Consider the Source: Mojo Cites ‘Questionable’ Reporting on Hastings Wreck

Reading Time: 2 minutes Picking up on WhoWhatWhy’s scoop, Mother Jones takes a closer look at Kimberly Dvorak, the San Diego reporter who has enjoyed a media star turn while covering the car-crash death of muckraker Michael Hastings. Her reporting has been “questionable,” Mojo says. Inadvertently, she raises an interesting point: What’s more important for the media–relevance or accuracy?

Exclusive— Hastings ‘Unauthorized Cremation’ Mega-Rumor False, Family Says

Reading Time: 5 minutes Have you heard how investigative journalist Michael Hastings’s body was cremated without the family’s permission? That story has made it around the world, and made people understandably suspicious of a cover-up by the authorities. But when WhoWhatWhy tried to verify the report, we found out something very different indeed.