Jacqueline Kennedy, John Kennedy

Classic Who: JFK in His Own Words

John F. Kennedy would have turned 100 today and we can only imagine how he would feel about the current president. There might be a few clues in the following excerpts, which display Kennedy’s wit, perception, and originality.

Signing of the Constitution

Is the Constitutional Right to Vote a Myth?

The US Constitution is a treasured document to many, but it is not perfect. Whereas other countries explicitly lay out the right to vote in their constitutions, it is conspicuously absent from the US version. Unfortunately Americans are still living with the results today.

Donald Trump, Easter

A Trump Treasury of Tweets, Part 2

No need for a press conference or cameras, President Donald Trump gives us the straight scoop on Twitter. Now that he’s passed 100 days in office, we decided to once again compile some of our favorite presidential tweets to get a look into Trump’s mind.

Chemical Weapons

Chemical Weapons Convention Treaty Anniversary

It’s been 20 years since the Chemical Weapons Convention treaty went into effect, and an entire class of weapons of mass destruction has been nearly eliminated. That’s partly why the recent chemical attacks in Syria have attracted so much attention.

Donald Trump, Felix Sater, Trump Soho

Mobbed Up: Is Trump as Clean as He Claims?

Here is a primer on Donald Trump’s relationship with Felix Sater and others with connections to the mob. The perfect video to watch before or after reading the WhoWhatWhy exposé on the president’s Russia connections.

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