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Trump’s “Silent Majority” Makes Loud Ugly Noises Online

Reading Time: 7 minutes After making anti-immigrant remarks, Donald Trump rose to the top of the polls among Republican presidential candidates. The billionaire claims his supporters are part of a new “silent majority.” How silent are they? An examination of their online comments shows they are anything but silent. They’re also rather shocking in their expressed views.

RadioWhoWhatWhy: Finally, a Meaningful Report on Ferguson, MO

Reading Time: < 1 minute WhoWhatWhy podcaster Jeff Schechtman gets the lowdown on the federal investigation into the death of Michael Brown at the hands of a policeman in Ferguson, Missouri. What was that really about? Was there more to it than an isolated event? In short, yes. Find out in this interview with an NAACP official what systemic issues played a role in generating the deep anger in Ferguson—and throughout the country.

Dylann Storm Roof

RussRant: No “Insanity Defense” for US Obsession with Guns

Reading Time: 3 minutes The South Carolina church shootings are no anomaly. Americans are senselessly gunned down—at a rate of 30 per day (excluding suicides and accidents). Gun advocates who want no meaningful restrictions, ostensibly to protect themselves, put all of us at risk. Yet those advocating universal disarmament are not practical. But here’s a third way.

The Trayvon Verdict — Race Was the Elephant in the Courtroom

Reading Time: 4 minutes In the real world, it was apparent that race was the key to George Zimmerman’s snap judgment that Trayvon Martin was up to no good, Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist E.R. Shipp writes exclusively for WhoWhatWhy. Yet racism was the elephant in the courtroom as the prosecutor “tiptoed –past those thorns.” With a case hampered by slow-footed policing and an overaggressive charge, the state’s failure seemed inevitable. And with no moral resolution to the troubling case, Americans are left with fresh hollow echoes of “No justice, no peace!”