Balkanization, America

Deepening Polarization: Why We Can’t All Just Get Along

Reading Time: 4 minutes Recent research reveals that the political divide in America is no longer just about two competing ideologies; it’s evolved into social and economic class conflict; and more recently, geographic self-segregation — a balkanization that is intensifying alienation, distrust, anger, and resentment among us.

Jimmy Lockett, first time voter

Obtaining Voter ID — Piece of Cake or Disenfranchising Obstacle?

Reading Time: 2 minutes Proponents of voter ID say that it’s so easy to get — what’s the big deal? They are perhaps unknowingly revealing their ignorance of the difficulty — sometimes impossibility — of obtaining it faced by those without adequate means. Meet an organization that is helping them and a 54-year-old man who just voted for the first time.