The Two Biggest Powers of the American President, and Their Limits

Reading Time: 3 minutes The American Presidency is thought to be the most powerful position in the world. Yet a president’s power is limited to two spheres: growing the empire abroad and producing unlimited economic growth at home, according to presidential scholar Joseph Peschek. Read Joseph L. Flatley’s interview with Peschek, the inauguration of WhoWhatWhy’s 2016 presidential coverage.

POST-ELECTION PROJECT: To Finagle Chuck Hagel?

Reading Time: 9 minutes With Obama reaching across the aisle for his next Secretary of Defense, an unlikely alliance within the media has developed to torpedo the nomination in the minds of the elite of DC and New York. But what does the fight over Chuck Hagel tell us about the future of American foreign policy in the 21st century?

The Post-Election Project: The Establishment Pillories Susan Rice

Reading Time: 6 minutes A campaign to make sure Susan Rice does not become the next Secretary of State tells us a lot about how things really work—in foreign policy, in the establishment, and in the media. ### NEWS FLASH ###, December 13: Susan Rice withdraws name from consideration—this article provides relevant background.

Some Analysis is Foreign to Us

Reading Time: < 1 minute Timeless morsels are, well, timeless. Hence, I bring to your attention this phase from an early-March article in the New York Times. The reporter, writing about the Iraqi elections, noted [T]he elections may be a cautionary lesson, as politicians struggle to cobble together a coalition to rule. Iraq’s politics are more vibrant than the institutions Read More