The Lost Nuke

It’s Not Just Trump: Nuke Near-Misses Happen Too Often

Reading Time: 5 minutes Heightened tensions involving nuclear powers do not just increase the risk for war. They also make accidents involving nukes more likely. While it would seem as though these weapons would be carefully guarded and protected, history suggests otherwise.

Peter Lorre
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Are You a Skeptic?

Reading Time: 5 minutes Insightful, funny, and surprising quotations on the subject of skepticism, by some of the wittiest people who ever lived. We ran this collection before — and we will probably run it again. We don’t think you can ever get enough of this kind of thing.

Great Quotations on Secrets

Reading Time: 4 minutes If you have secrets — whether they are deep and dark, or downright tacky — then you may be surprised, entertained, and comforted by this collection of insights from people who, if still living, have a lot to hide themselves.