TVWHY: Why There is Plastic in Your Food and Your Body

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Bet you didn’t know how our heavy use of plastic is affecting…ourselves. In this video, Dianna Cohen, who has been studying this issue for years, lays out the horrific story of plastic, the oceans, our lifestyles, and our health. Watch this for your kids’ sake, if not your own.

This is happening on our watch, folks. Stay with this one—it gets more and more disturbingly fascinating.

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  • Buddy Benny

    Great segment. Humans and animals alike are suffering from plastic. It’s time to rethink our plastic use.

  • Jimbo

    I’m really convinced and want to act on it but I just don’t know how. Plastic is everywhere! It’s just not possible to stop buying stuff you really need. The usage of plastic wrapping should be taxed very heavily to the companies that produce the product. That way they will start to think on how they can package in an alternative manor.

    • Lianda Ludwig

      You can start by bring reusable cotton shopping bags to the store, and purchase biodegradable plastic bags to dispose of your garbage. Whenever possible look for glass as an alternative – don’t store your food in plastic containers. Stainless steel straws for yourself or your children, bamboo reusable utensils are also available. Re-suing is a better alternative than recycling.

      here’s more ideas for sustainable practices:

  • SO

    Plastics can be recycled or burned for energy, so the crusade should be to do that, not to eliminate their use. Among other things, you make it free for individuals to dispose of anything with plastic, or with other hazardous materials. If you charge individuals, they will dump illegally. Mandatory recycling free for the consumer. Perhaps even, positive incentives should be used, municipal tax rebates per pound for residents who recycle properly. As for food products and grocery bags, we are all free to choose. You do not need to buy plastic containers. Stop buying plastic bottles and they will start using glass again.

    • JakeLee

      burning or recycling does not stop their hormone disruption chemicals from getting in our bodies wreaking havoc. We need to use bottles that can naturally decay without polluting. We need to have a bottle deposit on all plastic bottles, increase the value of the empties to force even the most negligent individuals to recycle.

    • Lianda Ludwig

      Burning plastic creates toxins that go into the atmosphere; so instead of ingesting the plastic, you are breathing it!

  • Robert ANderson

    Just say NO to plastic!

  • Fakir Smith

    You think food prices are high now, wait until you stopped using plastic. Go to what? Glass? The biggest problem today isn’t plastic, it’s YOU having KIDS. Drive all the hybrids and offset all the carbon you want. Blame plastic I don’t care. Truth is your spawn are more dangerous. There are simply too many people to eliminate or change anything significantly without upsetting the whole balance. Whether it be plastic, cures for diseases or free energy. It all comes back to too many people.

    • BigG

      I think you should start dealing with overpopulation right now……starting with yourself.

      • Whatevs

        I doubt whether one person concerned with over-population believes anyone’s lives should be forfeit – just that people should stop pumping out kids so hard. SCIENCE.

  • Don Juan

    A nuclear holocaust would end the need for plastic it would be the most effective way to deal with the problem of over population the chief cause of pollution. Food prices are not high enough yet so lets do away with plastic and see what happens. I have a strange feeling that most of us won’t like the result.

    • Russ

      Your life is way too easy. Food prices are much higher almost everywhere else.

    • JakeLee

      I think corporate greed and an unintelligent corrupt government is the problem. The only way a nuclear holocaust would end our need for plastic is if all the plastic producers were the slaughtered.

    • BigG

      Start dealing with overpopulation now……..Off yourself!!!!
      Ever notice the overpopulation people never think they should be one of the ones to go?

  • Edward Shearer

    I have now switched to using a safety razor, wooden toothbrush, home-made toothpaste, solid hand-made shampoo soap for hair, body and shaving and natural bristle coconut brush for dishes. Little by little I’m finding alternatives.

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  • Raindox
  • Lianda Ludwig

    There are alternatives such as biodegradable “plastics” made from corn. But most people won’t use these bags and products because they cost more than cheap plastic.
    How many of you still use plastic shopping bags, or use plastic to dispose of your garbage? You must make a commitment to re-use, rather than recycle. And ask companies whose products you purchase to make alternative packaging available. That’s the power of the your money!

  • imtheone

    Plastic is the material we can’t rid. There should be some ways reminding people how harmful it is to our environment.