RadioWhoWhatWhy: Fanning the Flames of Syria

Just how bad is the situation in Syria? Four million Syrians have fled the country in the past four years as its cities smolder and civil war rages on. Strategic dysfunction on the part of the international community, led by the US, continued airstrikes, and growing violence perpetrated by the Islamic State are definitely part of the story that led to Syria’s descent into chaos. RadioWhoWhatWhy’s Jeff Schechtman sits down with Charles Glass, author of Syria Burning, to learn the rest of it.

TVWHY: Russ Baker in Santa Fe, Excerpt 3—Our Rights

In this third excerpt from a recent talk, WhoWhatWhy editor Russ Baker discusses “security, terrorism and our rights”

TVWHY: Russ Baker in Santa Fe, Excerpt 2—Arab Spring

In this second excerpt from a recent talk, WhoWhatWhy editor Russ Baker discusses “from the Arab Spring to the Miranda Warning”

TVWHY: Russ Baker in Santa Fe, Excerpt 1–POWER

In this first excerpt from a recent talk, WhoWhatWhy editor Russ Baker discusses “Acknowledging Where the Power Resides”

Barrett Brown

The Saga of Barrett Brown: Inside Anonymous and the War on Secrecy

A magazine-length, must-read story of hackers, leakers, democracy advocates, spies, cops, banks, lobbyists, WikiLeaks, the future of the Internet…and quite possibly of our democracy.

Syria: We Can Learn a Lot From the “Small Stuff”

Really interesting material on Syria flies by, largely unnoticed and unremarked upon. Here’s a grab bag of potentially consequential items from the past couple of months.

But Syriasly, Folks…..

Take a close look at the uprising in Syria, and what do you find? Another well-oiled puppet show.

CLOSE READING: The Saudis, a Twitter Investment, and the End of Arab Spring?

Recently, Twitter announced it would restrict tweets in countries where the government declares the tweets illegal. That troubling announcement was treated by the American media as a blip. But is it a blip? Or is it a crisis for freedom everywhere? And did a huge investment in Twitter by a Saudi prince have anything to do with the move?

Al Jazeera’s Failures on Libya—and What They Tell Us About the Network

For many of those sick of the inadequacies of Western news organizations, the answer is Al Jazeera. But how independent-minded, really, is this Middle Eastern television network? Not very, we’re afraid. It’s the same old gang in a new, improved outfit.

WhoWhatWhy’s Libya Primer: The (Still) Untold Back Story to Qaddafi’s Demise

And so begins the deluge of “coverage” on the end of Muammar Qaddafi. But will you learn anything substantive about how and why he met his end? Don’t bet on it. However, at WhoWhatWhy, we’ve been providing fresh and unique reporting and analysis about Libya and the West’s murky role over there, from the beginning. If you haven’t been reading us, here’s your chance to catch up. And feel free to share with others.

The Libya Secret: How West Cooked Up “People’s Uprising”

Forget the “humanitarian crisis” that justified the NATO bombing that helped destroy Qaddafi’s regime. It was always about oil and other strategic issues. And the rebels were a wholly owned subsidiary of West, Inc. Here’s the evidence.