Does New Boston Bombing Report Hint at Hidden Global Intrigue?

Reading Time: 17 minutes In this lengthy review of the newly released, but selectively blacked-out, government inspectors general report on the Boston Marathon Bombing, we read carefully between the lines and find some astonishing possibilities. Including a remarkable explanation of why so very many government officials seem afraid to speak the truth, and why it seems possible to pull off an almost impossible cover-up. Here, perhaps, is why so many things about Boston’s tragedy don’t add up—and why so many people appear to be keeping their mouths shut about what they know, or at least suspect.

Part 2: How They Hid the Worst Horrors of Hiroshima

Reading Time: 6 minutes The second installment of our series on how the worst devastation caused by the Atomic bomb was deliberately concealed from Americans for decades.

Part 1: Atomic Devastation Hidden For Decades

Reading Time: 5 minutes The people of Hiroshima and Nagasaki suffered unspeakable horrors. But some in the U.S. government didn’t want Americans to see all of it.
The first in a three-part series.

ClassicWHO: Someone Would Have Talked. Right?

Reading Time: 3 minutes The old argument goes that conspiracies can’t happen because someone would eventually talk. The flaw in that logic is that people involved in plots rarely speak up—even if they want to—because when they do they nearly always pay a price. Edward Snowden, anyone? So as you read this ClassicWHO repost from two years ago, consider how much relevance it still has in the case of Edward Snowden.