TVWHO: R.I.P., Gore Vidal

Reading Time: 1 minute Gore Vidal, a towering figure who went where others dared not. Here he is, with his usual bracing presentation (from a 2009 appearance). SEE VIDEO INSIDE.

RadioWhoWhatWhy: Russ Baker on Government Secrets

Reading Time: 1 minute Russ Baker with New Hampshire’s Burt Cohen—on government secrecy under Obama, on the “national security state,” solving national mysteries, and more.

Russ Baker in San Francisco

Reading Time: 1 minute Russ Baker lecture in San Francisco. On the tabloidization of life, the stories we’re not getting, liberal vs. conservative, our heroes, elites vs. common people, how the powerful keep their power, and why we must read books. (One hour)

Secret Service Vet With Very Strange JFK Story

Reading Time: 1 minute PODCAST: Abraham Bolden, the first African-American Secret Service agent on the White House detail, in a talk from 2008. Recalls his astonishing experience with JFK, with his fellow agents, and the ominous goings-on prior to and after Kennedy’s assassination. A must-listen. Chilling. Also see our recent piece on the Service.