Keystone XL Pipeline

Keystone XL Is a Dirty Deal for America

President Donald Trump has reversed Barack Obama’s decision on Keystone XL and given a green light to the construction of the controversial pipeline. The project would accomplish very little of what Trump promised but can cause a lot of problems.

Can the EPA Survive Trump & Congress?

With draconian budget cuts, behavior causing committed staff to leave, and the passage of laws that would make it impossible for an agency to function under any administration, are Trump and Congress trying to destroy the Environmental Protection Agency?

China, energy

China Invests Big Bucks in Green Energy While US Goes Dirty

Both China and the US are about to change course on how they produce energy. While the incoming Trump administration wants to refocus in fossil fuels, China is investing hundreds of billions of dollars into clean energy, which could give it a major competitive advantage down the road.

Russian oil rig, Donald Trump, Rex Tillerson

Ice T Trump: Hidden Motivator is Oil at Top of World

Trump has chosen Rex Tillerson, CEO of ExxonMobil, to be the next Secretary of State. Exxon, a quasi-state with its own foreign policy, has oil ambitions in the Arctic worth half a trillion dollars — ambitions a SofS can assist. Tillerson is one of several one-percenters who will shape policy in an administration made possible by working people struggling with severe economic hardship. Can they see the problem here?

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