Was Tamerlan Tsarnaev a Double Agent Recruited by the FBI?


Amid the swirl of mysteries surrounding the alleged Boston bombers, one fact, barely touched upon in the mainstream U.S. media, stands out: There is a strong possibility that Tamerlan Tsarnaev, the older of the two brothers, was a double agent, perhaps recruited by the FBI.

If Tsarnaev was a double agent, he would be just one of thousands of young people coerced by the FBI, as the price for settling a minor legal problem, into a dangerous career as an informant.

That he was so coerced is the easiest explanation for two seemingly incompatible incidents in his life:

The first is that he returned to Russia in 2012, ostensibly to renew his Russian passport so he could file an application for US citizenship.

The second is that Tsarnaev then jeopardized his citizenship application with conspicuous, provocative — almost theatrical — behavior that seemed more caricature than characteristic of a Muslim extremist.

False Notes

While walking around in flashy western clothes in the Russian Republic of Dagestan, he visited his cousin, Magomed Kartashov, a prominent Islamist leader, already on the Russians’ radar.  The two reportedly spent hours discussing Tsarnaev’s wish to join a terrorist cell there in the Caucasus.  Later, Russian authorities asked Kartashov if he had tried to incite Tsarnaev with “extremist” views.  Kartashov said it was the other way around: he had tried to convince Tsarnaev that “violent methods are not right.”

Experts agree that Tsarnaev could not have expected such provocative activity to escape the notice of the vigilant Russian authorities.

Back in America, Tsarnaev again called attention to himself as a radical Muslim.  Just one month after he returned from his trip, a YouTube page that appeared to belong to him featured multiple jihadist videos that he had purportedly endorsed.

And in January 2013, he got himself thrown out of a mosque in Cambridge for shouting at a speaker who compared the Prophet Mohammed to Martin Luther King Jr. Tsarnaev rarely attended this mosque, but he must have known it was moderate. (He had done something similar the previous November at the same mosque.) Typically, jihadists are trained to blend in, to be as inconspicuous as possible. Did Tsarnaev go to this mosque with the express intent of smoking out possible radicals?

The key to Tsarnaev’s puzzling behavior may lie in the answer to another question: when exactly did Tsarnaev first come to the attention of the FBI?  The timeline offered by the agency, and duly reported in the mainstream media, has been inconsistent. One story line focused on the FBI’s response to an alert from Russian authorities.

Eric Schmitt and Michael S. Schmidt of the New York Times, wrote, on April 24, 2013,

The first Russian request came in March 2011 through the F.B.I.’s office in the United States Embassy in Moscow. The one-page request said Mr. Tsarnaev  ”had changed drastically since 2010” and was preparing to travel to a part of Russia “to join unspecified underground groups.”

The Russian request was reportedly based on intercepted phone calls between Tsarnaev’s mother and an unidentified person (The Guardian [London], April 21, 2013).  According to another source, several calls were intercepted, including one between Tsarnaev and his mother.

So was it the Russian alert in March 2011 that first prompted the FBI to investigate Tsarnaev? This conclusion seems undermined by another report in the Times—written four days earlier by the same two reporters plus a third– that dated the agency’s first contact with Tamerlan and family members at least two months earlier, in January 2011.

If the FBI interviewed Tsarnaev before the Russians asked them to, then what prompted the agency’s interest in him? Were his contacts here as well as in Russia considered useful to American counterintelligence?

The Canadian Connection

Although it’s not known why the Russians were intercepting phone calls involving the Tsarnaevs, one reason might have been Tamerlan’s connection, direct or indirect, with a Canadian terrorist named William Plotnikov. According to USA Today, a Russian security official told the AP that

Plotnikov had been detained in Dagestan in December 2010 on suspicion of having ties to the militants and during his interrogation was forced to hand over a list of social networking friends from the United States and Canada who like him had once lived in Russia, Novaya Gazeta reported. The newspaper said Tsarnaev’s name was on that list, bringing him for the first time to the attention of Russia’s secret services.

According to a slightly different version, Plotnikov, “while under interrogation in the militant hotbed of Dagestan, named Tsarnaev as a fellow extremist.

The similar backgrounds of Plotnikov and Tsarnaev make it likely that they had indeed been in contact.  Both were recent immigrants from the former Soviet Union. Both had successful boxing careers in North America, and both surprised their friends by converting to Islamist extremism.

Plotnikov was a member of the Caucasus Emirate, an al-Qaeda ally, and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police had been searching for him since 2010. By 2011 the United States had joined the Russians in targeting this terrorist group as an al-Qaeda ally, and had offered $5 million for information leading to the capture of the group’s leader Dokka Umarov. (Moscow Times, May 27, 2011)

Plotnikov was killed in July 2012 in a shootout between militants and police in Dagestan. Tsarnaev left Dagestan for America two days after Plotnikov was killed.

US and Russia Share Concerns

Tsarnaev’s hopes for a Russian passport would have been put at risk by his openly provocative behavior in Dagestan –unless he was acting as an informant.  But for which government, the U.S. or Russia?

The United States and Russia have two shared concerns in the “arc of crisis” stretching from Afghanistan to the Caucasus – terrorism and drugs.  The two problems are interrelated, because drugs, especially in the Caucasus, help finance terror operations. This vitally affects Russia, both because it has one of the highest heroin death rates in the world, and even more because some of its member republics, like Dagestan, are up to 80 percent Muslim.  This shared concern has led to a successful joint US-Russia anti-drug operation in Afghanistan.

Was Tamerlan Tsarnaev caught up in a similar counter-intelligence operation?

The FBI’s Dysfunctional Informant Program

One of the more controversial features of the FBI’s informant program is the frequency with which FBI agents coerce young people into the dangerous role of informant, as a price for settling a minor legal problem. Tsarnaev fits the mold.  His successful career as a boxer was interrupted and his application for U.S. citizenship was held up (and perhaps denied) because “a 2009 domestic violence complaint was standing in his way.” This alone would mark him as a candidate for recruitment.

Thousands of vulnerable young people avoid our overcrowded prisons by agreeing to become snitches, sometimes wearing a wire.  In this way a person whose only crime may have been selling marijuana to a friend can end up risking his career and even his life.  And for what?

According to Sarah Stillman in The New Yorker,

The snitch-based system has proved notoriously unreliable, fuelling wrongful convictions. In 2000, more than twenty innocent African-American men in Hearne, Texas, were arrested on cocaine charges, based on the false accusations of an informant seeking to escape a burglary charge. This incident, and a number of others like it, prompted calls for national legislation to regulate informant use.

After 9/11, the coercive techniques of the FBI drug war, along with half of the agents using them, were redirected to surveillance of Muslims. The emphasis was no longer on investigation of specific crimes, but the recruitment of spies to report on all Muslim communities.

In 2005 the FBI’s Office of the Inspector General found that a high percentage of cases involving informants contained violations of the FBI’s own guidelines. Its report noted that since 2001 the rules had been loosened to reflect the new emphasis on intelligence gathering and. by extension, the bureau’s urgent need for informants.

According to the Center on National Security at Fordham Law School, … nearly every major post-9/11 terrorism-related prosecution has involved a sting operation, at the center of which is a government informant. In these cases, the informants—who work for money or are seeking leniency on criminal charges of their own—have crossed the line from merely observing potential criminal behavior to encouraging and assisting people to participate in plots that are largely scripted by the FBI itself. Under the FBI’s guiding hand, the informants provide the weapons, suggest the targets and even initiate the inflammatory political rhetoric that later elevates the charges to the level of terrorism.

A writer for Mother Jones, Trevor Aaronson, also investigated the FBI’s informant-led terrorism cases for over a year; he too found that in a number of cases, “the government provides the plot, the means, and the opportunity.”

Refuse the FBI and See What Happens

And what happens to Muslims who refuse to become spies?  The case of Ahmadullah Niazi is not atypical. Niazi was one of several members of a California mosque who sought a restraining court order against another member–actually an FBI informant–who was flagrantly advocating violence in their midst. When Niazi was subsequently asked to become an informant himself and refused, he was arrested on charges of lying to immigration officials about alleged family connections to a member of Al Qaeda. The charges were ultimately withdrawn, but by then both Niazi and his wife had lost their jobs.

Another Muslim, Khalifa al-Akili, when pressured to become an informant, complained to the Guardian newspaper in London that “he believed he was the target of an FBI ‘entrapment’ sting.” One day after the Guardian contacted al-Akili, the FBI arrested him on a felony charge for illegal gun possession, based on the fact that two years earlier he had used a friend’s rifle (at a firing range), something he was prohibited from doing since he already had a drug conviction on his record. Al-Akili was held without bail as a potential threat to the public, and ultimately convicted.

These recruitments were taking place in a climate of fear. In addition to the tens of thousands of Muslims in America who were interviewed or investigated after 9/11, there were also by 2003 (according to an American imam’s compilation of US Government figures), 6,483 detained or arrested, 3,208 deported, 13,434 in process of deportation, and 144,513 interviewed and then registered under a Special Registration program of the Justice Department.

It is instructive to study how the FBI handled drone victim Anwar al-Awlaki. Right after 9/11, Awlaki was the “go-to” imam for the U.S media, because of his willingness to denounce the atrocity as anti-Islamic.  But a few years earlier, while a Muslim cleric in San Diego, he had been twice arrested and convicted for soliciting prostitutes.  According to Awlaki, he had been set up both times, because the U.S. government had been trying to recruit him as a spy:

In 1996 while waiting at a traffic light in my minivan a middle aged woman knocked on the window of the passenger seat. By the time I rolled down the window and before even myself or the woman uttering a word I was surrounded by police officers who had me come out of my vehicle only to be handcuffed. I was accused of soliciting a prostitute and then released. They made it a point to make me know in no uncertain terms that the woman was an undercover cop. I didn’t know what to make of the incident. However a few days later came the answer. I was visited by two men who introduced themselves as officials with the US government … and that they are interested in my cooperation with them. When I asked what cooperation did they expect, they responded by saying that they are interested in having me liaise with them concerning the Muslim community of San Diego. I was greatly irritated by such an offer and made it clear to them that they should never expect such cooperation from myself. I never heard back from them again until in 1998 when I was approached by a woman, this time from my window and again I was surrounded by police officers who this time said I had to go to court. This time I was told that this is a sting operation and you would not be able to get out of it.

Awlaki’s allegations may have been at least partly true. In 2002, when he came under suspicion in Operation Green Quest, an investigation of Muslim nonprofit organizations, the FBI reportedly did try to flip him, using prostitution charges.

According to U.S. News,

FBI agents hoped al-Awlaki might cooperate with the 9/11 probe if they could nab him on similar charges in Virginia. FBI sources say agents observed the imam allegedly taking Washington-area prostitutes into Virginia and contemplated using a federal statute usually reserved for nabbing pimps who transport prostitutes across state lines.

Were the FBI’s recruitment efforts successful?  Another Muslim “person of interest,” Ali al-Timimi, tells a strange tale about al-Awlaki’s unnaturally provocative behavior:

When Awlaki came to his home, Timimi said, he started talking about recruiting Western jihadists. “Ali had never, in his whole life, even talked to the guy or met him,” Timimi’s lawyer, Edward MacMahon, told me. “Awlaki just showed up at his house and asked him if he could assist him in finding young men to join the jihad.” MacMahon said that Timimi was suspicious of Awlaki showing up “completely out of the blue” (Jeremy Scahill, Dirty Wars, 71).

Timimi’s attorneys argued that Awlaki was wearing a wire at the time, and asked that the US Government produce the tapes, which would show Timimi’s rejection of Awlaki’s terrorist request. The Government refused, on the grounds that “We are aware of no authority for this request.” Timimi, a promising research scientist, was convicted and sentenced to life in prison.

Another glaring indication that Awlaki had been flipped is the ease with which he was able to return to the US from studies in Yemen in 2002, even though there was an outstanding warrant for his arrest.

On October 9, 2002, the U.S. Attorney’s office in Colorado “abruptly filed a motion to have the warrant for Awlaki’s arrest vacated and dismissed.”

On October 10, Awlaki and his family arrived at JFK airport on a flight from Saudi Arabia.  After a brief period of confusion, Customs officials released them and recorded later that the FBI had told them “the warrant had been removed on 10/9.” In fact, documents show the warrant was still active, and was only vacated later that day.

Asked to comment on these anomalies, former FBI agents indicated there were only two likely explanations: either the bureau let the cleric into the country to track him for intelligence, or the bureau wanted to work with him as a friendly contact.

Does a similar analysis apply to the FBI’s curious “relationship” with Tamerlan Tsarnaev?

Despite Tsarnaev’s inflammatory behavior, as reported by the Russians and also in this country, a senior law enforcement official told the New York Times  that intelligence agencies never followed up on Tsarnaev once he returned to the U.S., because their investigation “did not turn up anything and it did not have the legal authority to keep tabs on him”

This claim sounds strange in the light of recent revelations about widespread surveillance of telephone and Internet traffic of ordinary Americans and the ease with which law enforcement officials obtain warrants to probe more deeply into the activities of anyone suspected of ties to “terrorists.”

The case of Tamerlan Tsarnaev, like that of Anwar al-Awlaki, leaves many unanswered questions. But one thing seems clear: the FBI’s informant program, especially when dealing with the War on Terror, has proliferated wildly out of control.

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  • Eric_Saunders

    He reminds one of Oswald. Very public displays: “I am a Marxist/Jihadi!” sheep-dipping… Uncle Ruslan has those ties to Graham Fuller and the petroleum industry… Ruth and Michael Paine and George deMohrenschildt had all those ties to intelligence and oil and the MIC… It is all pretty obvious if one is skeptical at all.

  • leveymg

    Russ – First, if that’s the reason given for his return to Russia, it’s bogus. There is NO requirement in the INA or the regs to have a valid passport to file an N-400 Naturalization application. Where did you see that explanation?

    Second, I will agree that he acted totally without the stealth to be expected of a genuine Jihadi. The fact that Tamerlan departed back to the US in such a hurry after his local Caucaus Emirate contact was killed indicates his cover in Chechnya was blown.

    After his return, he was probably burned by his handlers, which explains his mounting rage.

    Finally, the second part of the story about Anwar al-Awlaki double-agent deserves its own in-depth article. Let me know if you want some help on either of these.

    • olball coach

      Good question about the Naturalization app. But, I have read he (TT) was genuinely disappointed about losing his boxing career. Maybe he was told otherwise by a handler that he could get his citizenship back (ergo his boxing career) if he does some things for his new country? Uncle Ruslan may have even set this up, or at least said yes, yes “strings can be pulled.”
      “Burned by handlers” – not sure about this – there is always a way to use even the most dull – shall we say? The fact he was dressed like a company man on the day of the bombing suggests he believed he was following orders like a good soldier.

      • Guest

        dull? are you saying tamerlan was stupid? i kinda had the impression he was smart, no?

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  • Eric

    This might also help explain the theatrical revealing of the Tsarnaev brothers’ pictures by the FBI at the live press conference. It’s a dramatic act that says: we don’t know who these guys are!—when in fact they knew very well who they were and where they lived. Even according to the official story, those inside the FBI would have known damn well who they were and where they lived. So it’s fair to say that they were staking out the Tsarnaev apartment at the very moment they revealed their pictures publicly. I think this “multi-agent” hypothesis has some merit and coherence. Nice job.

  • JED

    Major props for hosting Peter Dale Scott here with this new article.
    Prof Scott is a senior analyst of the Deep State and his work is more than welcome here!
    I would encourage anyone who is fan of WWW to look up his work and you will be rewarded.

  • public_servant_watch

    Blast site 2 was in whole FBI who discovered they were caught on video. Go to Max Malone’s youtube site and see his work where he points out quite interesting observations regarding the Blast 2 site crowd “FBI Agents Caught Red Handed Boston Hoax”. The aforementioned explains why ALL Blast 2 pics were photo shopped where in the properties of the photo files, if lucky enough to get an original where the information was not redacted, show a photo shop program. The photo with suspect 2’s head in the crowd at blast site 2 released by the FBI is a total photo shop job and you will note that not one of the persons in the live video of blast site 2 is in this crowd.

    I identified several other agents but this one is of particular interest!! https://twitter.com/rebelready/status/347842673178189824/photo/1

    Whether framing the brothers was the initial plan related to what is described in this article or framing them in a CYA maneuver after being fully aware they were caught on video, I do not know. I do know that they are a dangerous crowd to associate with and very undeserving of support by the tax payer; they appear to cause more crime than they solve.

    • GuestP

      How can you make such assertions with such weak and poor quality evidence? Photoshop!?! Prove it from a non-hyper-paranoid-confirmation-bias-ridden youtube conspiracy theorist please.

      • public_servant_watch

        You have serious problems that can’t be fixed over the internet!!

        • GuestP

          What?! What are my problems? Being a realist? Asking for proof from an objective, verified, legitimate source?

          Please, inform me of my problems… I’m sure you have some good theories…

    • public_servant_watch

      This is the raw video of Blast Site 2 – http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=kJn6kz-nDhA
      Max slowed it down to make his points and all you have to do is Google “FBI Agents Caught Red Handed Boston Hoax” to find and view.

      This is FBI in the video identified with 100% certainty. I have three more that are a picture perfect match but have not yet extracted shots from the video to show you the match with the media’s pictures of FBI.

      • GuestP

        A major marathon is prime real estate for running a crisis drill. It is also prime real estate for a (I’ll be it, even lone-wolf) terror attack. Both benefit from there being lots of people who are distracted. It’s not that far of a stretch to think the two could both happen at once, without having direct relation to each other.

        It’s not that I don’t consider the CIA/FBI connection theories (& really, the CIA ones are too clear to deny) but much of Mr. Scott’s analysis is purely speculation.

        Just don’t go crying “fake victims”, that’s when it crosses the line.

      • WHO_Comments_Editor

        Dear public_servant_watch,

        We are deleting your post which suggest that the Boston bombings were part of a “hoax.” If you have proof to substantiate this claim, we would like to hear from you directly.

        • public_servant_watch

          Do what ever you want – my post was directly related to the theme of your article. I can not help what the man who analysed the raw video named his work. I do not believe that the event is a hoax; I believe that it is a crime!

          I also believe that it involves significant racketeering that was protected with a conspiracy to frame and kill patsies affording them no rights. I also know what I am describing falls under RICO law where anyone in the conspiracy regardless if directly involved in the kidnapping and homicide, if convicted, is subjected to a mandatory life sentence. I am quite sure the number of State and Federal public servants, as well as private sector people, involved in this are aware of the sentencing guidelines and will ensure at all cost that they remain exempt from law. Best of luck to you, your family and future generations.

        • Guest

          why does that idea cross the line? what if the evidence strongly suggests her claim is valid?

  • Guest

    Tamerlan visited a massage place the week before the bombing and told the girl working there he had to go to the marathon to a drill for work. She posted about it on Facebook soon after the bombing as had been disturbed when she saw his picture in media. There are also reports FBI rang him after bombing too.

    • Eric

      This is hearsay.

    • olball coach

      the reports of the FBI contacting him following the bombing come from his parents in at least two pressors – where they state he (TT) told his parents (and the reporting here is – of course fuzzy) the FBI contacted hime about the bombings and according to his mother ‘he told them – that’s your problem”. Now we are left to extroploate the context of the conversation he had with the FBI and what exactly was it that he was responding too. Working backwards – you can come up any number of reasons he responded the way he did. Whether we can believe his parents his another matter – but, just on the surface – what reason would they have to make it up? And seriously, do they sound that sophisticated?

      • Jack1234

        The parents are also the very reason, as far as I know, that a link between FBI and TT was even found out by the public. The FBI originally said they did not know him but the mother was persistent. I don’t understand why her info is always discredited.

        • TrueBlue73

          because most of what she says and believes turnsout to be false.

  • polfilmblog

    Professor Scott,

    I’m more inclined to agree with Sibel Edmonds that Tamerlan was being recruited by CIA, rather than FBI, and his stunts may have been to attract the attention of more radical Mosque members and help recruit them to go fight the Russians in Dagestan and Chechnya.

    His approach to relatives in Russia may also have been a genuine, ham fisted, attempt to get a new network set up.

    FBI wouldn’t be interested in that activity overseas, while we know CIA is greatly interested, along with its partner private security firms and foundations such as Jamestown (http://wp.me/pUM5o-5v).

    It may be both FBI and CIA acting in partnership however. As in the case of Ali Mohamad.

    Recall that two other men are currently held for attempting to destroy bomb evidence allegedly from Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s dorm room. These two were driving around Boston in a car with “Terrorista #1” on the front license plate (Daily Mail UK).

    See also the history of Chechen Jihadi terrorism in the Boston area: Boston’s Jihadist Past

    Sibel Edmonds: CIA Ran Tsarnaev Brothers

    • public_servant_watch

      Please don’t repeat the lies you read in the mainstream media “..two other men are currently held for attempting to destroy bomb evidence allegedly from Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s dorm room… ” and from the Daily Mail -please! Do you not read what others have offered before adding your two cents in case it has already been debunked? Yes, they are being held because they are dealing with a corrupt FBI and a systemically corrupt federal government that pounds lies until they are accepted as truth but not because there was bomb evidence related to Dzhokhar Tsarnaev; fireworks are not bomb evidence and in particular not bomb evidence when it was the FBI at the site they claimed this young man laid a backpack with a bomb.

      The young men also have some issues with legitimate legal status but they did not obstruct justice; the FBI has the ability to make you look guilty of any crime they want and that is one reason WHY they need over hauled or abolished, and in the instant matter brought to justice.

      Further, they have Dzhokhar Tsarnaev set up in a pretense criminal case where this kid charged with a capital offense has not even been assigned a US District Judge, the current Magistrate Judge was not a random draw, no defense attorney has made a legitimate notice of appearance, and any order rendered is bogus with his docket missing multiple entries in a case that has been unsealed and where supposed motions filed with a request to seal DENIED. He has been trashed enough – leave it alone unless you have something to actually offer.

      Sibel does in fact offer good information. However, since the current FBI Director (soon outgoing) took his position the FBI has expanded their jurisdiction globally and such investigations are not limited to the CIA and Secret Service. Tamerlan’s relationship what ever it was appears to be with the FBI and he is dead because of it.

      • polfilmblog

        Did the Daily Mail Photoshop the license palte?


        The Daily Mail has been the only newspaper in the western world to report most of the information censored concerning the Boston cover up.

        Try decaf.

        “Do you not read what others have offered before adding your two cents in case it has already been [allegedly] debunked? ”

        Yes, I read the entire Internet’s gossip and speculation before commenting on anything. Thanks for enlightening me so.

        • public_servant_watch

          I think the pictures of the FBI at Blast site 2 playing rescue and victims qualifies as material evidence not gossip. I am not going to take silly follies of young adults as evidence that they are potential terrorist; terrorist as a rule don’t advertise.

          • polfilmblog

            So you felt zero compunction to back up your claims about things allegedly being “debunked” by somebody, somewhere? I see.

          • public_servant_watch

            Clearly you did not read my earlier comment below. You clearly did not see the Blast site two video that was FBI or the picture I posted of the bloody FAKE victim who was FBI and soon recovered back in his usual role and dressed ready to hunt the men they framed as terrorist!

          • GuestP

            Oh gaawwd! You’re one of THOSE conspiracy theorist! UGH! Proclaiming fake victims is not a testament to how fucked up the gov’t is… it’s a testament to how fucked up you are…

          • polfilmblog

            So that is the basis of your all-knowing attack on my post? I see. I think I’m done here.

  • olball coach

    Legit research and analysis. But another place to look – and I have advocated for it for some time – is the night of the shoot out. The scanner and officer interaction recordings from MIT, Boston, and Cambridge PD’s are confused, contradictory and compelling all at the same time to say the least. I was hoping by now someone would take me up on it and simply listen to it from start 10:20 pm – 4/18 to @ 3:00 am 4/19. I transcribed it from the above three PD’s and even my untrained, just podunk old grandpa can see something weird – REALLY WEIRD – happened that night.

    I have written about it extensively here and others have added utube and other reports to fill it out, so I wont repeat everything.

    1. The local PD’s where made aware following the reporting of the carjacking at 12:40 am that they were looking for the: 7/11 robbery suspects, MIT shooting suspects, carjacking suspects and the Boston bombing suspects all in one Black Mercedes –

    2. The initial BOLO after the carjacking – that went out was for two middle eastern men 5’7″ slender, one dark and one with facial hair. (it would seem one was Johar – but I dont know how you mistake TT – who was 6’4” 220 lbs)

    3. there were at least three reports of officers being fired upon: at Laurel and Dexter, at Adams & Mt Auburn, and Lincoln & Spruce.

    4. There are at least 4 locations reporting arrests. Laurel/Dexter, Adams/Mt Auburn, Dexter/Hazel, Mt. Auburn/Upland.

    5. Within minutes of the reporting of the carjacking – dispatch had located the pings from the Mercedes lowjack system at 81 Dexter Ave. The brothers had been (it was later found out from the carjacking victim) cruising that neighborhood at least three other times that night.

    So, these points above are all backed up by scanner recording or reporting. My question is and has been – what was so interesting about “that” neighborhood – that the brothers had to keep going back to it – and for the feds and the PD to engage in a 24 hour colonoscopy? And why are there no reports about the gun battles at the other locations except on scanner feed?

    My guess is – that handlers were involved in getting these two out of there and whether they succeeded or not is anybody’s guess. But my main point remains – somebody with much better skills will find more and maybe help us understand what happened that night.

    • Missie Baker

      So what are the chances you are someday going to post your transcript of the scanner feeds, perhaps on this site, or with a link? I would love to take six hours to listen to the LEO chatter, but I don’t have the patience. Hope you will consider it, as will Site moderators.
      Also, agree with your comments relative to TT’s Marathon outfit…just coincidence he was dressed like the mysterious guys running security for the event? Your final remark about him being a good soldier? Oh, my.

    • A.

      Good points. Also, re: point #2 – Jahar was 6′ so I have no idea who these 5’7″ Middle Eastern dudes are (never mind the fact that the Tsarnaevs are Caucasian haha).

    • barbara

      Here’s an article from July 1 with narrative from the police chief of Watertown:http://www.bellenews.com/2013/04/20/world/us-news/did-dzhokhar-tsarnaev-kill-his-brother-tamerlan-by-running-him-over/

  • Woody Box

    Thank you, Mr. Scott.

    Apparently, TT was an FBI undercover agent to infiltrate radical Islamists. Even his mother admits that he was in regular contact with the FBI as well as Islamistic circles.

    And it was probably the FBI who asked him to participate (with his little brother) in the URBAN SHIELD BOSTON 2013 drill, a bomb searching exercise. Their job was to place harmless smoke bombs to be detected by the Boston Police.

    The *real* bombs then detonated in the vicinity of the locations where the brothers dropped their bags. A classical false flag attack.

    Please read more here:


  • Jeff A. Taylor

    To me the strongest evidence that the entire story has yet to be told lies in the Todashev matter and the FBI bureau chief (a Boston native) retiring weeks after the mess in FLA — and no one says a word.


  • davidmcsf

    As soon as you said the US has an anti-drug agenda in Afghanistan you lost all credibility. No need to read further.

    • JED

      Yo David, way to shoot from the hip.

      Given the link and the context of his statement it is clear he is speaking about the “public” pronouncements and policy allignments with USSR and how they very clearly worked together in Afghanistan.
      Strange as that may seem.
      Too bad your knee-jerk dismissive attitude means you lose out on vital research. You also have no idea what Prof Scott brings to the table regarding critical analysis
      of the so-called “Drug War” and the way it’s covertly used by global powers(gov’ts and banks, etc).
      Take a gander at a recent book title by P.D.Scott and you will see he may in fact have something to say of interest regarding this corruption:
      American War Machine: Deep Politics, the CIA Global Drug Connection, and the Road to Afghanistan (November 2010 – ISBN 978-0-7425-5594-5)

      • JED

        ur…..Russia that is

  • GuestP

    Strange how some previous comments that challenged this or offered other analyses were deleted… not fostering a fair debate if you delete comments that challenge you and keep the ones that don’t.

    One was about the CIA connections laid out by Sibel Edmonds.

    Mine were deleted for challenging public_servant_watch on the legitimacy of claiming there were FBI actors playing victims.

    • WHO_Comments_Editor

      Dear Guest,

      We appreciate your participation at whowhatwhy.org. In this particular instance, we believe that the personal conversation between you and another commenter was deteriorating and becoming a distraction to the central theme of the article. We remind everyone that our guidelines are designed to encourage an elevated level of discussion.

      • GuestP

        Then why delete the original post by the individual who offered info on the CIA connection that was left out of Mr. Scott’s analysis? Might other readers not benefit from having that additional info? He wasn’t even disagreeing! Just offering more info!

        & why leave the post by public_servant_watch who claims “fake” victims, but delete the ones that challenged him (or her). How is that relevant to the theme of this article?

        Being selective does not breed grounds for a fair discussion. I just completely disagree with your stance on getting to decide what stays & what doesn’t, even if the conversation deviates from the “central theme” that’s how discussions work.

        • GuestP

          & our “personal conversation” was not deviating from the central theme. Just a few readers challenging each other on the points each were making regarding info presented in this article.
          THIS conversation however, you have grounds to delete.

  • Philip

    The plot thickens:

    Hayden urged Russian authorities not to let Snowden leave its
    territory, and hinted that Snowden’s transit out of Russia would set
    back a relationship that President Obama has prioritized cultivating.

    “We now understand Mr Snowden is on Russian soil,” Hayden said.

    “Given our intensified co-operation after the Boston marathon
    bombings and our history of working with Russia on law enforcement matters – including returning numerous high level criminals back to Russia at the request of the Russian government – we expect the Russian government to look at all options available to expel Mr Snowden back to the US to face justice for the crimes with which he is charged.” http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2013/jun/24/edward-snowden-us-russia-ecuador

    • EmreS

      Wrong subject.

    • Robert MacKay

      It relates because of the reference to Boston bombing being used to shore up intelligence relationship with Russia. Another benefit of the bombings for the state is opened spying doors between Russia and America.

  • sgtdoom

    Great article, Mr. B, and if we think there will be any future changes in the FBI’s agenda, please read the following about the future FBI director:


  • bianca

    Thank you for this article. If you are right, it means that an innocent, crippled by police, 19 years old kid is facing the death penalty . That is the bottom line, along with the needless deaths surronding this case… Chances for a fair trail?

  • Jack1234

    FBI could have easily found Tamerlan and Dzhokhar through facial recognition without asking for the publics help in identifying them. They let on to the public that they had images too grainy for their software and therefore it didn’t work. (after spending 1 billion dollars on the software and research might I add.)

    An article about NEC NeoFace (facial recognition) biometric technology stated the same images were used in their software that were initially shown to the public by the FBI and they were able to find the match of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev as a rank one in the lineup quite easily.
    “Following the initial identification of the Tsarnaev brothers – the two accused of the bombing – there were many reports to suggest that facial recognition software was unhelpful and did not play a role in identifying the suspects. According to NEC, the results of this study challenge that assertion.”

    But I suppose if facial recognition software would have “worked” then it’s most likely that Watertown would have never happend ie: carjacking,shootout,admissions of guilt,city wide lockdown and home searches, etc. –

  • barbara

    I apologize if this has been covered, but are you aware that Uncle Ruslan was married to the daughter of a top CIA, and also Ruslan was a big pipeline oil lawyer. Another reason that the Tsarnaev;s might have been seen as available patsies. http://backchannel.al-monitor.com/index.php/2013/04/5090/former-cia-officer-absurd-to-link-uncle-of-boston-suspects-agency-over-daughters-brief-marriage/

    • Robert MacKay

      So if I read this correctly the Uncle that was all over the news ( Ruslan ) lived in the Maryland house of the man who was the vice chairman of the National Intelligence Council for a year ? That makes every word he has said about the case come into question.

  • Froggy

    Undeniably one of the funniest attempts to gin up a conspiracy theory I have ever heard. Kudos to you, sir. That gave me a good laugh.

    • prov6yahoo


      • News Nag

        You are probably never 100% correct about ANYTHING. And your namecalling is projection.

        • prov6yahoo

          You’re 100% gubment stooge.

          • News Nag

            That’s all ya got? You prove my point, unsurprisingly. In fact, you could say I entrapped you.

          • prov6yahoo

            Dream on dude. By the way how much do they pay you to do this, or are really just that clueless??? What part of the government do you work for???

          • Froggy

            Seriously, totally a goof. Can’t be for real. Good work has logic in it and draws conclusions based on facts, applying logic and sense for good measure. I could spend a little time writing a take down of the illogic and nonsense that so permeates the article, but I prefer to think it was written as a joke to mock the people who have offered their support and agreement, so why bother? Funny stuff, though.

          • prov6yahoo

            You’re funny, Stooge.

          • Mike G

            Indeed, why post anything of substance when you can just mock people instead? You’re not a very good sock puppet, try harder.

          • WHO_Comments_Editor

            Dear prov6yahoo,
            A reminder, keep it relevant and keep it civil. Thank you for your participation.

        • WHO_Comments_Editor

          Dear News Nag,
          A reminder, keep it relevant and keep it civil Thank you, and we appreciate your participation.

        • Robert MacKay

          Being an unthinking patsy for the state is not a terribly noble profession, I would recommend you look for a real job outside of commenting and blogging for the intelligence community!

    • Robert MacKay

      The term conspiracy theory is generally used by someone attempting to marginalize an idea or a story regardless of its truth or maybe specifically because of its truth. Your calling this a theory makes me believe it all the more.

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  • Gold Werewolf

    Why didn’t PRISM pick up communications which would have alerted authorities to the bombing?

    • prov6yahoo

      Because “the authorities” DID the bombing.

    • Robert MacKay

      it did of course, maybe you should ask the NSA to publish all of that data ?

  • Dimitri Ledkovsky

    Let’s not omit that the more the War on Terror is out of control the more funding and power flows to the FBI and the whole, disruptive and corrupt intel world. Figuring all the who’s whos out isn’t going to get anyone a Pulitzer Prize.

  • prov6yahoo

    This would all lead to the fact that the brothers were patsies, and were told by their FBI handlers they were running an Op. by carrying their packs at marathon, not knowing that they were being set up to take the fall for the Craft mercenaries that actually set off the bombs.

    • olball coach

      This is consistent with their behavior after the bombing: TT called his parents and said the FBI had called him about the bombing – and responded “thats your problem.” And then went about his business the next two days until the pictues were broadcast. It is also consistent with something DT said on his twitter – when a friend asked about the bombing – DT responded by dismissing the bombing as not real or something to that effect. Again, he went about his business until the FBI pressor.

  • LeszX

    This may provide the motivation for the FBI killing of Ibragim Todashev, a known associate of Tsarnaev. Possibly, Todashev knew the details of Tsarnaev’s role as FBI informat.

    • olball coach

      Both of these young men came from a similar part of Russia, both had similar upbringings, fathers who were involved in the local governments. TT, had Uncle Ruslan and his network to fall back on in the US. You bet they knew each other, and shared their experiences. Despite what IT’s friends say about it being an “arms length” friendship – these guys were on close – and the FBI knew it.

    • Ssemans

      I was really surprised that the Todashev murder(?) was not the subject of this piece when I saw the headline. Haven’t kept up on any “developments” but how often does the FBI shoot someone during an interview? How often do they ask other law enforcement to step out of the room? How did a “knife” get into the story, then no knife? How convenient is it to have a “confession” that says just what you want it to say but well, the guy MISBEHAVED somehow before signing it? How long does it take to investigate and make a public report. And why, oh why, is the mainstream media reporting this with such a straight face? Now, if Todashev had something to say that was very, very inconvenient for the FBI . . . . . . .

    • Robert MacKay

      That is the most likely reason they killed him, they found he knew too much and dropped him.

  • prov6yahoo

    All of you people saying that the FBI, police, government, authorities, etc. should have prevented this attack just do not get it. “The Authorities” ARE the ones staging these attacks, and blaming it on Muslims so that they keep getting their huge funding (i.e. paychecks). Muslims, terrorism, communists, whatever; are not our problem, our problem is government. Do away with government and you do away with all of our problems (except of course the people, who have all the “do-nothing” government jobs, would not be making a livelihood off the rest of us anymore).

    • News Nag

      If (a HUGE if) ‘the authorities’ are staging these things, it would be primarily to intimidate the Muslim community into cooperating proactively and discourage less-radicalized people from becoming moreso, and less likely to continue receive a paycheck and funding. All the funding they need is already there practically in perpetuity. Staging events would be a suppressive tactic.

      • prov6yahoo

        Gubment Stooge.

      • Robert MacKay

        No it would primarily be to intimidate you into thinking that you need the protection of the government from the terrorists. You have obviously fallen victim to the propaganda.

        Why they needs us!

    • Jack1234

      Some are trying to make a point when they ask why authorities did not prevent this attack. It is an indirect approach to reach the masses and get them thinking. We live in a society that needs to see proof, not just be told. When questions are asked it gives a focal point for people to research objectively and find their own answers, thus giving them control of their thoughts without feeling like info was shoved down their throat. The conditioning of society is that you, prov6yahoo, would be written off immediately as a “conspiracy theorist” or some sort of “nut job”, the list of discrediting names goes on (which I am not saying you are any of those). I believe there is a majority with your beliefs however if we all simply spat what’s considered “radical ideals” at others, then we would never be heard. I know it’s frustrating and you want to shout from the rooftops but to be effective you must consider reaching a larger audience through various means.

      • prov6yahoo

        I kinda like the shock effect of “shoving it down their throats.” Maybe I’m not doing it right, but it is fun.

  • lois

    I am surprised by Peter Dale Cook using the phrase “FBI War on Terror” .
    Sounds to me like taxpayer funded FBI agents started creating
    these terrorist events like the 1993 1st World Trade Center bombing, Oklahoma City bombing, 911, Boston Marathon Bombing, Mumbia attack , Lockerbie bombing and TWA Flight 800after the fall of the Berlin Wall when the FBI catch phrase was ” the FBI War on Communism”. Of course if we were to talk about the FBI motive for their creation of the Boston marathon Bombing.
    I suspect the Marathon Bombing was created to 1. dull the impact of the Whitey Bulger trial which is now taking place; 2. Retake back the Boston FBI/US Prosecutor’s image after the home of the US Prosecutor was picketed this spring of 2013 by angry activists protesting the FBI suiciding of REEDIT co inventor Arron Swartz.

    • Robert MacKay

      I have seen sveral other liberty writers murdered in the last year , head of the libertarian party in nevada shot in the back in 2009 by a cop. Micheal Kreca shot by a cop this year, the list goes on. The fascist dictatorial state is in full force.

      To understand why Kreca ?

  • Robert MacKay

    Terrorism isn’t caused by islam or radical religion even, it is a military response to foreign military occupation according to Robert Papes Us Air Force study – http://www.foreignpolicy.com/articles/2010/10/18/it_s_the_occupation_stupid

    Blaming Islam and Radical Jihad as the basis of Terrorism is the government propaganda machine casting Muslims as the Emmanuel Goldstein of our day! If you don’t get the reference read 1984

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  • lois


    Books dealing with crimes committed by FBI agents

    annotated bibliography

    Aaronson, Trevor. The Terror Factory: Inside the FBI’s Manufactured War on Terrorism
    Ig Publishing Brooklyn New York 2013
    Exposes how the FBI has, under the guise of engaging in counterterrorism since 9/11, built a network of more than 15,000 informants whose primary purpose is to infiltrate Muslim communities to create and facilitate phony terrorist plots so that the Bureau can then claim it is winning the war on terror.

    Bari, Judi. TIMBER WARS. Monroe, Maine: Common Courage Press, 1994.
    The F.B.I. attempted to stop the political activity of Judi Bari and Daryl Cherney by exploding a
    bomb under their car. Daryl Cherney and Judi Bari filed a Civil lawsuit
    against the FBI and Oakland police. A jury awarded them $4.4 million
    dollars in 2003. see http://www.judibari.org

    Bowen Roger. INNOCENCE IS NOT ENOUGH: The Life and Death of Herbert Norman
    New York USA M.E. Sharpe Inc 1988
    Looks at FBI assassination of Herbert Norman, Canadian Ambassador to Egypt.

    Buitrago, Ann Mari. F.B.I. FILES. Grove Press, 1981.
    Covers the procedures for obtaining and interpreting your F.B.I. file.

    Burnham, David. ABOVE THE LAW. Scribner, 1996.
    Looks at secret deals and fixing of cases by the Justice Department for corporations.
    Burnham was the New York Times reporter who broke the story about New York City cop Serpico and Police corruption.
    He was the reporter on route to meet Karen Silkwood when she was found murdered. Read his other book A LAW UNTO ITSELF.
    It details how FBI agents collaborate with the IRS to target political activists.
    see his important website about the FBI
    here http://trac.syr.edu/

    Burnham, David A LAW UNTO ITSELF Vintage January 30, 1991 ISBN-10: 0679732837
    Exposes FBI agents using the IRS to cripple political activists.

    Buttino, Frank. A SPECIAL AGENT. William Morrow, 1993.
    Investigates F.B.I. attacks on gay FBI agents .
    This book is written by a FBI agent who is gay. It details how other FBI
    agents tormented him .

    Carson, Clayborne. MALCOLM X: THE F.B.I. FILE. Carroll & Graf, 1991.
    Looks at the evidence for the F.B.I. assassination of Malcolm X.

    Cashill,Jack, Sanders,James. FIRST STRIKE Thomas Nelson Press, 2003
    Overwhelming evidence presented by Dr. Cashill on the downing of TWA
    Flight 800 by a missle over Long Island and the ensuing cover-up by FBI
    agents.One of my favorite books. see their documentary about the same
    subject called SILENCED here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=44uu4zWQEEs

    Charns, Alexander. CLOAK AND GAVEL. University of Illinois Press. 1992.
    After reviewing thousands of pages of FBI documents the attorney author
    exposes the FBI illegal phone tapping of the Supreme Court and how the
    FBI fix court cases and work behind the scenes to get “their man”
    appointed to the Supreme Court. Written by a lawyer active in Human

    Churchill, Ward. AGENTS OF REPRESSION. South End Press, 1988.
    Professor Churchill gives first hand accounts of F.B.I. death squad
    activities. This book is a classic and is a must read along with THE

    Churchill, Ward. THE COINTELPRO PAPERS. South End Press, 1990.
    Explores how the F.B.I. disrupts legitimate political activities and engage in Death Squad activities.

    Criley, Richard. THE F.B.I. VS. THE FIRST AMENDMENT. First Amendment Foundation, 1990.
    Looks at the destruction of the First Amendment by the F.B.I.

    KENNEDY. McGraw-Hill, 1989.
    A must read book in understanding how the FBI has used the Mafia to carry out the assassination of President Kennedy.

    De Camp, John. THE FRANKLIN COVERUP. AWT Publishers, 1992.
    A former Republican state senator from Nebraska writes about a
    pedophile ring involved in the kidnaping, sexual torture and murder of
    children that went all the way to the Bush White House.
    Attorney DeCamp discusses the FBI role in the coverup of this case and
    the murder of a special prosecutor appointed to investigate the
    pedophile ring.This book will keep you awake at night and is an active
    barometer for evil indexing how the FBI crime family operates.

    Foundation, 1999. Examines FBI campaign of terror to undermine civil
    liberties. Attorney Dempsey worked for Congressman Don Edwards who was
    a former FBI agent.

    Diamond, Sigmund. COMPROMISED CAMPUS. Oxford University Press, 1992.
    Professor Diamond attempts to get F.B.I. files showing collaboration
    between F.B.I. agents and professors at universities from 1945-1955.
    The FBI created the Patriot Act , in part, because of this book.

    Donner, Frank. PROTECTORS OF PRIVILEGE. University of California Press, 1990.
    Looks at the death squad collaboration between local police and F.B.I. agents to stifle the Bill of Rights.

    Dwyer, James. TWO SECONDS UNDER THE WORLD. Diane publishers 1997.
    The most important book you will read on understanding FBI agents Floyd
    and Anticev creating the 1993 terrorist act at the World Trade Center.
    This book lays out in detail how the FBI engineered
    the 1993 World Trade Center explosion.

    Edmonds, Sibel D Classified Woman-The Sibel Edmonds Story: A Memoir
    2012 Sibel D Edmonds publisher
    In this startling new memoir, former FBI agent/analyst Sibel Edmonds—the most classified woman in U.S. history—takes us on a surreal journey that begins with the secretive FBI and down the dark halls of a feckless Congress to a stonewalling judiciary and finally, to the national security whistleblowers movement she spearheaded.

    Emerson, Steven and Brian Duffy. THE FALL OF PAN AM 103. G.B. Putnam’s Sons, 1990.
    Oliver Revell was the number 2 man at the F.B.I. until he was demoted
    by F.B.I. Director William Sessions to the Dallas Field Office. His son
    Chris Revell had tickets for Pan Am 103, but he changed his flight two days before the plane
    exploded over Lockerbie, Scotland. See Ross Gelbspan’s book, BREAK-INS,
    DEATH THREATS AND THE FBI to get a fuller picture of Oliver Revell.

    Flannery, Greg . REACH OUT AND TAPE SOMEONE . In These Times Magazine
    March 1989 issue
    This article appeared in the March issue of the national publication IN THESE TIMES.
    It details the massive illegal FBI wiretap program
    placed on US Presidents, members of Congress, Judges, people of color, local politicians during the 1970’s thru the 1980’s. This was before the Patriot Act.
    More important it details how FBI agents working with local police were committing voter fraud and arson.
    see https://docs.google.com/viewer?url=

    Foerstel, Herbert. SURVEILLANCE IN THE STACKS. Greenwood Press, 1991.
    Looks at attempts by the F.B.I. to get librarians to spy on the American public .The FBI created the Library Clauses in the Patriot Act because of this book.

    Gallagher, Dorothy. ALL THE RIGHT ENEMIES. Penguin Books, 1988.
    The F.B.I. utilized the Mafia to carry out its executions against Presidents and political activists from 1930 through 2000.
    Carlos Tresca was one of their victims.

    Gelbspan, Ross. BREAK- INS, DEATH THREATS, AND THE F.B.I. South End Press, 1991.
    This Pulitzer Prize winning reporter formerly with the Boston Globe,
    details the F.B.I. death squad collaboration with the death squads in
    El Salvador and their attacks upon American groups opposed to those
    death squads.

    Glick, Brian. WAR AT HOME. South End Press, 1989.
    Attorney Glick details the F.B.I.’s covert war against political activists.

    Goulet, Donald Chesuncook Author House 2008
    Autobiography of a FBI agent plagued by mental illness.

    Hass, Jeffrey The Assassination of Fred Hampton: How the FBI and the Chicago Police Murdered a Black Panther Lawerence Hill Books 2010

    House, 1998.
    Contains detailed evidence about the FBI alliance with the terrorist
    underworld, and how FBI agent provocateurs are behind many of the
    current bombings that have plagued the United States since the fall of
    the Berlin Wall. Some current thinking has FBI agents creating these
    acts to fill the void caused by the downfall of communism and replacing
    communism with the new boogeyman Islam.

    Holland, Max . Leak: Why Mark Felt Became Deep Throat
    Deep Throat FBI Supervisor Mark Felt, the number two guy in the FBI during Watergate, was leaking, not out of concern for public good but rather because he was angry he was not getting the top spot in the bureau
    University Press Kansas 2012

    Hougan, Jim. SPOOKS. William Morrow, 1978.
    Important book detailing the life of former F.B.I. agent Robert Maheux
    and his relationship with the Mafia. Groundbreaking book in
    understanding FBI collaboration with the Mafia, using it to carry out
    assassinations on President Kennedy, Martin Luther King and others.
    Maheux was the liason between the Mafia and the FBI when the FBI assassinated President Kennedy and Martin Luther King.

    Kaiser, Marty . Odyssey of an Eavesdropper( My Life in electronic
    countermeasures and my battle against the FBI) W Carroll & Graf 2005
    Author exposes wiretapping crimes committed by FBI agents as well as
    Business Fraud. He built the wiretapping devices for FBI agents that
    were later used in crimes committed against people like Martin Luther
    King and public officials.After exposing FBI agents kickback schemes to
    Congress the author became a target of retaliation by tax payer funded
    FBI agents. see http://www.martykaiser.com/odyssey2.htm

    Keith, Jim. OK BOMB. Illuminate, 1996.
    Explores FBI coverup in the Oklahoma City bombing investigation.

    Kelly, John F. TAINTING EVIDENCE. The Free Press 1998. The book is
    based on testimony of FBI lab Whistleblower Dr. Frederick Whitehurst ,
    an employee of the FBI for 17 years. Shows how bad the FBI Lab is run.
    Dr. Whitehurst was the chemist who analyzed Timothy McVeigh’s clothes
    for traces of ammonium nitrate and was removed from the case when he
    did not find any bomb residue.

    Lehr, Dick & O’Neill, Gerard. BLACK MASS. Public Affairs, 2000.
    Looks at the FBI’s collaboration in Boston with the Mafia and Irish Mob
    between 1960 and 2001 in which they collaborated in the murder of 21
    women,children and men. Important book showing how the FBI uses the
    Mafia to commit political and other assassinations .see

    Lindauer, Susan Extreme Prejudice: The Terrifying Story of the Patriot Act and the Cover Ups of 9/11 and Iraq 2010 Susan Lindauer publisher
    More evidence showing the FBI, CIA and other government agencies created 911.
    What if the government decided to invent a great lie to justify a disastrous war and a questionable anti-terrorism policy? What would happen to the people who know the truth? EXTREME PREJUDICE delivers an explosive, high tension expose of the real facts surrounding the CIA’s advance warnings of 9/11 and an insider’s look at Pre-War Intelligence, told by one of the very few U.S. Assets covering Iraq before the War.

    McGhee , Millie WHAT’S DONE IN THE DARK Allen Morris 2005
    The author is a afro american relative of FBI Director J Edgar Hoover
    who is successful in presenting evidence that FBI Director Hoover is part African-American
    and related to her.
    The book details the research conducted by Ms McGhee and how FBI agents tried to stop her from writing the book. Photographs show reunion of white and black relatives united by the research in this book. FBI Director J Edgar Hoover was the descendant of Mississippi slaves.

    Melanson, Phillip. THE MURKIN CONSPIRACY. Praeger, 1989.
    Professor Melanson looks at the F.B.I.’s role in the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

    Melanson, Phillip. THE ROBERT KENNEDY ASSASSINATION. Shapolsky, 1991.
    Professor Melanson was in charge of the Robert Kennedy archives at the University of Massachusetts.
    He detailed the F.B.I.’s role as one of the principal architects in the assassination of Robert Kennedy.

    Messerschmidt, Jim. THE TRIAL OF LEONARD PELTIER. South End Press, 1983.
    Looks at the miscarriage of justice in the F.B.I.’s handling of the Leonard Peltier case.

    Milan, Michael .The Squad: The U.S. Government’s Secret Alliance With Organized Crime
    1989 Shapolsky, New York
    Michael Milan is a pseudonym for a person who claims to be a former hit man on a death squad of Mob killers organized by J. Edgar Hoover and run outside the FBI. While on the squad, Milan’s day job was selling automobiles on Long Island. His night job was to rub out undesirable for Hoover. He would get orders with his serial number in the upper right-hand corner of the page, and would then “foreclose the loan,” “deliver the package,” or “terminate the employment” of someone he had never met—all euphemisms for rubbing out a stranger. The book consists of a series of breathless tales of such adventures.

    Morrow, Robert First Hand Knowledge: How I Participated in the CIA-Mafia Murder of President Kennedy (New York: S.P.I. Books, 1992)

    Oklahoma City Bombing Investigative Committee. THE FINAL REPORT.2001.
    The book providing evidence of FBI involvement in the Oklahoma City
    Bombing .

    Navasky, Victor. INVESTIGATING THE F.B.I. Doubleday, 1973.
    Contains material presented at a major conference at Princeton University in 1971 investigating
    crimes committed by the FBI.

    Neff, James. MOBBED UP. Dell Publishers 1988.
    Important book in understanding FBI collaboration with the Mafia
    especially how the Bureau uses the Mafia to carry out its political

    Nelson, Jack. THE F.B.I. AND THE BERRIGANS. Coward, McCann & Geoghegan, 1972.
    Looks at F.B.I. death squad directed against Nobel Peace Prize nominee Phil Berrigan and his
    brother, Jesuit priest Daniel Berrigan.

    Doubleday, 2000.
    Provides supporting evidence for the idea of the F.B.I. as a death
    squad. Examines the F.B.I. acts of genocide against Afro-Americans .
    Looks at how FBI agents framed Geronimo Pratt, a Afro American Viet-nam
    vet who spent over 25 years in prison before a judge released him
    saying he was innocent and framed by FBI agents.
    Vermont filmaker has issued a 4 DVD collection of her films
    about the Black Panthers. She interviews retired FBI agent
    Wesley Swearingen who was part of the FBI Racial Squad in San Fransisco that put Pratt in prison see http://www.newsreel.us/

    O’Reilly, Kenneth. RACIAL MATTERS. Free Press, 1989.
    Professor O’Reilly looks at a file called Racial Matters that the F.B.I. is keeping on Black America.

    Parenti, Michael. DIRTY TRUTHS. City Lights Books, 1996.
    Dr. Parenti looks at the evidence for F.B.I. involvement in the
    assassination of labor leader Walter Reuther while he was organizing
    protests against the Vietnam War. It includes the essay “Why the Left
    is Afraid to look at the Assassination of JFK” .

    Pepper, William. ORDERS TO KILL. Carroll and Graf, 1995.
    Attorney Pepper represented James Earl Ray in his bid for a new trial
    and won a landmark case in civil court in December 1999 for the Martin
    Luther King Jr. family. The jury in the case concluded hat the F.B.I.
    was involved in the assassination of King. His book details our
    government’s involvement and provides photographic evidence of the
    F.B.I.’s role in this assassination.

    The evidence from the 1999 Civil Trial in Memphis brought by the King
    family in which the jury concluded FBI agents were principal architects
    in the assassination of Martin Luther King. Written by the trial
    attorney William Pepper.

    Powers, Richard Gid. SECRECY AND POWER. Free Press, 1987.
    A biography of FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover and his quest for power.

    Powers, Tyrone. EYES TO MY SOUL. Majority Press, 1996.
    Professor Powers an afro-american, talks about his 9 years working as
    an F.B.I. agent, and the racism in the FBI . Powers discusses the FBI
    FRUHMENSCHEN program set up in the 1920’s thru 2010 to target black
    politicians in sting operations without cause because the FBI feels
    blacks are incpable of governing. White agents tried to kill him when
    he was writing this book by blowing up his FBI issued car with him in

    Ranalli, Ralph. DEADLY ALLIANCE. Harper Torch, 2001
    Boston Globe reporter Ralph Rannali exposes FBI collaboration with the
    Boston Mafia from 1930-2009 where they ran a Murder Inc. President Bush
    asserted Executive Privilege in 2002 preventing
    Congress from seeing the Federal Prosecutor’s Investigative files on this case.

    Robbins, Natalie. ALIEN INK. William Morrow, 1992.
    Ms. Robbins acquired the F.B.I. files on the major writers and artists of the 20th century, and examines F.B.I. agents neutralizing them and their freedom of expression.

    Rosenfeld, Seth, The FBI’s War on Student Radicals, and Reagan’s Rise to (Farrar, Straus and Giroux, Hardcover August 21, 2012

    Schultz, Bud and Ruth. IT DID HAPPEN HERE. University of California Press, 1989.
    Contains interviews with human rights activists who survived F.B.I. assassination attempts.

    Schultz, Bud and Ruth. THE PRICE OF DISSENT. University of California Press , 2001
    The sequel to IT DID HAPPEN HERE with more interviews with civil rights activists , union organizers and anti-war protestors who survived FBI assassination attempts and with family members of people who were murdered.

    Seymour, Sheri. COMMITTEE OF THE STATES. Self-published, 1989.
    The F.B.I. infiltrated the California Militia 10 years before the Oklahoma City bombing. The book illustrates how easy it was for the F.B.I. to infiltrate the group and get it to make bombs.
    Shows how easy it was for FBI agent provocteur to get Timothy McVeigh to make bomb and drive the truck. The exact same scenario
    occured in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing. google floyd
    anticev salem

    Sharkey, Joe. ABOVE SUSPICION. Simon & Schuster, 1993.
    Looks at the F.B.I. coverup involving one of its own agents Mark Putnam, who murdered his informant after he got her pregnant.
    FBI agent Putnam was eventually sentenced to prison for their murder thanks to the dogged work of the Kentucky State Police.
    click link and scroll down to obituary of his wife. http://betrayedbylovemovie.blogspot.com/

    Sherill, Robert First Amendment Felon Nation Books, 10/2005
    The Story of Frank Wilkinson, His 132,000 Page FBI File and His Epic Fight for Civil Rights and Liberties

    Stitch, Rodney Crimes of the FBI-Doj, Mafia, and Al Qaeda
    Silverspeak 2007 Free E-Book
    see http://books.google.com/books?id=8jH_ypCfwSAC&pg=PA434&lpg=PA434&dq=devecchio+fbi+gifts+mafia&source=bl&ots=CmHjpXD3kz&sig=p426uCGOrbA50uF3gZQd_KtDswU&hl=en&sa=X&ei=Hk2mUeHkHKfO0wHbp4Aw&ved=0CEMQ6AEwAg#v=onepage&q=devecchio%20fbi%20gifts%20mafia&f=false

    Suarez, Manuel. REQUIEM ON CERRO MARAVILLA. Waterfront Press, 1987.
    Looks at F.B.I. collaboration with local police in the arrest, handcuffing, and death squad execution of two teenagers in Puerto Rico.

    Summers, Anthony. OFFICIAL AND CONFIDENTIAL. G.B. Putnam and Sons, 1993.
    This is the book on which the PBS Frontline documentary on J. Edgar Hoover and his friendship with the Mafia is based. In my eyes, this PBS program was the turning point in the good fortune the FBI has enjoyed for over 80 years.

    Swearingen, Wesley. F.B.I. Secrets: An Agents Expose South End Press 1994
    Swearingen is a retired FBI agent currently living in the San Diego area who was a member
    of the FBI San Fransisco Office racial Squad.
    The FBI has Racial Squads in every major American City. The function of the FBI Racial Squad is to assassinate or neutralize
    black politicians and black activists who do not reflect the philosophy of American Corporations. Vermont filmaker Roz Payne has
    interviewed Swearingen and he is on her recently released 4 DVD about the Black Panthers see http://www.newsreel.us/

    Swearingen,Wesley, To Kill a President: Finally – an Ex-FBI Agent Rips Aside the Veil of Secrecy that Killed JFK 2006
    According to Swearingen, Lee Harvey Oswald did not act alone in assassinating Kennedy as was claimed by the FBI, the Warren Commission and other investigating bodies. Instead, he argues that rogue CIA agents acting in concert with the mafia and certain Cuban exiles plotted to kill Kennedy. Swearingen contends that the conspiracy was covered up by the FBI, an effort that continues to this day through the agency’s unwillingness to disclose key details about the events surrounding Kennedy’s death. see http://www.lewrockwell.com/pr/new-book-fbi-cia-jfk-killing.html

    Theoharis, Athan. THE F.B.I. Garland Publishers, 1994.
    Professor Theoharis has compiled a comprehensive listing of books and articles about the F.B.I. up to 1994.

    Thomas, Kenn. THE OCTOPUS. Feral House, 1996.
    Investigates the F.B.I.’s role in the killing of investigative reporter Danny Casolero while he was investigating the October Surprise.

    Turner, William. THE ASSASSINATION OF ROBERT KENNEDY. Thunder Mouth Press, 1993.
    Written by a former F.B.I. agent, it looks at the F.B.I.’s involvement in the assassination of Robert Kennedy.

    Turner, William. REARVIEW MIRROR foreword by Oliver Stone. Penmarin Books CA 2001.
    More updated information on FBI involvement in President Kennedy, Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King Assassination written by a former FBI agent.

    U.S. Commission on Civil Rights. WHO IS GUARDING THE GUARDIANS? A Report on Police
    Death Squad activities. 1981.

    Williams, Dennis O. Fidelity Bravery Integrity No Way! Dorrance Publishing Company 2009

    In 1979 FBI Supervisory Special Agent Dennis O. Williams moved across the country when he was promoted from the FBI’s Los Angeles Division to a supervisory position at FBI Headquarters. Soon after his arrival, Williams discovered that the mover had defrauded the FBI by billing for a higher weight of his household goods than actually existed. As Williams pursued the matter, he discovered a cover-up at FBI HQ; his attempts to expose this conspiracy resulted in his receiving threats and becoming the subject of retaliation. Though an investigation by the FBI Washington Field Office demonstrated that Williams was correct in his suspicions, the cover-ups continued for decades, eventually leading to a conspiracy to deceive the Senate Judiciary Committee regarding an inquiry into the involvement of Thomas J. Pickard.

    Pickard was the acting director of the FBI when 9/11 occurred, despite Williams’ repeated warnings to the White House that Pickard did not have the integrity for such a position. The 9/11 Commission report reflects that the Phoenix Division of the FBI produced a memorandum dated July 10, 2001, advising FBI HQ that an inordinate number of supporters of Osama Bin Laden had attended civil aviation universities and colleges and would be in a position to conduct terror activity against civil aviation targets. Williams believes that Pickard’s testimony that no managers at FBI headquarters saw the Phoenix memo before September 11 constitutes a red flag indicating a conspiracy to defraud the 9/11 Commission.

    Williams , Kristian
    Our Enemies in Blue Police and Power in America (Revised Edition)
    South End Press 2007

    Wiener, Jon. GIMME SOME TRUTH. University of California Press, 1999.
    Professor Wiener looks at the 14 year battle with the F.B.I. to get them to release their files on John Lennon.How many rock stars
    has the FBI assassinated?

    Wise, David TIGER TRAP America’s Secret Spy War With China
    Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.2011
    Looks at how FBI agents were manipulated by Chinese spies after FBI agents started having sex with their Chinese informants

  • Robert ANderson

    Remember how Oswald made himself conspicuous when in the USSR?

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  • TregLoyden

    So Ali al-Timimi is innocent and sitting in prision for life?

  • Kevin

    I apologize for posting this comment here but I’m not sure where else to post it. Russ – have you seen the allegations by NSA whistleblower Russ Tice? He said that Obama was wiretapped by the NSA all the way back in 2004. He also said that all members of the supreme court were wiretapped. I know Family Of Secrets mentioned the potential blackmailing of Justice Warren to get him to agree to the Warren commission. I’m sure the NSA had different technology back then but probably the same goal (as much info as possible)

  • prov6yahoo

    Actually I would ask that no one believe what anyone is writing in this blog, even me. I would also ask that anyone who wants to SEE (with their own eyes) something that will definitely peek their curiosity, then go to youtube and view the video entitled “This Is An Orange”. Watch it all the way thru, several times if desired, and pay close attention. After that you will have a lot of online research to do. Enjoy.

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  • SO

    It sounds like we’ll never know what happened. I think the JFK Library fire has something to do with this. It’s too much of a coincidence.

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  • barbara

    CAIR, the Muslim legal organization is sponsoring a talk by Trevor Aaronson, author of The Terror Factory, in St. Petersburg, Florida, on June 28, and in Sarasota, on July 6. The top of the announcement tells about the Todashev murder.

    lecture is based on groundbreaking work of investigative journalism
    that exposes how the FBI has, under the guise of engaging in
    counterterrorism since 9/11, built a network of more than 15,000
    informants with a primary purpose: To infiltrate Muslim communities, create and facilitate phony terrorist plots, and then claim it is “winning the war on terror.”

    • barbara

      Oh, I’m sorry. I see somebody has already posted that same blurb of The Terror Factory.

  • stevor

    some speculate the same thing for Snowden, the “whistleblower”.

  • public_servant_watch

    #30 count Indictment yesterday and I alleged it is FRAUDULENT!!!! The initial media released indictment was not signed by a Deputy Clerk and had no criminal case number. I was able to get the court stamped indictment because the Guardian posted it; now it is supposedly signed by a deputy clerk, I assume this would be a Deputy Clerk from the Grand Jury. They wrote the case number 1:13-cr-10200 (MBB) which is Magistrate Judge Bowler. The case number on the docket is 1:13-cr-10200-GAO which is US District Judge O’Toole. How did they get an unsigned copy from the Grand Jury? It is a fake case and Judge O’Toole will never be aware of the case. They finally assigned this Capital Case a US District Judge and then an immediate order supposedly by the US District Judge referred the case back to the same Magistrate Judge for all pretrial matters; these orders are fraudulent -they did not appear on the court’s all recent orders docket!! On July 10, 2013 with a 30 count indictment and threat of the death penalty they will force this kid to take a guilty plea!! Very strange that his assigned attorneys would not be present at the press conference to make a statement when Carmen Ortiz announced the indictment as she stood there with the corrupt Massachusetts authorities and the FBI lead agent who has recently announced his retirement. What is going on here is CRIMINAL! Who am I supposed to take this to; one of the upstanding agencies of the US government such as the FBI or to the corrupt Administrative Offices of the US Courts? The US Congress has been notified multiple times of what is going on and what followed was show hearings that carried the lie; they have been updated to this latest development. Clearly we are under one rogue government where the three branches are in collusion to terrorize the American people with a goal to rob them in multiple ways; if this kid is not part of the fraud upon the American people he will be serving life in prison for an act he had no part in!! Do you think for a moment that they will not use the LIE that they learned how to make bombs from the internet to go after the internet. Mr. Moderator you deleted my post which showed without question that the FBI was at Blast site 2 which identified a FBI agent from the video that Max Malone did where I posted the raw video of Blast site 2 in support. You stated that I had not supported that there were faked injuries and you left my original post which had a picture of a FBI agent posing as a victim at blast site 2 and the same man in a picture dressed in his FBI wear ready to hunt suspects; do you really think this injured man on a Monday was ready to hunt and fully recovered on a Thursday? I supported my statement with material evidence and you deleted it.

    • TycheSD

      Does this mean that if the case were to go to trial, Judge O’Toole would be the judge? He’s a Clinton appointee – not that that makes any difference.

      • public_servant_watch

        Yes, but they are blocking the fact that the case is his from him by putting orders directly on the case docket; these orders do not come up on the court’s all recent orders docket (all orders from every judge during the given day appear on this docket). The O’Toole assignment appears to be a fraudulent order as does the referral order for all pretrial matters to be handled by Magistrate Bowler that they they claim came from O’Toole. Further when they random draw for a US District Judge there is suppose to be a random draw for a magistrate at the same time. Bowler has had the case since the search warrant and was never a random draw. The order from Bowler docket #15 where she appointed Judy Clarke also did not come up on the all recent orders docket.

        The AUSA control Judge O’Toole even if the case were to get before him. He was the Judge for Tarek Mehanna who is another framed on terrorism charges by the FBI because he refused to spy for them; Mehanna got 17 years. O’Toole let them play video after video of the 911 attacks for their jury on motion of the AUSA; they must have something on O’Toole.

        Judge Saylor also sat for a terrorism case before he moved to the Boston Court to sit and he denied the motions for such videos and the defendant was found innocent.

        Further, and again, there is no notice of appearance as required by the court rules for any defense attorney!! It has all the markings of a simulated criminal case; in other words, FAKE FRAUDULENT CRAP ON THE TAX PAYERS DOLLAR.

        • 2014

          what happened to marianne bowler? does this mean atttorney-general had her taken off the case? She seemed to be handling it quite well. Do you really think all the public defenders would go along with a fraud? The whole bombing stinks of govt conspiracy but I can’t believe the public defenders would go along with a lie. They are used to defending those stung in fbi entrapment cases.

          • public_servant_watch

            Marianne Bowler DID NOT handle this case well – she without legitimate assignment took the case and she is still on the case because of the fraudulent orders the day they announced the fraudulent indictment.

            She is helping the government defraud the American people and either screw this kid with a life sentence as a result of a pretense criminal proceeding and continue the lie further where no party who ACTUALLY COMMITTED A CRIME will be taken to justice. At this point for Jahar, if these corrupt people are at all human, there may be a fraudulent guilty plea recorded followed by putting this kid in a protection program but still the American people will get screwed with government and elite private sector people remaining exempt from law.

          • TycheSD

            I want there to be a trial.

          • public_servant_watch

            I want it thrown out and the actual criminals taken into custody.

          • public_servant_watch

            So how did an unfiled, with no case number and no Deputy Clerk signature get released to the press and when did this hearing in open court before the Magistrate Judge occur?

            Rule 6. The Grand Jury
            (f) Indictment and Return. A grand jury may indict only if at least 12 jurors concur. The grand jury—or its foreperson or deputy foreperson—must return the indictment to a magistrate judge in open court.

            (e) Recording and Disclosing the Proceedings.

            (1) Recording the Proceedings. Except while the grand jury is deliberating or voting, all proceedings must be recorded by a court reporter or by a suitable recording device. But the validity of a prosecution is not affected by the unintentional failure to make a recording. Unless the court orders otherwise, an attorney for the government will retain control of the recording, the reporter’s notes, and any transcript prepared from those notes.

            (2) Secrecy.

            (A) No obligation of secrecy may be imposed on any person except in accordance with Rule 6(e)(2)(B).
            (B) Unless these rules provide otherwise, the following persons must not disclose a matter occurring before the grand jury:

            (i) a grand juror;

            (ii) an interpreter;

            (iii) a court reporter;

            (iv) an operator of a recording device;

            (v) a person who transcribes recorded testimony;

            (vi) an attorney for the government; or

            (vii) a person to whom disclosure is made under Rule 6(e)(3)(A)(ii) or (iii).

          • tjcoop3

            Public defenders are lawyers 1st and 2nd are mostly overworked.

            As lawyers they are often buds with the prosecutors and play the game. As overworked public employees they often do not even see clients until just before their initial hearing. They just do not have the time.

            The few who do try to fight the system like Lynne Stewart end up being targets themselves.Most are not that heroic or idealistic.

        • 2014

          Talkleft were also concerned about the missing docket numbers in this case too – http://www.talkleft.com/story/2013/5/18/144742/270/terrortrials/Dzhokhar-Tsarnaev-Docket-Missing-Entries

          • public_servant_watch

            There is no ruling for any motion requesting permission to file any motion under seal. The request to file ex parte were denied with orders to serve the government so why are these motions and responses not on the docket.

            Bowler order Docket # 42 and the next order, which was an electronic order with no docket number and therefore a simulated order, did not address any motion to seal any document; a Trojan horse was thrown where only an order stating the order would not be sealed occurred AND no ruling regarding that filings would remain sealed other than case law that leaves the reason for the sealing elusive.

            See also In re Boston Herald, Inc., 321 F.3d 174, 180-181 (1st Cir. 2003),
            quoting M.A. Franklin, D.A. Anderson, & F.H. Cate, Mass Media Law 770 (6th
            ed. 2000) (“One question that runs through many of these cases is whether
            the materials at issue are judicial records. If the court decides that they are not, there appears to be no right of
            access under either the common law or the First Amendment”)

            RULE 7.1 MOTION PRACTICE

            (b) Submission of Motion and Opposition to Motion.

            (c) Service. All papers filed pursuant to section (b) shall be served unless the moving party indicates in writing on the face of the motion that ex parte consideration is requested. Motions filed “ex parte” and related papers need not be served until the motion has been ruled upon or the court orders that service be made.

            Although the defendant and the government submitted their related filings under seal, this court finds no basis to seal this Memorandum and Order. See generally In re Boston Herald, Inc., 321 F.3d 174, 180-181 (1st Cir. 2003). In that court ex parte motions are filed under seal; it does not mean that the content after the ruling should not be public record unless the judge ORDERED that the filing remain sealed.


            RULE 106.1 GRAND JURIES

            (a) The names of any jurors drawn from the qualified jury wheel and selected to sit on a grand jury shall be kept confidential and not made public or disclosed to any person not employed by the district court, except as otherwise authorized by a court order in an individual case pursuant to 28 U.S.C. § 1867(f).

            (b) All subpoenas, motions, pleadings, and other documents filed with the clerk concerning or contesting grand jury proceedings shall be sealed and impounded unless otherwise ordered by the court based upon a showing of particularized need. Impoundment under this rule shall not preclude necessary service of papers on opposing parties or their counsel nor prohibit the clerk from providing copies of papers to the party or counsel filing same.

  • Mary

    The FBI runs a lot of criminal harassment campaigns against innocent people, and they don’t always do it to turn people. In my case it was either done as a vendetta or just for shits and giggles. They are a lawless bunch of cowards.

    • My 2 Cents

      Unfortunately, your comment is likely to be dismissed by people without first-hand knowledge of such things (even at a website such as this), but in fact many people report having been put under intense surveillance and systematically harassed by folks who appear to be criminal informants after they crossed someone with connections to federal law enforcement or intelligence agencies (or one of their numerous contractors).

      Search “Fight Gang Stalking” if you wish to know more about this. The pattern seems to be part of a counterintelligence operation, and it can easily be used as a weapon by those connected with it. A high-level FBI official – turned whistle-blower – Ted L. Gunderson, was the first to claim that this is widespread.

      • Mary

        David Price, the FBI SAC running the operations at Pine Ridge when two agents were murdered was named, by name, as running the COINTELPRO I experienced. I didn’t want to believe it at first, but the source was solid and the information confirmed much later on. I understand that most Americans cannot believe that law enforcement on any level would allow or participate in such things – I was one of them and was in denial for years – but I feel compelled to write it and speak to it anyway. Every now and then you run into a person, like yourself, who can provide helpful sources of information and support. Since a main objective of the amoral cowards running COINTELPRO is isolation and marginalization information and support are critical components for surviving their assault. Edward Snowden’s revelations are like a healing balm for people like me. What was unbelievable and unacceptable is now credible and still, unacceptable. The intelligence idiot I ran afoul of is named David Vincent Conway. He and his wife had a history of marital infidelities, though her affairs were with the same man….twice. She was having her second go-around with her lover when her husband started calling a friend of mine to arrange for group dates. I didn’t know their history at the time. His wife left him for her lover, got a quickie divorce and was preggers before getting a quickie marriage. So the wife, who is having an affair but is accusing her husband of having yet another affair, dumps said husband and exacerbates the “issues” a life-time of turmoil has caused their son and 19 years of bad choices became my fault. I know it was probably not a good idea to sneak a peak at the paperwork being so carefully guarded by the OPM official who came to do a bogus “security clearance” interview with me for Conway, but it was helpful because Major General Michael Ennis’s name was on the page and since he was with DIA and then CIA, it gave me my first clear picture of 1) what had happened 2) how sleazy, deceitful, malicious and irresponsible our intelligence agencies are 3) a better understanding of why we (the US) are simultaneously mocked and hated the world over. H. Michael Sweeney – he helps victims of gang stalking.

        • Billie

          Patriots in Arms.
          Glad to see others, that so pointedly make inquisitive comments on the world around us, are finally speaking out.
          Keep Fighting.

  • d b

    If Tamerlan is an FBI agent will he reveal that at his trial?

    • MrE23

      He’s dead.

      • guest

        I think d b meant to say Dzhokhar

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  • barbara
    • TycheSD

      It’s old news. That article is from May 10.

      • public_servant_watch

        Posted by Ryan Grannan-Doll (Editor), June 28, 2013 at 10:42 am

        Yes but it is the same getting very old game where the media assist in promoting the lies until the lies are accepted as truth so apparently reposted for emphasis following the fraudulent indictment!!

  • Argonoggin

    Some things never change, including secret FBI informers later being blamed for a spectacular crime involving national security.

    Lee Harvey Oswald was also an FBI informant. They had recruited him after he completed his CIA mission in the Soviet Union so that Hoover could keep tabs on the CIA domestically. As an informant, he is most likely the person who sent a telegram to the FBI on 11/20/63 warning that JFK would be assassinated on 11/22/63. This is the same telegram that a New Orleans FBI agent told Jim Garrison about, and which disappeared from FBI files shortly after the assassination.

    Now this REALLY makes me wonder why all those private security contractors at the scene of the Boston bombing were dressed just like Tamerlan Tsarnaev. It also makes me wonder why the television news media never touch these stories. Could it be for the same reason that the supposedly progressive “Nation” magazine refused to run Mark Lane’s story in 12/63 that questioned the lone assassin theory, telling Lane that they couldn’t touch such a story, even though it was certainly newsworthy and they had published his articles (on other subjects) previously?

    • dawheel

      very keen to connect the hit on kennedy. it seems a lot of people can .connect the dots and understand a psych warfare operation. it’s like a mafia protection racket- someone gonna pay for security. the has created an informant racket to recruit ‘terrorists’ who then can be arrested or killed in th process of shutting down the terrorists incident that in many cases in carefully crafted by the fbi informer himself using his patsies. in this case the operation was not shutdown either by mistake or by design.

  • Anya
  • barbara

    I apologize for posting this more than once. I’m not too savvy with discussion forums. New article (July 1) with narrative from Chief of Police of Watertown;


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  • Hei Xuan Feng

    I’m not surprised that al-Awlaki was an FBI informant, who was then killed in order to silence him. It is clear that he had a change of heart at some point and was going to expose the methods the FBI used in recruiting him. This of course would have overturned the present geometry of the ‘war on terror’ in the US. The fact that al-Awlaki was located in San Diego is no surprise as well because the FBI, the CIA and the NSA used African American Muslims from San Diego and Houston to disrupt an indigenous American Muslim organization that had officially demanded some form of autonomy from the United States. Today these informants are all in Arabian gulf teaching English.

  • Fakir Smith

    He was used. Period. The agenda is create fear through a FAKE war on terror. Keep the police state steamrolling along. Disarm America. Destroy America. That is clear and that is all you need to know.

  • barbara

    Ibragim Todashev’s roommate, Tatiana Gruzdeve was reported to have been deported last Monday, July 1. There was even a video of her plane leaving. http://ruptly.tv/vod/view/2194/usa-girlfriend-of-killed-ibragim-todashev-deported
    Today, this: http://www.bostonglobe.com/metro/2013/07/03/deportation-order-extended-for-potential-todashev-witness/SdrRPiDgEpJDVUDZR5mY1K/story.html

  • SO

    From yesterday’s Boston Herald,

    The Republican chairman acknowledged the public start of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s trial with his arraignment in Boston’s U.S. District Court today and said his committee would begin hearing classified testimony tomorrow in a closed session with the federal Department of Homeland Security and officials from the National Counterterrorism Center. But he panned FBI officials for refusing to come forward.

    “The FBI has refused to appear and continues to refuse this committee’s appropriate requests for information and documents crucial to our investigation into what happened in Boston,” McCaul said. “The problem at the heart of preventing the Boston bombings — the failure to share information — is being witnessed now in this very room. The information requested by this committee belongs to the American people. It does not belong solely to the FBI.”

    – See more at: http://bostonherald.com/news_opinion/local_coverage/2013/07/homeland_security_chair_fbi_not_cooperating_with_probe#sthash.sc5JVMMo.dpuf

    • Missie Baker

      The LA Times extended the article to include this para, quoting Boston Police Chief Ed Davis in his testimony before the committee:

      Davis also said he was uncomfortable that federal law enforcement officials read Dzhokhar his Miranda right against self-incrimination before he was charged days later. He indicated that it might have been better to try to keep the only living Tsarnaev brother talking.

      “We did have an evolving threat for a period of time after those bombs were thrown,” he said, “and I can see that there can be unfolding situations where it might not be appropriate.”

      I like this idea–LE can pick & choose among suspects whether or not to withhold reading Miranda rights….makes sense. Unless, of course, you are the suspect being questioned.

  • Jennifer O’Harah

    Keep on the up and up Russ, and thank you. I would like to give you my own personal points to consider.

    1. 2011 The Waltham triple homicide in which it looked very much staged. The 3 young men killed were friends of older Tsarnaev. He was INTERVIEWED by CIA as well as FBI regarding the murders. THUS, he WAS on the watchlist. I believe this was a stage murder to threaten Tsarnaev to cooperate with every wish they had, otherwise, he would have been pegged as the murdurer. It was made to look like drug involvement, but that’s baloney. Makes no sense. So, yes, when FBI put out the fake “we need help from the public to find out who these perps are”…they ALREADY KNEW!

    2. The other thing that doesn’t sit right, was the fact that the WHOLE ball got rolling that Thursday night with the 7-11 robbery, THEN, the MIT cop shot. I KNOW (cause I live in Cambridge) that NO ONE from her would have robbed THAT particular 7-11. Never in a million yrs was that NOT related. I believe that the 7-11 robbery WAS to be connected, but the FBI (maybe fake robber FBI), got the WRONG 7-11 (Mass/Pleasant), but was MEANT to be the 7-11 (Main/Vassar)….THIS was the beginning of the STAGING!….the only reason I can think of for this, was to either begin the process of the chase, OR to shut the subway down if they were running from the FBI knowing they were NOW pegged as being the bombers!

    3. Notice HOW convenient that SUNIL turned up 2 days after this? I believe HE was to be the backup patsy in case this plan went wrong.

    I was listening the the police scanner in REAL TIME as the whole thing was happening and ALSO able to envision the whole thing as I am VERY familiar with this neighborhood (MIT)…I noticed that on the scanner (and this is just an observation but one that is VERY important)…on the scanner, you can hear the REAL local cops (The infamous BOSTON accent, and then suddenly, you hear NON Boston accents (military homeland security, etc) immediately chime in. I believe the Boston/Cambridge/Watertown police were TOTALLY unaware and for all they knew, from what they were told, it was all REAL….IN other words, THEY were set up too! In THIS scanner recording you can HEAR that there was total confusion. I have NO DOUBT that this entire chase was staged. The video shots we have from the Shell station of Dzhokar was probably NOT from that night! It shows him buying Doritos and Red Bull! WHo does that in the middle of a car-jack chase, etc? NO ONE! it is NOT from the SAME night! WHo is Danny? On the scanner, you can also hear the REAL Cambridge police asking to see the surveillance from Collier’s murder, (for ID purposes) and someone comes on and says they CAN’T have it and something about “it being owned by Boston University, and cannot release it”…WTF?

    4. WHY weren’t DOGS allowed to follow Dzhokhar’s trail to boat? He was in a BOAT 3 blocks away, bleeding, and had gotten there on foot after bailing the suv!?? C’MON! really?

    This crap goes ON AND ON…….SOMEONE do something?

    • Guest

      i also heard the feed, and the cops kept trying to straighten out who, where, and how many suspects there were. in one of those discussions, i heard with my own ears the cops name sunil tripathi & mike mulageta and spell m-u-l-a-g-e-t-a as the suspects. this was 6 hours after the fbi named the tsarnaevs.

      what i really don’t understand is: how can it be so obvious? are we meant to watch, and why? maybe that’s why they picked handsome patsies this time…

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    This could explain why the FBI murdered the older brother’s friend in Florida. The friend might have known that the older brother was working for the FBI. The FBI has lied about the shooting — claiming the victim pulled a gun, then claimed he pulled a knife, then claimed he lunged at them. Interesting also is the fact that the FBI ordered the medical examiner’s office not to release the autopsy result. Why does the FBI get to investigate the FBI murder of an apparently completely innocent person who was committing no crime, just sitting at a table in his own home?

  • Torstentopp

    I ask my self: What is really behind the tight security measures in the US? Those are drastic steps, and the invasion of Iraq was another drastic step. Might the two be connected in other ways than usually thought. I speculate the oil i Saudi-Arabia is soon running out. They had to invade Iraq. The US can not run without oil. It hasn’t prepared itself. Maybe when people realize that the oil is running out, they fear civil unrest.

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  • Jon W.

    I researched some other connections of relevance to this article, specifically U.S.-connected agencies in the Caucasus connected to anti-Russian rebels and to Tamerlan Tsarnaev. At least one report indicates Tsarnaev’s connection to a U.S.-sponsored group in that area while he was there. http://jgwhitener.wordpress.com/2013/05/01/boston-bombing-1/

  • MMG

    What about their uncle, Ruslan Tsarni’s connections to the CIA? Check it out: http://themonicaperezshow.com/2013/05/14/tsarnaevs-cia-connections/

  • My 2 Cents

    The last sentence of the article – about the FBI’s use of informants being out of control – is of particular interest. My own view is that the term “informant” is extremely elastic for contemporary U.S. law enforcement and intelligence agencies, and as a practical matter often means “perpetrator” of crimes for which the feds wants plausible deniability.

    Specifically I suspect that “informants” are being used to conduct harassment of individuals (dissidents) targeted by a nationwide counterintelligence program – essentially Cointelpro Version 2.0

    Google “surveillance role player” jobs and have a look at the abundance of such positions being managed by intelligence/security contractors. The job listings all state that applicants must have active security clearances and training in counterintelligence.

    Such persons are quite possibly the handlers of the “informants” and the counterintelligence operations are what is more commonly referred to online as “gang stalking.”

    An archive of published news articles on this topic is at a site called “Fight Gang Stalking” for anyone who is interested. If anyone has a better explanation for these job listings (which do not mention foreign language skills by the way – so they are apparently all for domestic operations), I welcome alternative explanations.

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  • JimGlover

    Good report.

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  • Kathy

    You state in this article that the US and Russia worked jointly to try to defeat the drug trade in Afghanistan. I find that hard to believe.

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  • JimGlover

    Yes the drill or “test”. I was told of the plot to kill JFK months before it happened. Of course i was being watched by FBI/CIA and before our Music Tour through Dallas My wife and I were flown from LA to Mobile on a twin engine plane to have publicity Photo taken for the college tour which went through Dallas on to Key West and back which ended the Day JFK was killed. I thought i would be killed that night and on the way back to LA two Agents who said they were with NASA told me that FBI Hoover the day earlier (who was on our shadow Extra bus after a secret airport Stop in Houston) Hoover they said, told them after i asked “who shot President Kennedy?”… so they told me with some suspicion in their demeanor that Hoover said “It was a test that went bad and it wasn’t the Cubans” A secret test that it seems i am the only living person who talks or has heard about it and “The Test” that (was set up to go bad) is the only way that so far the killers and those who knew too much could get away with the Coup, and ambush in Dallas. It is a successful means of confusion and cover-up just like the test on 9/11. Drills, Tests, Exercises and War Games are what the military does every day so, it is a natural cover in my opinion.

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