Partial Donor List

We receive and gratefully acknowledge donations from a wide range of members of the public and from nonprofit family and other foundations. Among those are:

Gabriel Aguilar
Peter Barnes
Anne Basile
Jonathan Bell
Susan Bell
Benjamin Fund
Sallie Bingham
Susan Bloom
Bluestein Family Foundation
Abraham Bolden
Herb Bridge
Cloud Mountain Foundation
Bernice Davis
Leonard and Sophie Davis Fund
John Franco
Leonard Goodman
Lawrence Grossman
Richard Gullotti
Virginia Hamori
Jack Herrera
William Hubbard III
Cheryl and Jeff Hylton
Henry Jarecki
Steve Kelem
Michael Kleinman
Bill Korum
The Larsen Fund
Lear Family Foundation
James Lenfestey
R Andrew Maass
Madison Community Foundation
Joshua Mailman Foundation
Jerry Manpearl and Jan Goodman
Kristina McCormack
Holly Mosher
Kathleen Murray
Sally Nahas
David Neal
Nick Nicholas
Peter Olofson
Sarah Pappas
Waring Partridge
Julie Price
Ib Ravn
Matthew Reilly
Rowland Rebele
Abby Rockefeller
Guy and Jeanine Saperstein
John Scanlan
Ina Schnell
S Dana Seccombe
Thomas Simonet
Nick Stephens
Jane Stetson
Dan Storper
Andrew Tobias
Thomson Von Stein
Mary Lou and Ed Winnick
Jamie Wolf
Douglas Zeiger
George Zimmer

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