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Collective Interests: Going Numb on 9/11

World Trade Center, 9/11
World Trade Center, New York City, about 20 minutes after the second tower fell on September 11, 2001. The second tower was attacked about forty-five minutes after the first. First responders of all types — police, fire dept., and medical personnel — converged on the scene immediately after the first attack, and were then caught in the middle when the second jet crashed into WTC. Photo credit: © Rob Schoenbaum/
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Another year has passed since 9/11, and it seems as though accountability for those who financed and supported the perpetrators is further from reality than ever.

While yet more evidence has surfaced this year about the people involved in covering up the crime, secrecy reigns supreme in Washington. Yelling “national security” a whole lot, which US intelligence officials and lawmakers tend to do when they don’t want classified information released for public consumption, has a funny way of locking up scandal nice and tight.

Additionally, the major news outlets rarely mention the involvement of high-ranking Saudis in the plot or the cover-up. So the anniversary has become a day of little more than patriotic memorials and sorrow, while deferred justice is left to what remains of the court of public opinion.

But there is precious little progress on that front.

Some lawmakers from both parties recently introduced dual resolutions in the House and Senate demanding the full declassification of US government documents on 9/11. No one expects congressional action anytime soon.

A new book out this summer, The Watchdogs Didn’t Bark: The CIA, NSA, and the Crimes of the War on Terror, crystallizes the “Saudi did it, we let them” narrative in enraging detail. It hasn’t sniffed the top 100 on the Amazon best seller list.

We know that 15 of the 19 hijackers hailed from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We know that, regardless of their motive, some high-ranking members of the Saudi government aided the attackers and their support network just before the attacks. We know that a vast PR campaign has been undertaken by lobbyists and spokesmen for the Saudi royal family to block any litigation against or even inquiry into Saudi nationals for their alleged culpability.

The “known knowns” are vast. However, the effect they have anymore on the social consciousness of average Americans regarding the day that “changed everything?” <crickets>.

If you’re one of the few who were outraged when you first became aware of Saudi culpability in 9/11, you’ve likely stayed true to that response as more evidence has come to light. If you’re among the masses unfazed by such information because it’s all too big, too dangerous, or too inconvenient, no amount of unclassified document releases showing who was responsible will change your view.

After all, the Kingdom produces one-eighth of the world’s sweet crude oil, holds $120 billion in US Treasury debt, maintains extensive business arrangements with US executives, and shares our capitalist disdain of Iran. It also knows where the “bodies are buried” in the region as a direct result of US weaponry, from Syria to Iraq to Yemen. We cannot risk angering the Kingdom. Right?

A conspiracy of some kind was obviously carried to its fruition on 9/11. Evidence strongly suggests that a conspiracy involving at least some parts of the government of the United States was then undertaken to cover it all up. But the 17-year process of going numb to the perpetual obfuscating, obscuring, deflecting, and outlasting of any real, honest, critical analysis of what happened on September 11, 2001, has not been a conspiracy. It’s merely the human condition.

A favorite author once put it best:

“When a flock of birds suddenly changes direction, simultaneously and uniformly, is it a conspiracy? Or is it just an instant recognition by every member of the flock where their collective interests lie?”

We apparently don’t want to acknowledge everybody who was behind 9/11. When the truth is too painful, it’s only human, if hardly admirable, to avert one’s eyes. But it’s also human to open your eyes when the cost of blind ignorance becomes too great.

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8 responses to “Collective Interests: Going Numb on 9/11”

  1. Rob says:

    They have Peter Dale Scott as one of their expert writers. He originated the term “deep state” and believes 911 was a deep state project. The 911 truth is well represented here.

  2. Gordon Phinn says:

    WhoWhatWhy prides itself on pointing the finger at the Saudis, but circles around the obvious “inside job” conclusion. Have some courage as well as pride.

  3. John Cheetham says:

    Bob has it right

  4. Bill Mack says:

    Make that : Mike Springmann

  5. Bill Mack says:

    “We know that 15 of the 19 hijackers hailed from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.”
    No. They had Saudi visas is what is known.
    Mr. Springmann (I believe it was) of the U.S. embassy in Jeddah refused them and was over-ruled by the State Dept.
    His video may still be on You-tube.

  6. TJ says:

    So you honestly believe this site isn’t aware of all of that? Really? All of that could be true, and Saudi Arabia was still involved. They are not mutually exclusive. Do you see why?

  7. bob says:

    Come on with the Saudi Government being involved, OUR Government was involved. Read the “Project for a New American Century” manifesto and you will see that Wolfowitz, Rumsfeld, Perl, Cheney, the Bush’s, and the other NeoCon’s even wrote down their plan. Most people do NOT know that our military was running a Cheney organized Hijacked Aircraft Drill on 9/11 called “Vigilant Guardian” which had NORAD on the ground with 4 allegedly “hijacked” aircraft in the air; that Cheney had also given orders keeping other AF fighters on the ground until the Pentagon was hit (in the Records Room, destroying the records of the “missing 2.3 TRILLION dollars worth of items Rumsfeld talked about in a meeting at the Pentagon on 9/10). That one of the Planes that allegedly hit the Twins Tower’s was still being tracked on radar AFTER the Towers were hit. That the Air Traffic Controllers who talked to the pilots of the planes were interviewed shortly after the attacks, and the recordings of the interviews were DESTROYED shortly after the interviews. That a third building was Blown Up or “pulled” on 9/11, WTC Bldg 7, by FDNY according to the “owner” Leonard Silverstein. And that the backup records of the Pentagon Purchasing system along with the records from the Worldcom & Enron stock fraud investigations were also lost with WTC 7; Worldcom & Enron “owners” were major donors to the Bush / Cheney election commitee’s and Bernie Ebbers paid for vote recount in Florida were Bush was declared the election winner by the Supreme Court. And if you watch the tapes from that day, the FDNY personnel talk of “bombs going off all over the buidlings” even before a plane had struck, and it was the ONLY time a steel framed building had a fire and then collapsed. And all the “alleged” hijackers got their Visa’s from the CIA, and many are still alive in the Middle East. Bush refused to be interviewed by the 9/11 Commisssion UNLESS Cheney was there, and BOTH refused to be sworn in prior to testifying, and the 9/11 Commission felt they were lied to by both Bush & Cheney, because things they were told by them were found to be false from interviewing other people. There were NO plane parts from a 767 at the Pentagon because the plane “vaporized” when it hit the ground there. There are another hundred plus “coincidences” that happened on 9/11 “only”, and we are now living with the lies & TREASON from that day…

  8. james says:

    It’s as if everyone is afraid to talk about 9-11, easier to believe the lies put forth or know the truth and refuse to go there. I bring it up on different sites and get rejected or no response. It is very discouraging and scary that people refuse to discuss the obvious.