WhoVideo on Fracking: Not from the Gas Industry


We all are exposed to plenty of propaganda from the gas industry. In the spirit of inquiry and fairness, here’s some decidedly less slick video—from the folks on the other side.

This one runs 45 minutes. (We’ll run Part II and future parts later)

Speak Truth to Power

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  • DKAtoday

    A dizzy light headed feeling when showering? People your skin is your bodies largest organ – it sweats out toxins from the body – but it is not a one way street – toxins can enter the body through the skin ( ever use a cleaning product that recommends wearing gloves ? Well. That is why! ) – so figure besides the methane that is coming out of the pipes – your plumbing – your water – what other toxins are also coming along – ” IN YOUR WATER ” and is then being absorbed into your skin/body.

  • DKAtoday

    Cancer causing agents? Anyone notice a rise in the incidence of cancer in people in the last 30 years or so? This would be one of the causes. This does not take into account what it is doing to our land air or water.

  • DKAtoday

    Word of advice for those living in fracking communities. Get a canary. Miners used to take em into the mines with em as a early warning system – because the canary would pass out when the air went bad with gas saturation prior to it making the miners pass-out.

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