Calling all volunteers

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WhoWhatWhy is a nonprofit and by its nature a collaboration—between writers, editors, tech and social media people and more—and between our team and our readers. You give us story ideas, you fund our operation, you help us spread the word.

Want to go one step further? Do you have special skills you’d like to share? We can use volunteers in a host of areas.

If you are interested in any of the following positions, or have other talents you would like to offer, please send us your resume or fill out the form in the sidebar to the right.


We are looking for motivated individuals to help us successfully interact with philanthropists who value our mission.


Administrative assistants: Help with a broad range of editorial and non-editorial tasks that arise on a regular basis.

Legal, Accounting, Technology, Business/Process Management, etc:  We can use people with a broad range of skills, the sort sought by any organization


Writers:  Gifted writers in a range of areas: blogging on subjects consistent with our current work and in those areas where expansion seems logical: news and media analysis; humor; the intersection of popular culture and public awareness

Beat reporters:  Foreign, criminal justice, climate change, economics, and other traditional coverage areas.

Editors:  Experienced editors with a variety of skills: Investigations Editors, Line Editors, Section Editors (with subject expertise—foreign, financial, criminal justice, etc), Executive Editors (with experience developing and executing a broad editorial vision), etc

Assistant Managing Editor:  Help recruit and manage reporters and editors; generate assignments

Researchers (online and archival research):  Collect information for our reporters through web and database searches, and in-person archival work

Freedom of Information and Data Specialists:  File Freedom of Information requests and collect, process and analyze data and statistics

Editorial Recruiter:  Find quality individuals to join our team

Photo Curator:  Help us track down the best possible images to illustrate our articles


Twitter Promotion Associate:  Test promoted content and target audience. Monitor progress and adjust ad perimeters for maximum growth. Brainstorm creative campaign ideas, general strategy. Maintain daily aspects of general Twitter account and secondary account.

Social Media Analyst and Social Media Associates (link to below):  Analyze our social media sharing and strategy; implement ongoing social media outreach

App and New Technology Scout:  Stay on top of tech developments and help us keep current

App Designer/Developer:  Build a website app for mobile devices

Website manager:  Collect and implement ideas for site improvements,  in conjunction with the design and development team. Also  manage  day to day site maintenance issues

Art and Design Direction:  Help us visualize and design new look and feel for the website as well as design and produce marketing and other materials.


Copywriter:  Help write donor and marketing materials

Publicity Coordinator:  Help bring publicity to WhoWhatWhy by finding, scheduling, and coordinating public exposure such as interviews on TV and radio shows or speaking engagements

Major Gifts Officer:  Serve as a spokesperson and ambassador for the purpose of finding prospects, cultivating relationships and soliciting significant investments in WhoWhatWhy

Development Director:  Create and drive development strategy for the solicitation of gifts, grants, and investments.  Provide mentoring and guidance to other fundraising volunteers

Donor Network Coordinator: Work with our supporters around the country and world to organize events and stay in touch with those who attend.