WGBH-TV in Boston interviews Russ Baker on “Danny”

image001.png@01CF4768.1DA70650TV journalist Emily Rooney recently interviewed WhoWhatWhy’s Russ Baker about “Danny,” the mysterious carjacking victim in the Boston Marathon case. It’s a fascinating point-by-point on some of the big discrepancies Baker uncovered during his exclusive investigation of Danny’s story. Here are links to Part One and Part Two of his original investigation.

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  • Torstentopp

    Talk about hostile, biased interviewer…..

  • JED(Boston)

    Way to hang in there Russ.
    Really too bad Emily R. starts this interview with the point about how “sensitive” Boston journalists are about this case. You know,
    this is our turf and we went thru this trauma – so don’t go challenging “our” story. Give me a break. Either you have legit
    witneses with consistant stories OR not.

    • Crime Reporter

      As a former journalist, myself, that line enraged me. I haven’t reported in years (I used this name as a lark, but I really did work as a crime reporter for 12 years), but I would never act as though something bothered me – or that I was “sensitive” to it. My role was not to “take sides,” but to report the news.

      It’s shameful that reporters – and this has been since 9/11 – would much prefer to wear their hearts on their sleeves than question authority.

  • Kevin

    Thank you Russ! That was heroic the way you stood in there against a clearly agenda-driven interviewer.

  • JohnJoslin

    She’s only protecting the version of reality she has come to accept , if not totally understand. Everybody does something like that, most of the time.

    Precisely why it’s so valuable for investigative reporters to quickly get down on the ground level of important events to re-inspect and reconsider everything that we think we know about what has actually happened. Even when that ground has already been ploughed over, observed , and then roped off by multiple security agencies & assorted news gatherers. Especially , then !!

    Good work, Russ & team. Marathon levels of endurance required.

    Speaking of which, I’m betting E. Rooney had to really stand strong & be determined when dealing w/ the show’s producers in the quest to pry loose a few minutes to converse -on-air w/ Russ.

    – Joslin ( Detroit)

    • occultfan

      Forcin’ the quo.

  • Aliza

    Thanks for standing up for getting to the truth and honestly looking at the world Russ. She reminds me of the guarded scared not intellectually honest people who are constantly around us

  • Fred_Bastiat

    Great job Russ!!! You went punch for punch with her and calmly gave any viewer of that segment something to pause and think about. You are a true investigative journalist….reminds why I read everything you write. Thank you!! Cannot wait for the next segment.

  • http://www.911Blogger.com/ Orangutan.

    All 14 of the current comments under the news organization’s YouTube video are pro-Russ Baker!!! I also helped by spreading this story on the social media website Reddit. Please do what you can to help get this fine example of investigation journalism to as many people as you can through your favorite social networks, email lists, and websites.

  • furtive
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  • occultfan

    Russ makes us all a little more brave if we let him. This is honorable. Truly in an historical sense of people in the zeitgeist they occupy, he is of honor, and she is of shame.


    The FBI is a “fixer.” Their job is not to find the truth. Their job is to protect the government. The FBI obviously got hold of WGBH. Our media is not out to find the truth. Many media faces are government agents.

    • edwardrynearson

      the FBI’s job is to protect the banksters

    • Guest

      Their job is to protect the banksters … their genesis I believe

  • guest

    Let’s not forget that now we know there was another gunman was in the MIT area at the time Collier was killed, according to police scanner audio. From 6/16/2013 article:


    Another gunman was in area when MIT officer Collier was killed

    A recording of police radio activity in Cambridge on
    the night of the killing of MIT police officer Sean Collier reveals that
    another gunman was in the area minutes before the first call of
    “officer down.”

    The FBI has alleged that Boston bombing suspects
    Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev killed Collier, although there are no
    reports of any witnesses or surveillance photography. MIT has issued a call for potential witnesses to the shooting to step forward.

    The description of the armed suspect who robbed the 7-11 at 750
    Massachusetts Avenue in Cambridge, is of a 5″11′ Hispanic male wearing a
    black jacket, jeans, and a black cowboy hat.

    7-11 corporate
    spokesperson Margaret Chabris has confirmed that the suspect in the
    robbery looked nothing like either of the Tsarnaev brothers, the prime
    suspects in the Boston Marathon bombing.
    Referring to the store’s surveillance photography, Chabris told USA Today on April 19, the day one brother was killed and the other captured:

    “The suspect in the photos for that particular 7-Eleven robbery looks nothing like the suspects [in the Boston bombing].”

    The 7-11 store was robbed at gunpoint about 14 minutes before the call
    is heard reporting “officer down,” at approximately 10:20pm according to
    an NPR timeline
    of the events. “Officer down” is heard at 10:34pm in the below
    recording (about 5 minutes into the bottom Youtube timestamp.) It was widely reported
    previously that the Tsarnaev brothers’ rampage began with the robbery
    of the 7-11, just under a mile away from where Collier was found dead of
    multiple gunshot wounds, including to the head.

    The Hispanic male is mentioned a number of times, including in an
    exchange asking for suspects in the area where Collier was found.

    Charges have not yet to been filed in the death of Collier, against the
    surviving brother Dzhokhar. There is no mention of Collier in the criminal complaint against Dzhokhar,
    which has been filed by the FBI in Boston federal court.

    On April
    25th, the Middlesex County DA also issued a call for witnesses to the
    shooting. WCVB Boston reported:

    “Investigators are asking anyone who was in the area or witnessed the
    shooting that left an MIT police officer dead last week to contact

    Read more: http://digitaljournal.com/article/351783


  • furtive
  • clarioncaller

    I love Russ’ replacement word usage for BS. He called it an anomaly. I can think of about 2 dozen ‘anomalies’ in this story and it adds up to BS.

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  • Zack B

    Emily Rooney

  • Zack B

    Why does the interviewer keep talking over the guest? This demonstrates her complete lack of interviewing skills.

    Emily Rooney

  • T
  • SRVES339

    Good post “guest”… one would think the ‘spooks’ could at least change the MO though!

    Let’s see, it worked with JFK, so let’s set up the patsy(s) by killing a cop and blaming them for it… next thing you know the ‘rabble’ will be “cheering in the streets” as we strip them of their civil liberties and formally usher in the police state in Amerika!

  • edwardrynearson

    Thank you Russ

  • guest

    Good work Russ. Please keep up the great reporting.

  • Fullblad

    Baker is a seasoned vet and keep his cool while the interviewer through innuendo and heavy hinting tried to discredit Baker’s valid lines of questioning as so much mountain from mole hill. At least he got an interview on a MSM outlet.

  • Cathleen McGuire

    Way to go, Russ. What an excellent job you did, given the constant truncating of the discussion. It was hard to get a concept in edgewise, but you really did a superb job of voicing what all of Boston press can barely lift the bed covers on.

    I still can’t wait for you to deconstruct the Boston Globe’s outrageous hit piece, The Fall of the House of Tsarnaev. Unbelievable character assassination of an entire family, similar to what the press did to Oswald.

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