TVWHO: Russ on RT re Risks to Combat Journalists

In this brief interview, RT asks Russ Baker about the situation in Syria, plus what can be done about war-zone journalists in danger—and gets an unexpected answer.

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  • ShirlB

    Hi, Russ. I was glad to hear you mention the Iranian coup of 1953 and the one of 1954 in Guatemala. Anyone who follows those countries, knows that the CIA’s “gifts” just keep on giving in a negative sense. Everyone talks about Bashar al Assad but no one seems to listen to his viewpoint. In this 25:03 interview on RT he gives a good account of himself under sharp questioning. Considering the events of 1953 and 1954, his analysis is on target. As I watch the battered trucks with anonymous, disheveled young men careening around a country that was doing quite well until they showed up, it amazes me that anyone could think that deposing the existing government would be a plus for Syria or the surrounding region.