TVWHY: Russ Baker in Santa Fe, Excerpt 3—Our Rights


Excerpt (under 10 minutes)

Complete Talk (1 hour, 12 minutes)

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GRAPHIC: 1:08:32 freeze frame from Complete Talk

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  • tomherzog

    Russ Baker is a national treasure; he has the smarts to know what’s going on and the guts to ask the hard questions. If there is any hope of “we the people” getting our country back it will be because of principled, fearless investigative journalists like Russ Baker.

    Thank you, Mr. Baker!

  • Orangutan.

    Russ Baker needs to start talking about 9/11 Truth in my opinion. Here is a good example of some content to start with:

    It’s as top notch of investigative reporting as you are going to get.

  • abbeysbooks

    Read you and tweet you.

  • Missie Baker

    I will be honest, I hit the wrong button and found myself listening to the long version. Very enjoyable, couldn’t actually bring myself to switch off the i-pod. Still not going to read the book–don’t need any more dubya in this lifetime and spouse heartily agrees.

    • Bbethany7

      Missie and her husband are apparently willfully ignorant.
      They “are not going to read the book–don’t need any
      more dubya…” How ridiculous is that? Unless she said that as a spoof since she is Russ’s mother.