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election integrity

Disinformation Still Bedevils Midterm Voters

Reading Time: 2 minutes As voters go to the polls today, disinformation campaigns are underway on social media.During September and October, Twitter deleted 10,000 fake accounts that were encouraging people not to vote.“I hear ICE agents will be at poling [sic] stations on election day, looking to deport illegals trying to vote,” one tweet from a since-banned account read.Another Read More

Claire McCaskill

Confusion Over Missouri Voter ID Law Could Loom Large in Crucial Senate, House Races

Reading Time: 5 minutes Recent court decisions, coupled with inaccurate mailers and problems with absentee ballots, may be causing widespread confusion as Missourians vote today in a very close Senate race.Democrat Claire McCaskill is running for reelection in a state President Donald Trump won by 18.5 points in 2016. RealClearPolitics rates the race as a tossup and the RCP Read More

How We Did It — the Database of Hopeful Voters

Reading Time: 3 minutes WhoWhatWhy explains the technical details of how our reporter created the table in WhoWhatWhy’s Election Day coverage of potential voters who have had their ballots rejected or not yet returned. The reporter who created this table, Jordan Wilkie, is not a trained data scientist. While WhoWhatWhy would not publish work they did not have extremely Read More