DonkeyHotey and Maria Adelmann

This photograph, probably from a 1909 labor parade in NYC, shows two children wearing sashes that say “Abolish Child Slavery!!” in English and Yiddish. It wasn’t until the 1938 Fair Labor Standards Act passed that child labor laws were put into effect at the national level permanently, though to this day such protections don’t extend to many of the 500,000 children working in the agricultural industry in the US. Photo credit: Bain News Service / Library of Congress

Do You Have Today Off? Here’s Who You Can Thank

If you’re a US worker who has ever taken advantage of work-free weekends, lunch breaks, paid vacation, sick leave, social security benefits, minimum wage, overtime pay, or a 40-hour work week, you can thank the American labor movement. This collection of images shows historic parades, strikes, and tragedies that ultimately made way for significantly better working conditions in the US.