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There’s No Vaccine for Tucker Carlson

Tucker Carlson, COVID-19, masks
Photo credit: Jon Richards for WhoWhatWhy
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9 responses to “There’s No Vaccine for Tucker Carlson”

  1. Avatar Linda Griffin says:

    Maybe they were robbers.

  2. Avatar Dennis Olson says:

    Mask up tucker

  3. Avatar Claude says:

    Why is this cartoon any more ridiculous than using our police to arrest, fine, or ticket those who do not wear masks?

  4. Avatar Dennis Matthews says:

    Tucker with an “F”

  5. Avatar Jerry L. says:

    Tucker “Karen” Carlson constantly whines like somebody whose lunch money was taken from him on a regular basis in grade school. He’s never quite gotten over that. And now he shares his trauma with daily. How did we get so lucky?

  6. Avatar Bi says:

    So you ask to keep it civil and this is what you allow?

  7. Avatar Jill Glidden says:

    I’m sure we could find something else for him… like a muzzle? And a large trash barrel?

  8. Avatar C D Gimbel says:

    Does Tucker Carlson ever wear a mask?

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