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Jailbirds and Peacocks

Reading Time: 7 minutes A fashion editor has a good time reviewing the spectacularly outrageous clothing that super-rich criminals love to flaunt — and what it says about them. Among other things, they believe it’s a crime to not look good at all times, especially in court.

Nigeria, mothers

Oh, Look! Our Population Problems Are Solved

Reading Time: 3 minutes Did you hear? We’re having fewer children because we’re richer and smarter. Well, except for some faraway places, which will more than make up for it with their own population growth. But maybe that data is wrong, so we’ll be fine.

Trump, yarmulke

Who Is Trump Fooling with MAGA?

Reading Time: 5 minutes Author explores why MAGA hats are worn by right-wing Jews and right-wing Jew-haters alike, and finds out what happens when he walks around wearing such a hat in Ground Zero pinko liberal territory.