TVWHY: Russ Goes Deeper on Gov’t Monitoring of Associated Press


Everyone’s upset about the Obama-AP phone records scandal. Here’s WhoWhatWhy’s Russ Baker explaining to RT Television that things may run deeper. (Interview: mid-May 2013)


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  • jwheels281

    Russ, I have to agree with you here that this whole AP thing
    is nothing but a distraction from much larger issues. First of all, for anyone who pays attention to these sorts of issues knows, this sort of domestic surveillance has been going on for quite some time (the 1970s “Church Committee” investigations come to mind).

    Then we have AT&T’s infamous, “room 641A” that was uncovered as a secret NSA program that was indiscriminately vacuuming up and recording the digital communications of American citizens (without warrants, of course).

    And finally, we have the testimony of former NSA official
    William Binney who has gone on the record as saying that ALL digital communications are being intercepted and stored by the
    United States government as a matter of policy.

    Interestingly, during two recent interviews by CNN anchors with
    former G-man Tim Clemente, Clemente indicated that the US spy apparatus can essentially listen in on any phone conversation it wants to, even ones that happened in the past. The notion that this one issue related to the AP is somehow more of a “scandal” than what I mentioned above defies any reasonable notion of logic.

    Why THIS isn’t the main focus of the “scandal” being trumpeted in the news, is anyone’s guess. Unfortunately, this will only increase “the chilling effect” of the notorious “self-censorship” that American corporate journalism is so prone to. Maybe that’s the whole point.

    • Jack1234

      Thanks for the info! So from what I can make of the video, the CISPA law doesn’t even need to happen.

  • Jade

    I just love Russ.

  • MattS

    The software used by virtually every digital “switch” in the US is Israeli, and most likely has a “back door”. Could the NSA brouhaha be designed to mask revelations about the Mossad having done this starting even earlier than 2011 be the reason for this most convenient and genial leak?

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