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What Was Hastings Working On?

By 08/07/2013

Just hours before his death, Michael Hastings sent off an ominous email saying that the FBI was investigating him “re: NSA.” Why were the Feds probing this noted investigative reporter? And what might his death have to do with Edward Snowden, now in exile, and Barrett Brown, facing a century in jail?

Video: Journalist Murdered?

A veteran Los Angeles crime reporter takes a gimlet-eyed look at the curious accident that killed muckraker Michael Hastings. New video evidence from a security camera near the scene offers a glimpse at the last moments of the journalist’s life—and gives a few clues about the seemingly inexplicable crash on a straight-as-a-laser city street.

Hastings Autopsy: Traces of Meth Found in Body, But Crash Caused Death

A riveting autopsy report on the remains of journalist Michael Hastings says he used marijuana and methamphetamines before the fiery crash in Los Angeles that killed him. The narcotics did not play a role in the wreck, the medical examiner said, but the report reveals for the first time that Hastings had relapsed into drug use. His kin had arrived in L.A. hours before the wreck to encourage him to go into rehab, police say. Meanwhile, a Hastings family member has a surprising reaction in an exclusive comment to WhoWhatWhy.

Chrysler Recalls Hackable Jeeps, Press Still Not Questioning Cause of Hastings Death

By 08/11/2015

In a landmark action, Fiat Chrysler has recalled over a million Jeep Cherokees after tests showed that the cars could be remotely hacked. Despite this confirmation of the dangers lurking in computerized automobiles, the major media have yet to take a closer look at the death of crusading journalist Michael Hastings, who just before his fiery death expressed concerns that someone had tampered with his car.

Report: Hastings Feared Tampering On Rented Mercedes

By 08/23/2013

The coroner’s report ruled the journalist’s car-wreck death an accident. But a new profile suggests that Michael Hastings was terrified that someone had tampered with his car—the very issue that has fueled speculation about the cause of the fiery crash. And WhoWhatWhy adds a biographical note about the “credibility problems” of Dr. James K. Ribe, the pathologist who signed the coroner’s report.

RadioWhoWhatWhy: Michael Hastings Mystery Death 2nd Anniversary—Late Journalist Muses on Presidential Races

By 06/18/2015

June 18, 2015 is the two-year anniversary of the mysterious death of investigative journalist Michael Hastings. The car crash that took his life was quickly dismissed at the time as the consequence of some inherent recklessness on the part of the victim. An intrepid reporter, Hastings did indeed cover some controversial topics, but was he really a wild man responsible for his fiery demise? Here, we present an interview with a very different fellow, a thoughtful and likable person, on a more prosaic but timely topic: ways to view a presidential campaign.

Consider the Source: Mojo Cites ‘Questionable’ Reporting on Hastings Wreck

By 08/19/2013

Picking up on WhoWhatWhy’s scoop, Mother Jones takes a closer look at Kimberly Dvorak, the San Diego reporter who has enjoyed a media star turn while covering the car-crash death of muckraker Michael Hastings. Her reporting has been “questionable,” Mojo says. Inadvertently, she raises an interesting point: What’s more important for the media–relevance or accuracy?