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But Syriasly, Folks…..

An awful long time has elapsed since the media began frenetically covering the uprising in Syria—long enough for more truth to have emerged by now.

At WhoWhatWhy, we’ve had our suspicions that pressworld was getting it wrong (as usual)—but held off from any serious analysis to see what else might come out. A development the other day seemed to mark the right moment to weigh in.

Here’s the New York Times:

Three gunmen ambushed a military general on a residential View article …

displaced, Rohingya muslims

Migration Expert Slams ‘Barbarity’ of Trump Policies

“We don’t have an immigration crisis,” contends Harvard professor Jacqueline Bhabha: We have a “hospitality crisis.”

Under President Donald Trump, the United States’ limit for refugee admissions has reached a record low. Last week, the administration proposed to again sharply reduce the limit for refugee admissions — from an already anemic 45,000 in 2018 to 30,000 in 2019. Under this year’s cap, the US is on track to admit only 22,000 refugees, less than half of the projected maximum.


Bhabha joins Peter B. Collins for this View article …

The Surveillance State, Tsarnaevs Under Siege & Drone Dollars‏: Apr. 29. 2015


Tsarnaev Family Besieged by Media, Angry Bostonians
by Lara Turner
Tensions are running high with members of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s family now in the Boston area for the sentencing phase of his trial. Their hotel was besieged with cancellations and complaints—and bombing victims expressed outrage that the defense paid for the trip out of their taxpayer-funded budget. But this one is not a simple matter of wasteful spending, and the family is worth a closer look.

Ronan Farrow

Did NBC Help Suppress #MeToo Movement?

Trump’s Friends Win by “Losing” (Reader Steve)

By claiming “financial hardship” from state and government regulations, people like Carl Icahn, one of Trump’s close friends, keep the millions coming in.


Britain Apologizes for Role in Libyan Dissident’s CIA Nightmare (Dan)

The US is not the only country that abused alleged terrorists and then outsourced torture to places like Libya. The UK recently apologized to a Libyan dissident who was tortured in 2004, possibly to please Libyan strongman Muammar Gaddafi, a then-ally in the View article …

How Do You Support Your Troops—Regular, Special or Super?

As we celebrate Memorial Day, it can be hard to remember that this is not principally intended as  a day off from work for most of us, but as an occasion to honor dead soldiers who were once actual living persons, with many years of expected life ahead of them.

While contemplating the reality of all these dead young people, we would do well to ponder why soldiers are currently dying in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Those who “support the View article …

Story Behind Famous Beheading — and What’s Not There

WhoWhatWhy Editor-in-Chief Russ Baker attended the Sundance Film Festival. See his general critique here. What follows is one of a series of reflections on particular films. 




Jim: The James Foley Story  is the saga of a young American, a freelance journalist, whose filmed beheading became an international spectacle.


James Foley came from a fairly ordinary, large American family — solid folks with a comfortable, solid New Hampshire home and existence. He was the restless, questing one, a budding idealist in search of meaning. Foley became a freelance video journalist and writer, and was drawn to dangerous places where news View article …

Doubts About Who Is Using Chemical Weapons in Syria


The Obama administration and allies claim, with near certainty, that Bashar al-Assad has used lethal gas on his population.  But no credible evidence has emerged to confirm this. Conversely, as the West pushes for approval to bomb the Assad regime, some evidence suggests it may instead be the rebels who are using chemical weapons against other rebels—an extension of ongoing ethnic/religious battles being fought with what one UN inspector characterized as “almost medieval savagery.”

Perhaps both regime and rebels are using chemical weapons. Whatever the reality, these uncertainties must View article …

Musical Chairs in CIA and Pentagon: Now, Name That Tune

So, here it is. Musical chairs time.

CNN Breaking News:

President Obama to name CIA Director Leon Panetta to succeed Robert Gates as defense secretary, official says.

Huh? What’s that all about?

Wait, there’s more.

New York Times

President Obama is expected this week to name Leon E. Panetta, the director of central intelligence, as defense secretary and Gen. David H. Petraeus, the top American commander in Afghanistan, as director of the C.I.A., administration officials said Wednesday.

Am I the only person who thinks it is interesting that a former Congressman with unusual credentials to View article …

What’s Up With Obama, Torture, and Secrecy?

Recently, the New York Times published an editorial critical of the Supreme Court for failing to hear cases on kidnap and torture by the US government. And of the Obama Administration.

It raised important questions—and prompted more in a reader’s mind:

Extraordinary rendition — the abduction of foreigners, often innocent ones, by American agents who sent them to countries well known for torturing prisoners — was central to President George W. Bush’s antiterrorism policy. His administration then used wildly broad claims of state secrets to thwart any accountability for this View article …

Ukraine: We All Get the Tyranny We Deserve


Ukraine: This place feels familiar. I’ve been here before.

Or maybe it just reminds me of another place. Was it Iran, 1953? Guatemala, 1954? Was it Congo, 1961? Chile, 1973? Maybe it was Iraq, 1990. Or Iraq, 2003. Or Libya, 2011. Or Syria, 2013. Or Vietnam. Or …

Something seems so very déjà vu. Some regime that is not sufficiently open to the embrace of “Western love” and then there are mobs and then the US government and the UK government and their allies suddenly see the View article …

Mike Pence, Seema Verma

More Medicaid Limits

ICE Wants to Be an Intelligence Agency (Jimmy)

“‘The idea that ICE could potentially get access to warrantless surveillance is frankly terrifying,’ Jake Laperruque, senior counsel at the Project on Government Oversight, told The Daily Beast.”

Trump’s Opioid Plan: Put Kellyanne Conway in Charge (Dan)

Despite the Trump administration’s public announcement of their intention to fight the US opioid crisis, they have presented little in terms of plans. Finally, some news broke: White House spokesperson Kellyanne Conway will be leading the fight.

US-Led Forces Kill an Estimated 100 Syrian Regime Troops (Jimmy)

The author writes, View article …