George Carlin: How Politicians Talk


All those weaselly words politicians use? George Carlin was on the case.

Speak Truth to Power

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  • Orangutan.

    I also really enjoy Bill Hicks way of talking intelligently about the political scenario in our country as well:

    Something about his strength and honesty really innately attracts me to him.

  • newbroom

    the will rogers of our generation (60’s)

    • newbroom

      I guess Will Rogers was the “Mark Twain” of his.

      • Russ

        Mark Twain was the Justin Bieber of his generation. Oh no, wait…

  • Chizzlin’ Sam

    I think George Carlin deserved the Mark Twain Prize more than any other comedian who has received it. Both Twain and Carlin had long, sparkling careers and always seemed to be running circles around Proper Society…Can anyone tell me how Billy Crystal snuck in front of George Carlin and Bill Cosby to win in 2007??? (I do like Billy–especially on SOAP and SNL–but his comedy lacked the political depth of Carlin’s)…

  • GrannyBgood

    LOL! Is that George Bush Jr sitting next to him!!???

  • Greg Mucha

    Professor Phillip Wander has codified these linguistic sandtraps and termed them, “diplomatic language.” Basically, how to read through the obvious lies diplomats and politicians tell to the public, especially on the Sunday morning talkshows.

  • Chizzlin’ Sam

    The latest political conspiracy involves Dick Cheney once again–apparently he had a love child with Sheriff Joe Arpaio…The child’s name is James Porter and he was just named president of the NRA…

  • Robert ANderson

    Too bad he isn’t here to discuss Obama’s whole new vocabulary and more intense level of flim-flam. “I welcome a discussion of…, that’s not who we are” etc.

  • dogsface

    “When you’re born you get a ticket to the freak show. When you’re born in America, you get a front-row seat.” – George Carlin

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