Report: Hastings Feared Tampering On Rented Mercedes

Reading Time: 3 minutes The coroner’s report ruled the journalist’s car-wreck death an accident. But a new profile suggests that Michael Hastings was terrified that someone had tampered with his car—the very issue that has fueled speculation about the cause of the fiery crash. And WhoWhatWhy adds a biographical note about the “credibility problems” of Dr. James K. Ribe, the pathologist who signed the coroner’s report.

Hastings Autopsy: Traces of Meth Found in Body, But Crash Caused Death

Reading Time: 4 minutes A riveting autopsy report on the remains of journalist Michael Hastings says he used marijuana and methamphetamines before the fiery crash in Los Angeles that killed him. The narcotics did not play a role in the wreck, the medical examiner said, but the report reveals for the first time that Hastings had relapsed into drug use. His kin had arrived in L.A. hours before the wreck to encourage him to go into rehab, police say. Meanwhile, a Hastings family member has a surprising reaction in an exclusive comment to WhoWhatWhy.