    • joe bell says:

      i hope you include aramark/bush/ kean /1994// keans ancestry dating back to continental congress / drew u./ kean u. /kean estate . john farmer and john azzarello ,911 staff , whitman, etc etc .

  11. Gaelkf says:

    It wasn’t enough that President Obama refused to investigate our government’s war crimes, but to appont Phil Zelikow, Condi Rice’s right hand man and director of the non-valid 911 Commission report to his advisory board is more than I can tolerate, what’s next Brownie for v-p