Russ Baker on PBS’ WGBH Boston

WhoWhatWhy editor Russ Baker interviewed by “Greater Boston” host Emily Rooney on PBS station WGBH, June 13, 2012. Topics include: new revelations about the Watergate affair; government refusal to release JFK assassination records in a timely manner; why John Edwards was prosecuted; whether the government told us the whole story on the Bin Laden raid; and the merits of PBS news coverage.

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  • Lee Chen

    I absolutely love how Mr. Baker pulls no punches even going as far as offering the straight scoop on PBS… while *on* PBS!

    • Kevin

       Me too.   If we truly had a free press, Russ Baker would likely  be the most popular reporter in the country.

  • Charles Edward Frith

    The evidence for Nixon being set up by the Pentagon and the CIA is well documented now on the internet. No president goes down unless the demonics in the CIA and DOD get to work on them.

    • eddieleaks

      Prescott Bush

  • gordon

    As to NPR, the transgressions of the last 4 or 5 years are well documented at

  • wildthang

    So CIA agents are profession burglery bunglers? or someone turned them in… trust anything on bin laden… even pictures can lie and possible body doubles.. killed or a covert agent just retired, perhaps the same for the droned US cleric in Yemen…

    official documents… most likely Presidential Libraries are the media for managing our collective fantasy of the way things were, revealed when it is hard to disprove.
    The taking down of Nixon, the one we all hated and Johnson called a traitor to the ’68 Paris Peace Talks, effectively deactivated the provocateur infilltrated peace movement so now we have more wars for lies and chant our love of war… and are creating a military police state and military class for special privileges on the way via the formulaic GI Bill and Marshall Plan for country renovations projects and profits.

    Lots of curious and interesting info in “Family of Secrets”

  • Brian Gallagher

    I think Emily Rooney is a good host even though I hate her use of casual dismissals of things contrary to “what everyone knows.” It might just be her habitual way of concluding a radio/tv panel segment, but it’s still annoyingly incurious. 
    She mentions that PBS’s FRONTLINE “gets it right” or something like that. FRONTLINE still has the same high end production values. However, I remember watching a couple Frontline programs on the Afghanistan war. Some story presentations try to find “the middle” but I feel like FRONTLINE always tries to find “the muddle”. 

  • eddieleaks

    I highly recommend “Family of Secrets” and dad loved it.

    • eddieleaks

      My dad loved it also.

  • Bruce

    She should think about becoming a journalist.

  • Mark Tokarski

    Very well done, and I too am annoyed by her incurious nature. But that nature is necessary to be an American journalist. I don’t know how they find these people – surely not all journalist students are so boring. 

    Re Osama, all summed up, we have no evidence that he was alive, or that he was killed. We only have official statements. Real journalists seek hard evidence. The words of public officials, while interesting, are not evidence. 

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  • eddieleaks

    Similar journalism:

    The producer really didn’t want to do this show

    April 18, 2011

    Manny Badillo and Tony Szamboti of the Remember Building 7 campaign along with Cheryl Curtis and JoAnne Bauer of Connecticut 9/11 Truth spoke with Colin McEnroe on WNPR, National Public Radio’s Connecticut affiliate.

  • Cassandrajones

    This interchange proves that PBS is indeed controlled by the government. She dismisses the “grassy knoll” as a joke when  numerous sources prove that the fatal shot to JFK did in fact come from there.  She is either woefully uninformed or participating in the cover-up.  I am sorry, Russ, that you had to go along with this.

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