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9/11’s Known Knowns

9/11, President's Emergency Operations Center
Vice President Cheney with National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice and Cheney's Chief of Staff I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby in the President's Emergency Operations Center (PEOC), September 11, 2001.  Photo credit: The U.S. National Archives / Flickr
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Years of willful deception, the sands of time, and simple neglect all tend to cloud our perception of the reality of history. This is especially true for politically radioactive topics like 9/11.

With the debate over 9/11 heating up as the 15th anniversary of that fateful day draws near, it’s a good time to get back up to speed. WhoWhatWhy believes there are essential pillars of the 9/11 debate that must be acknowledged by all parties before any healthy discussion of that paradigm-changing topic can take place.

What follows is a refresher list of “known knowns” — select, broad aspects of 9/11 that are at present beyond reasonable doubt:

9/11, Firefighters, First Responders

Firefighters look on Friday, Sept. 14, 2001, as President George W. Bush surveys the destruction left by terrorist attacks on New York City.
Photo credit: The U.S. National Archives / Flickr

•  The money trail was never followed to its logical conclusion. The 9/11 Commission concluded the question of who funded the attacks “was of little practical significance.”

•  The Bush White House pushed back against any independent investigation into 9/11.

•  Once the White House agreed to an independent investigation, it provided a budget of $3 million, or 27% of the amount requested by 9/11 Commission co-chairs, Thomas Keane and Lee Hamilton.

•  The Bush White House’s first choice to lead the 9/11 Commission was the highly controversial Henry Kissinger. Under intense pressure due to conflicts of interest, he resigned a month later.

•  The 9/11 Commission was compromised by having White House policy advisor Philip Zelikow as its executive director. He was alleged to have been in close contact with controversial White House Chief of Staff Karl Rove throughout the investigation.

•  The 9/11 Commission — the only independent investigation into the greatest terror attack in US history — began with a particularly benign mandate. The Preface to the report asserted: “Our aim has not been to assign individual blame,” but “to identify lessons learned.”

•  Saudi agents — some with ties to the White House — sent financial and logistical support to men who then provided that support to the hijackers. That’s according to the Congressional 2002 Joint Inquiry report, multiple media accounts and at least one FBI agent who worked on 9/11 cases.

•  Efforts to further investigate Saudi nationals were resisted by the White House and CIA over and over again.

•  Indian intelligence, corroborated by the FBI, showed a wire transfer of $100,000 from the phone of Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) chief Mahmud Ahmad to 9/11 lead hijacker Mohammed Atta in 2000. Ahmad (also reported as Ahmed) was in Washington D.C. on the morning of the attacks, meeting with US lawmakers.

•  The $100,000 transaction was never mentioned in the 9/11 Commission report — and Ahmad was never detained for questioning.

•  The “28 pages” from a redacted chapter of the 2002 Joint Inquiry report into the attacks, we were told, had “nothing to do with national security.” But national security was the very reason given for withholding them for 14 years by both the George W. Bush and Barack Obama White Houses.

•  Those 28 pages were partially released in July of 2016, but were still heavily redacted at crucial passages.

•  Multiple, overlapping war game drills created some level of confusion at the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) and the Northeast Air Defense Sector (NEADS) on the morning of the attacks.

•  Around noon on 9/11, air traffic controllers who handled some of the hijacked flights made a recording recalling their experiences of the events from a few hours earlier. The tape was later destroyed by an unidentified FAA supervisor without any transcripts taken.

•  In the days before 9/11, highly abnormal levels of put options — bets that a stock price will fall — were in place on major US stock markets for not only the airlines involved, but also for multiple financial giants that suffered significant losses in the attacks.

•  The SEC’s investigation into those irregularities gave little details for their benign conclusion that all trades were legitimate and curiously destroyed all their records.

•  Blaming Iraq was the talking point advanced by the Bush administration within days of the attacks. Later, multiple reports surfaced alleging that the neoconservatives who made up the hawkish Project for a New American Century think tank and the Bush Administration had been planning for (and discussing the need to publicly justify) an invasion of Iraq (and Afghanistan) long before 9/11.

•  Iraq had absolutely nothing to do with 9/11.

•  Opium production (used to make heroin) in Afghanistan plummeted under Taliban rule in 2001, but then ballooned again when US forces retook control of the region.

•  In the late 90s, the US supported the Taliban and its agenda for a unified Afghanistan. Three years before 9/11, US oil giant Unocal pulled out of a long-negotiated deal to build natural gas and oil pipelines through the region, from the resource-rich Caspian basin south to the Indian Ocean. Skeptics insist the US government and Unocal suddenly saw the Taliban, which provided a base of operations for Al-Qaeda, as an obstacle to those pipeline plans.

This is by no means a full list of inadequately-investigated facts surrounding 9/11.

People loyal to the official narrative at first denied the veracity of many of these facts. Later, when the corroborations and confirmations became overwhelming, they shifted gears, insisting these “knowns” didn’t matter.

We invite you to add your own bullet points in the Comments section below, though we encourage you to focus on what has been well-documented, i.e., what is available for all to verify on the public record.

Related front page panorama photo credit: Adapted by WhoWhatWhy from flag (Greg Williams / Flickr – CC BY-NC 2.0)

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160 responses to “9/11’s Known Knowns”

  1. Avatar MaatMenNefer says:

    Explosions before planes hit towers, explosions on floors as reported by NYCFD after planes hit towers, WTC. Molten metal in foundations until Dec 19th, molten metal seen pouring out of towers before they fell, towers falling at near free-fall speed against path of most resistance, pyroclastic clouds of dust, pulverized concrete, burned cars as much as a mile away from site, no debris on Pentagon lawn…..but wait…there’s more! Investigate! Until we confront our national myths and our national lies, the drift towards Evil will only continue until our blackness engulfs everything. Given the state of the planet, it may already be too late to save anything but our souls.

    • Avatar Kenneth Watson says:

      if you are talking about burned cars on Roosevelt Drive a mile away, what in your opinion happened at GZ to have also caused this at RD ?

  2. Avatar bill says:

    Our forefathers warned of this wickedness, we the people need to start acting like “we the people”. Look what Iceland did a while back – they took their government BACK, and put a foot ( size 13 ) behind the banks and told them where to go. WE need to work toward standing up and being counted as participants. oh yeah, throw the t.v. out, it is a liar, all of it. ttfn

  3. Avatar Eric John says:

    So, the greatest terrorist attack in the history of man, with far-reaching geopolitical consequences demanded exactly 1 investigation and $3 million.

    Compared with Benghazi – a standard embassy attack – which garnered exactly HOW many investigations/committees and HOW much money, again??

    • Avatar doowoplover534 says:

      If you hold the keys to the prison are you going to lock yourself up? Lucky we had 1 investigation You made a great point.

    • Avatar Dervis Bell says:

      You open some interesting perspectives:
      1. After 911 attacks, we went after, and demonized, Saddam and Iraq who had nothing to do with 911. It resulted in endless war, the death of Saddam that worsened the terrorist group situation, gazillions of wealth transferred to the wealthy including Halliburton, and helping to contribute to Cheney’s little Halliburton retirement fund. But we had to attack somebody, so…
      2. We spent 3 mil. to do a hack job of an investigation that resulted in a “participation trophy” of a report. Nobody did anything wrong. However, we then investigate and demonize Hillary and Bengazzi to the tune of endless pointless investigations resulting in Trump being elected. Well we had to investigate something, so…

  4. Avatar James says:

    I really feel the CIA never told anyone story is part of the coverup. It exculpates the entire US government. Given they were living in the house of a domestic counterterrorism informant, the story just beggars belief.

    In reality the FBI had near perfect eyes and ears on who was coming and going on the inside of the 9/11 plot.

  5. Avatar Sarastro92 says:

    Curious… you omitted the role the FBI and CIA played in permitting the purported hijackers to enter the US, operate freely using both a Saudi and US-based network including an FBI informant Abdussattar Shaikh and his FBI handler Steven Butler.

    The CIA-FBI actively concealed their knowledge of alQ personnel in the US even as they hysterically screamed that attacks were imminent.

    You also forgot to mention the physical impossibility of hijacked jets flying high-speed at ground level hitting the Pentagon… and, of course, the Truther’s Delight, the apparent impossibility of aircraft strikes bringing down the WTC towers in a nice symmetric free fall.

    Great job. Why am I supposed to pay attention to you?

    • Avatar Jeff Clyburn says:

      Oh, you’re so edgy! … Meanwhile, the author admits in the story (did you actually read it?) this is by no means a full list. … But who insisted you pay attention?

    • Avatar Dervis Bell says:

      Hey Jeff, don’t ruin this person’s enjoyment of his Grape Kool Aid. The beverage that made Jonestown famous…

  6. Avatar Kenneth Watson says:

    At the Moussaoui trial, the FBI revised its position on the cell phone calls, and particularly interesting is that the FBI now states that Barbara Olson made no telephonic connection with Ted or his office….

    Looking back to how the story broke of Mediterranean-looking types with box-cutters as described, we were told through these calls by well-known TV presenter Barbara Olson, is this suspicious or what…..!!!

    • Avatar James says:

      Really? Can you link to a reliable source?

    • Avatar william beeby says:

      Then there was the guy who it was claimed phoned mother and said hi mum it’s Michael Jones here…( not the real name which I can’t remember right now ) does anyone ever greet their mother that way . And the Barbara Olson call was / is the only ” evidence ” that flight 77 hit the Pentagon , without that and the other calls there is no proof. In 2001 cell phones did not connect above 8000 feet or so of altitude so how did they manage to call home and chat away ? The phone calls were ALL faked in my opinion.

  7. Avatar James says:

    There were two plots.

    Prosecutors argued in court that Zacarias Moussaoui wasn’t part of the 911 plot, but part of a second, follow-up, plot: some of the members of Al Qaeda in the US training at the time for the second plot were even named.

  8. Avatar edwardrynearson says:

    Is the author aware of the over 2000 licensed architects and engineers who don’t believe the official explanation of the how the buildings came down?

  9. Avatar Axel Mattson says:

    We also know that Operation Northwoods set the precedent for the US Government considering pulling off something like 9-11.

  10. Avatar James says:

    According to FBI SSA Adam Drucker, the man who perhaps knows the most there is to know about 9/11 financing, “Al-Shehhi was paid by the UAE military through 12/23/00.” (911 MFR)

    Drucker said on one occasion, Al-Shehhi returned an overpay from the military by a certified check. So there is no doubt what he understood. He knew who he worked for. It wasn’t some scam, or some mistake.

    According to the 9/11 Commission in April of 2000, Al Shehhi began receiving payments from Al Qaeda.

    And where did these payments originate? The UAE.

    The $300,000 sent by Al Qaeda to the US leg of the operation was sent from the UAE. And the source of that money was never traced….. It was sent by two members of Al Qaeda, one was a nephew of KSM.

    In February 1999 (while Al-Shehhi was an employee of the UAE military), US intelligence observed senior members of the UAE government hunting in Kandahar, Afghanistan with Osama bin Laden. Apparently these mysterious officials had no other friends to play with that day, at least, that’s the official version, so they had to seek out Osama.

    According to reporting from local observers, bin Laden regularly went from his adjacent camp to the larger camp where he visited the Emiratis.

    Perhaps not coincidentally, Russian smuggler Viktor Bout operated in the UAE for years. He was the main smuggler into Afghanistan in the years running up to 9/11, at least in his own words he was. Viktor Bout’s business manager was ex US soldier, Richard Chichakli, and his US headquarters was Richardson, Texas

    All Perhaps just a coincidence then that the largest terrorism trial in American history centred around the Dallas suburb of Richardson. The Holy Land Foundation located there was accused of being a front for Hamas and of conspiring to subjugate Americans to Islam. The co-founder and number 2 at the Foundation, Mohammad el-Mezain, has recently been accused of being an associate of 9/11 helper Omar al-Bayoumi. El-Mezain had San Diego addresses.

  11. Avatar Random Coolzip says:

    Hey! Let’s start with: This was the biggest crime in the history of the country and no criminal investigation was performed and all the physical evidence was destroyed. A commission with a predetermined conclusion is not the same as a forensic criminal investigation.

  12. Avatar joe fowler says:

    Glaring omission: the physical impossibility of steel framed high rise buildings falling symmetrically straight down into themselves through the path of highest resistance as if the gazillion tons of concrete & steel of which they were made were nothing but thin air, leaving behind a cloud of pulverized concrete and pulverizing the laws of physics in the process…disappointing to say the least, WWW.

    • Avatar Jeff Clyburn says:

      How can it be an “ommission” when the author clearly states this is by no means a full list? I’m sorry we “disappointed” you, but we’re not obliged to include every disputable scientific observation you demand. Especially when demolition theory would either 1) never be court admissible, or 2) become mired in independent expert vs. state expert to the point of gridlocking any hypothetical trial and ruining the chance at a far more provable case – the money trail.

    • Avatar joe fowler says:

      Sorry dude, you haven’t done your homework so there’s nothing I can do for you.
      If you feel like getting up to speed, you’re going to have to read something other than “official” Bush/Cheney/Obama’ newsfeeds.
      Good place to start: architects & engineers for 911 truth.

      ps – when the most likely hypothesis is demolition (explosive residue was found, explosions were reported by multiple witnesses including dozens of firefighters, steel was ejected hundreds of feet laterally… once again see ae911truth) and an article purporting to explain 911 leaves demolition out of the discussion, it is by any definition of the word an omission.

    • Avatar Jeff Clyburn says:

      I’m sure that sounds great inside your own head, but nothing you’ve typed here addressed what I challenged you with. So I’ll go ahead and assume you do in fact know your platform wouldn’t be court admissible, nor winnable, no matter how convincing A&E911 thermite theory seems. Suggesting I do more work reading your argument’s subject matter is laughable. I examined all that stuff over a decade ago, and came to the same conclusion. Nothing has changed. It’s troubling, but none of it would see the light of day in any hypothetical court case. Sorry. Litigation doesn’t work that way.

    • Avatar joe fowler says:

      hey, Perry mason, this is not about a court of law.
      who ever told you it was?
      this is about getting enough public support to open a new investigation with subpoena power to uncover all of the in-depth information that was missing in the first report.
      Your blanket dismissals are laughable – you can’t argue with the peer reviewed published paper on thrmite residue in the dust, or the metallic spheres in another paper etc, so you try to sound like an expert by declaring on a chat board that you have read everything.
      nice try.

    • Avatar joe fowler says:

      Mr “I’ve read it all” didn’t read what I wrote.
      this is what I wrote, and it addresses something you “challenged” me with:
      when the most likely hypothesis is demolition (explosive residue
      was found, explosions were reported by multiple witnesses including
      dozens of firefighters, steel was ejected hundreds of feet laterally…
      once again see ae911truth) and an article purporting to explain 911
      leaves demolition out of the discussion, it is by any definition of the
      word an omission.

      ps to Perry Mason – this isn’t a court of law and you aren’t Perry Mason.
      the idea behind 911 truth is to have an actual investigation with subpoena power that would collect and document EVIDENCE, of which there is plenty.

      Apologists for the Bush/Cheney/Obama/Killary fantasy 911 story will be exposed, so get on the right side of history, fella.

  13. Avatar colleen says:

    Commentator Shoestring911 said several times in this discussion: The “unidentified FAA supervisor” who destroyed the tape recording of
    air traffic controllers who handled some of the hijacked flights was
    Kevin Delaney. Where is Delaney working now? What resulted from that skillful Soviet-style purge of FAA recordings?

  14. Avatar Nikolai says:

    I don’t think Saudi Arabia is so inept as to have 15 of the 19 hijackers come directly from Saudi. However, if someone wanted to frame them, that’d be a good move. Gee, I wonder (((whom))) it could be?

  15. Avatar James says:

    Everyone should watch Daniel Sheehan’s presentation from Justice in Focus conference.

  16. Avatar James says:

    In spite of the 28 Pages being kept secret so as to not compromise ongoing investigations, nobody has ever been prosecuted for 9/11, the largest terrorist attacks in American history and possibly the biggest case the FBI has ever worked.

    Some people might say in the light of this, the US could do with better conspiracy laws, making it easier for the Justice Department to prosecute conspiracy cases, but those people would certainly not include the western mainstream media who appear very happy that nobody has ever had to face justice and have never even asked why the criminal investigation failed.

  17. Avatar James says:

    Iraq may have had something to do with it. The fact they were invaded afterwards is suggestive that they did. What we can say accurately is that any reliable evidence linking Iraq or Saddam to 9/11 has never been provided to the public. Some of the evidence which was provided now appears false.

    • Avatar Kurt says:

      “The fact they were invaded afterwards is suggestive that they did.” – LOGICAL FALLACY ALERT: I think this one falls under – ‘Actions have consequences’ or ‘The argument from consequences’ fallacies.

    • Avatar Kathy says:

      Wrong. You obviously didn’t read the whole article and the links substantiating it.

    • Avatar James says:

      Because Bush is now an infallible source

    • Avatar Tsigantes says:

      Better trolling please.

    • Avatar Tsigantes says:

      “The fact they were invaded afterwards is suggestive that they did.”

      Oh really. So by the same token the Koreans, Vietnamese, Libyans, Yugoslavs, Syria etc. all “deserve” their US wars and “invasions”. Because the US is perfect and always has pure intentions right?

    • Avatar James says:

      That stuff doesnt have any bearing on the truth about what happened on 911. People may have told you that it does.

    • Avatar Eric John says:

      You can’t be serious. The fact that Iraq was invaded afterwards suggests exactly nothing. Why would they would sit on evidence when they needed it most?? Your argument makes no strategic or logical sense.

      However! The neocon document, Project for the New American Century – written by the same guys who started the war – argued YEARS before 9/11 for regime change in Iraq. Crazy.

    • Avatar James says:

      “Why would they would sit on evidence when they needed it most??”

      Because governments sit on this sort of information all the time. I am not sure why.

    • Avatar Dervis Bell says:

      They just needed a “Pearl Harbor” type of event to get the ball rolling… Let’s see… ya need a Pearl Harbor event to get all the goodies you want… then 9/11 happens… Nope. No motive here. Nothin’ to see here. Just keep looking forward…

  18. Shreveport dentist Dr. David Graham overheard plotters discussing a terror attack and reported same to the FBI. He was ignored and later died of anti-freeze poisoning. The death may have been related to other cases as he had begun a whistle blowing radio show by then.

  19. Despite drills of the exact same scenario…planes flying into buildings. Members of the administration stated no one had considered planes flying into buildings. If memory is correct, I think some of the hijack drills on the very day considered this same scenario.

  20. Mohammed Atta’s girlfriend provided much perspective on the alleged leader group. He drank vodka, took drugs and consorted with strippers and apparently some of these 19 had connections with military bases according to some reports. Additionally, some “hijackers” were reported to still be living after 9/11. The FBI later stated that it did not have enough evidence to indict and Dick Cheney as well indicated there was not enough evidence to indict Osama bin Laden for 9/11.

    • Avatar colleen says:

      Mohammed Atta’s stripper girlfriend’s name is is Amanda Keller and she was warned by the FBI not to talk to the press. Investigative journalist Daniel Hopsicker uncovered this info. Also, Atta is said to be able to speak Hebrew and was trained at a military base. Atta could have had a double who spoke Hebrew and acted in his name — the way a double was posing as Lee Harvey Oswald leading up to the JFK hit.

    • Avatar james warren says:

      Hopsicker’s “Welcome to Terrorland” is one of the most eye-opening books about Atta and other hijackers that is available. The author does classic reporting, using shoe leather and dogged investigation with disquieting interviews.

  21. Eyewitness testimony that contradicted official narratives appears to have been ignored or suppressed. April Gallop climbed out of the smoking hole in the Pentagon and noted the absence of airplane wreckage, jet fuel and the hole in the wall was too small for a 757. WTC witnesses who experienced explosions far below the reported plane contacts were ignored, suppressed or died. Airplanes reportedly exceed their design speed and reportedly performed impossible maneuvers ATP later claimed they couldn’t do.

    • Avatar colleen says:

      April Gallop walked out of the Pentagon hole barefoot (or maybe only one shoe was lots. That would be a feat if there had really been a burning fire.

  22. Avatar Nimue1 says:

    The World Trade Center buildings were, amongst many things, multi-storied file cabinets, full of records of world trade. I wonder if that might have been at work, on this fateful day. What could have been gained from the destruction of these kinds of records.

    • Avatar colleen says:

      Building 7 which went down about 5 pm and was never hit by a plane contained important SEC files, such as Enron files, and that caused that case among others to basically go away. Do a little research and see the list of tenants in Building 7. And John O’Neill died in Building 7 on his first day of work. He was an ex-FBI official who was the FBI’s #1 expert on Osama bin Laden.

    • Avatar Tsigantes says:

      Coincidence eh.

    • Avatar james warren says:

      The puzzling collapse of WTC Building 7 is always there. But not many have seen it. A building of that size falling straight down into its own footprint does not square with one of the “official” stories that it collapsed because of office fires–burning furniture and paper do not melt steel.

  23. Avatar Howard456 says:

    Professor J Leroy Hulsey from the University of Alaska, Fairbanks announced today at a symposium , Justice in Focus, taking place in NYC Sep 10 & 11 that he and his two man team at U of A conducting a forensic engineering investigation of the WTC 7 collapse have concluded that NIST made significant errors in its own computer modeling of WTC7. These mistakes led them to an erroneous conclusion that the building’s collapse started after thermal expansion caused a girder to fall of its seat at the point where it attached to a column which in turn started a chain reaction leading to complete structural failure of the entire building. He and his team used a corrected computer model and concluded that the expansion caused by the fires was not nearly enough to push the girder off its seat, and furthermore he confidently stated that fire did NOT bring down WTC 7.

    His conclusions still remain to be validated by being submitted to peer review. However Professor Hulsey is reputedly one of the foremost experts in the US in the in the field of forensic analysis of engineering failures.

    • Avatar Howard456 says:

      Note that Professor Hulsey’s research is completely independent from the research of Dr. Robert Korol Professor Emeritus of Civil Engineering at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Professor Korol has also been studying the collapse of WTC7 and has published two peer reviewed papers in the Challenge Journal of Structural Mechanics, one in July 2015 and the other in February 2016, showing why fires could NOT have brought down WTC 7.

      On a side note, anyone else think maybe it’s time to bring in WTC7 owner “Lucky” Larry Silverstein for some INTENSE questioning over his well known “pull it” remark about WTC7 on 9/11. Here is the verbatim quote from Mr. Silverstein:
      “I remember getting a call from the fire department commander, telling me that they were not sure they were gonna be able to contain the fire, and I said, ‘We’ve had such terrible loss of life, maybe the smartest thing to do is pull it.’ And they made that decision to pull and we watched the building collapse.”

      Later we were told that by “pull it” he was not using the term “pull” to refer to a controlled demolition, as he only meant to pull the firefighters out of the building, although there were no firefighters in the building when he made the comment.

  24. Avatar rj says:

    Norman Minetas testimony to the 9/11 Commission revealed that Cheney ordered NORAD to stand down

  25. Avatar Marv Sannes says:

    Rulers have been getting away with these crimes since the beginning. The difference this time: Destroying the planet. The response will be the same as it has always been – nothing. We will quietly meet the end of the species with acceptance like cattle in a pen. The birds and bugs are gone and we’re are next. But, hey, got a new car, beer in the frig. and there’s a game on.

    • Avatar RegisTremblay says:

      Yup, just keep shopping, going to games and watching TV. They told us to just go about our daily lives. I’m afraid I have to agree with Marv, we are “like cattle in a pen” waiting for slaughter. We are next. The Doomsday Clock is now about thirty seconds to midnight.

    • Avatar colleen says:

      It’s not the mindless consumers that I’m most afraid of. It’s the intelligent gatekeepers who abet the corporate media from publicizing 911 facts that veer from the Official 911 Theory. We are talking about The Nation, Democracy Now, Consortium News . . .you know who they are. As Upton Sinclair said: “It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends on him not understanding it.”

    • Avatar Sarastro92 says:

      Chomsky is particularly adamant that the 9/11 Commission conspiracy theory is the truth and everyone else is demented.

  26. Avatar Kenneth Watson says:

    Op Northwoods…….

    As all the evidence corroborates inc no onboard phones on 77, Barbara Olson’s alleged cell phone calls could not have connected that morning if made from the air at 30,000 feet.

    The “box-cutter and Mediterranean-looking hijackers” story was planted in the media by one of its own and the cell phone calls were made from the ground.

    The FBI later changed its story (including that of Moussaoui) in an admission that the original narrative was completely unsound.

    • Avatar Axel Mattson says:

      In 400+ commercial airline flights between 2004 and 2013 I only rarely ever turned my cell phone off. Only once was I able to get a very brief signal, just south of Colorado Springs, and only one time a waiting text message came through. Making extended cell phone calls from an airliner in 2001? No freakin’ way!

  27. Avatar Solidarieta says:

    “Coleen Rowley’s Memo to FBI Director Robert Mueller”

  28. Avatar wjf3 says:

    You have opened my eyes. I had feelings that someone left a halibut on the poop deck (smells fishy), but now I am going to be looking closer at the crash.

  29. Avatar doowoplover534 says:

    Bush and his fellow sociopath, wacko criminals ,did 9/11.See ex CIA agent Susan Lindaur for the whole true story of 9/11.

    • Avatar Eric John says:

      You’re wrong, I think. GW Bush is too simple to be a sociopath. He clearly was as shocked as everyone else. He was used as a likeable front for Cheney’s cabal.

    • Avatar doowoplover534 says:

      I don’t agree. I don’t think they would keep Bush junior out of the loop. His father would have something to say about it. No, Bush is as guilty as the rest. For your info, Bush brought along the Chief of the Texas Air National guard to Washington to direct the jet interceptor stand down from NORAD. All should be brought to justice for the crimes. Did you research Ex CIA agent Susan Lindaur? I don’t think you did.

    • Avatar Eric John says:

      You would be wrong to think that. I watched Lindauer’s video (black SUVs in the middle of the night, etc.) as soon as it was online years ago. But that doesn’t change anything with regard to W.

      I’m not saying it wasn’t orchestrated by cabal within the government.

      I’m saying W is a transparently simple man who was a puppet for darker forces. There would be absolutely no benefit to letting a man of average intelligence in on the plan.

      To the contrary, his authentic emotional reaction was exactly what resonated with the publc.

  30. Avatar Strider73 says:

    * Bush was conveniently out of town reading to a bunch of grade-schoolers on 9/11. When an aide informed him of the attacks, he had no reaction whatever.
    * Anthrax sent to members of Congress opposed to the Patriot Act, and to the National Enquirer after some unflattering articles about Bush’s daughters
    * The investigation of those anthrax attacks suddenly fizzling out after the trail started to point back to the US government.
    * A pair of empty suits (Bush and Gore) selected as presidential candidates, with a pair of neocon warmongers (Cheney and Lieberman) selected as VP candidates to be de facto president and supervise the wars and propaganda following the attacks.
    * The GOP establishment rewarding Lieberman for his warmongering by ensuring his re-election to the Senate as an “independent” in 2006 following his loss in the Democrat primary.

    • Avatar punkyboy says:

      Yeah – the anthrax thing – buried like the tons of debris from the Trade Center that were scooped up – from an active crime scene – and reportedly shipped off to (I believe) China, but probably just dumped out of sight in the middle of the Atlantic. The tip-off to me on the anthrax was that it was sent to the National Enquirer, just like you say – unflattering articles about Bush’s out-of-control girls. Why else send it there? I have always thought that Karl Rove (or the CIA or both) were behind that red-herring anthrax scam – just the kind of dirty trick that outfit is infamous for.

    • Avatar colleen says:

      The key person who was sent military grade anthrax was Vermont Senator Patrick Leahy who was challenging the passage of the Patriot Act. Once he got “hit’ with anthrax, he buckled and the fascist Patriot Act swept through.

  31. Avatar matt says:

    How about everyone in government and the media by now know what happened and are ‘living the lie’. Doesn’t bode well for us.

  32. Avatar Little_Caesar says:

    I will suppose some here have read about the Reichstag fire in February, 1933. The fire was blamed on communists. Today no one believes the communists set the fire. Less than one month later, The Enabling Acts were put into force. September 11, 2001 happens,. October 26, 2001 The USA Patriot Act was signed by President Bush. Coincidence? Some say history repeats itself. Mark Twain said it rhymed. You decide, I already have.

  33. Avatar Eddie says:

    I believe the intelligence term for the above screed is “limited hangout”.

    • Avatar Jeff Clyburn says:

      Thank you so much for your productive comment, Eddie. Curious, which case do you think has a better chance in a hypothetical court? Yours or mine?

  34. Avatar Eddie says:

    The countrywhosenamecannotbementioned. Look there for your answers. Gatekeepers suck.

  35. Avatar Blank Reg says:

    A few months earlier, an episode of the 1-season wonder X-files spinoff series, The Lone Gunmen, dealt with with someone “hijacking” an airliner through remote control, then trying to crash it into the WTC. Coincidence?

  36. Avatar JFK says:

    Here are two scientific points of evidence the mass media always overlooks:
    1. It is impossible for a building to fall straight through the path of greatest resistance at the same or nearly the same speed as falling through pure air.
    2. It is impossible for molten metal to be in the ruble pile two months later. The first law of thermodynamics says energy cannot be created not destroyed. So where did the energy come from to make the metal molten?

    • Avatar colleen says:

      Not only does the mass media overlook these two scientific facts but the scientific body itself the American Institute of Architects (AIA) refuses to even consider alternative models for how the buildings came down. More gatekeepers to the Official Theory.

    • Avatar Tsigantes says:

      They’ve got kids to feed – or shares in Raytheon.

  37. Avatar 1SeekingTruth says:

    For all those who believe the three 9/11 buildings fell straight down without help, i.e., preset demolition explosive charges, read the detail of the physicists study. Demolition is the only way steel structures are known to fall in this manner. As an aside, bridge decks can not fall flat without help either.

  38. Avatar Shoestring911 says:

    NORAD conducted an exercise in the two years before 9/11 that simulated a hijacked airliner being used as a weapon and crashed into the World Trade Center.

  39. Avatar Scott O says:


    • Avatar stateisevil says:

      Any reasonable person knows that building 7 was imploded. The official story is fiction if it was. It’s unreasonable for me to believe the official story given their evidence that fires brought it down.

  40. Avatar JBrown says:

    It is obvious to everyone that isn’t a flaggot the US “government” was deeply invovled with the planning and execution of “9/11.”

  41. Avatar Shoestring911 says:

    On September 11, the Army was preparing an exercise for its Crisis Action Team at the Pentagon based around the scenario of a plane crashing into the World Trade Center. The exercise was going to take place at some time in the week after September 11.

  42. Avatar derfelcadarn says:

    I have little doubt that the Saudis could very likely be the source of the funding. However there are so many inconsistencies in the “offical” story that complicity by our own government is considered. The utter failure of so-called intelligence agencies, the lack of engineering questions on the buildings convenient collapses and how surveillance camera footage is so extensive in an open city, yet nonexistant around the greatest sight of military power on the planet, the great size of an “impact” air disaster debris field and many more. These are equally pressing questions. The only conspiracy here was perpetrated by our government.

    • Avatar JBrown says:

      The same Saudis that daddy Bush has billion dollar business relationships with?

    • Avatar David Parker says:

      I don’t understand what the Saudis had to gain.
      I thought the real reason to take out Sadam Hussein was because Sadam somehow threatened the global reserve currency status of the federal reserve system.

  43. Avatar Jon Gold says:

    Res ipsa loquitur

  44. Avatar L Garou says:

    Pay no attention to dancing Saudis ‘here to document the event’
    Heeeeeey, wait a second…

  45. Avatar DelmarJackson says:

    The only commercial flights in the air 24 hours after 9/11 were aircraft carrying Saudi nationals back home.

  46. Avatar jackedup says:

    Building 7

    • Avatar GlomOnToMe says:

      The 14ft hole in the pentagon with no evidence of impact from the engines on the wings.

    • Avatar GlomOnToMe says:

      No video from the hundreds of cameras on the pentagon that show a plane approaching or impacting the pentagon. While video from the nearby gas station was confiscated and never released.

    • Avatar jackedup says:

      Nothing to see here folks, move along.

    • Avatar Eddie says:

      If they had evidence to support the official conspiracy theory of 9/11 it’d be all over the corporate. But, they don’t. Instead they confiscate all evidence exposing their lies. Evidence of guilt.

    • Avatar David Parker says:

      No, the video from the gas station is the ONLY video that was not seized immediately. That one is the only video evidence we have that it was NOT an airliner that hit the pentagon. Of course the size and shape of the hole and absence of any aircraft parts (only missile parts were ever found) clearly revealed that no airliner hit the Pentagon, but the video exposed the federal government lying.

  47. Avatar Shoestring911 says:

    There was no jet fuel found in the soil at the site where United Airlines Flight 93 supposedly crashed, near Shanksville, Pennsylvania. According to the official account of 9/11, about 7,000 gallons of fuel simply vanished into thin air.

    • Avatar JBrown says:

      nah, it vanished to WTC Tower 7! Believe!

    • Avatar Bill the eighth says:

      nah, it was teleported to WTC Tower 7! Believe!

      Fixed it for you. . . .

    • Avatar JBrown says:

      I was using his verb to make a joke.

    • Avatar Bill the eighth says:

      And I was using yours to add to your joke. But since you are incapable of discerning humor and instead just want to act like a jerk, GFY.

    • Avatar Jared Arrevois says:


    • Avatar David Parker says:

      Fuel is not the issue. The supposed crash site looked like a junkyard that had a charge set off in the middle of it. The hole was a blast crater, the local people heard the explosion, not crash, and the debris was scattered around in a circle, not along any flight path as in an actual airplane crash at 600 mph.

  48. Avatar Shoestring911 says:

    The “unidentified FAA supervisor” who destroyed the recording of the air traffic controllers who handled some of the hijacked flights was Kevin Delaney, the quality assurance manager at the FAA’s New York Center.

  49. Avatar Alex DeHaven says:

    Bill Clinton was in Australia talking about OBL 10 hours before the attack on 9/10/01. Tim Kaine suddenly resigned as Mayor of Richmond on 9/10/01.

  50. Avatar Tom says:

    Bush, Cheney and neoCONS (Zionists) were responsible for 9/11. When Bush and Cheney were queried by investigators, they were not sworn in nor were they queried separately. What kind of investigatory principles are these ? By the way, these are the same faulty principles followed by Comey. Only Hillary, Willie, Comey and Obuma are as EVIL.

  51. Avatar Rob says:

    September 10, 2001 – Donald Rumsfeld holds a press conference detailing $2.3 Trillion of funds that are unaccounted for. Many of the Pentagon staff members who were going to be investigating these missing funds died in the attack on the Pentagon the next day. Many of the documents were also lost.

    Shortly after the second plane hits the South Tower:

    – Vice President Cheney is evacuated from his office to the Presidential Emergency Operations Center (PEOC). There are conflicting timelines as to when he arrives, but according to the Secretary of Transportation Norman Mineta, he was there when he arrived at 9:27.

    – Donald Rumsfeld and Paul Wolfowitz watch replays of the event on live TV, before continuing with their pre-scheduled meeting.

    – President Bush is advised that America is under attack by his chief of staff, Andrew Card. He would continue his visit to Booker Elementary School and remain there for about half an hour, also giving a press conference in regards to the attacks.

    Within moments of the Pentagon being struck, Donald Rumsfeld arrives on scene and helps load people onto stretchers for about 20 minutes. His staff are unaware of his whereabouts.

    Rudy Giuliani gives an interview with Peter Jennings on ABC news in which he tells him that he was warned that the towers would collapse. He would later deny saying this.

    Larry Silverstein does not show up at his office on the 88 floor of the North Tower due to a doctor’s appointment. His two children who were regularly holding meetings with tenants in the Windows on the World restaurant at the top of the North Tower are also not present when the building is hit as they were running late that morning.

    • Avatar raysusan49 says:

      Paul Bremer was also noticeably absent from his office in the WTC, but showed up just in time to broadcast on the news program that it was OBL that mastermind the event. He was a ‘former’ close associate of Kissinger’s and would later become the Governor General of Iraq.

  52. Avatar Howard456 says:

    A few weeks after the 9/11 attacks several anthrax filled letters were mailed out to prominent TV news personalities and 2 politicians, Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Patrick Leahy
    and Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle. The letters contained crude messages indicating they were sent by Islamic fundamentalist terrorists. The only two politicians who were sent the anthrax letters were both threatening to hold up passage of the Patriot Act which had been prepared prior to 9/11/2001 and which the Bush Administration was anxious to get passed after the “surprise” 9/11 terrorist attacks. At first it was alleged that Saddam Hussein must have supplied the anthrax to the terrorists, but later it turned out that the anthrax came from a US military lab.

    # 2
    Dick Cheney and his staff started taking the anti-anthrax drug Cipro on the evening after the 9/11 attacks (Associated Press report on 24 Oct 2001). Washington Post journalist Richard Cohen wrote that shortly after 9/11 he was tipped off by a “high government official” that he should secure some Cipro as it was the antidote to anthrax (Slate article 3/18/2008). However no members of congress or their staff etc. were advised to take or acquire Cipro.

  53. Avatar vbj says:

    Nanothermite that is used for controlled demolitions was found in the debris of all three towers that collapsed that day.

    • Avatar JFK says:

      Need anyone say more ?

    • Avatar vbj says:

      Nanothermite remains in the debris should be enough, but temperatures that remained at ground zero for weeks that were hotter than those that could be produced by office fires, and human bones that displayed evidence of being blasted (as opposed to being crushed) can be added to the list of (scientific evidence) “smoking guns”.

    • Avatar raysusan49 says:

      Also “partial human remains” found on the tops of buildings blocks away from the WTC buildings.

  54. Avatar WestCoastAdventures says:

    Yay McMaster University for researching the collapse!

  55. Avatar oller says:

    1. There is no time stamped footage showing the hijackers presence at the airports

    2. There are no witness accounts placing the hijackers at the airports (in the case of the Pentagon attack; the police interviewed more than 100 witnesses).

  56. Avatar Orangutan. says:

    The black boxes from the planes that crashed into the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001, were found and retrieved in the weeks after the 9/11 attacks, a significant amount of evidence indicates. And yet government officials and the official investigation into the attacks have asserted that these devices were never recovered.

  57. Avatar Orangutan. says:

    More than 350 people who were originally scheduled to be on the four airliners hijacked in the 9/11 attacks either changed their plans and canceled their reservations–in many cases at the last minute–or simply failed to show up for the flights on the morning of September 11, 2001.

    • Avatar Insidejob says:


    • Avatar blutopluto says:

      Any evidence of this claim?

    • Avatar therevolutionwas says:

      Yeah, it would be nice to see some flight manifests for those flights. Speaking of passengers, the phone calls they made would have been impossible at the height the planes were at when the calls were made.

    • Avatar Orangutan. says:

      Apparently we can’t post URL hyperlinks in this thread without the comment going into a moderation queue, but you can search for it by googling “Shoestring’s Blog” and the title where numerous sources are cited. With I could link to the 2014 article here.

    • Avatar David Parker says:

      Yes, that is a new one to me. Any evidence of people not showing up for their scheduled flight?
      I had heard that Attorney General Ashcroft stopped taking commercial flights about two weeks before the 9/11 massacre.

    • Avatar Orangutan. says:

      Links cause the comments to go into a moderation queue in this thread. So please Google “shoestring 350 people” and click on the top link where you will find the sources under the article there. Thanks.

    • Avatar Kenneth Watson says:

      I have always considered that the number of passengers on Flights 77 to be extraordinarily low yet if the Commission Report is to be believed the 33% occupancy was near average despite an almost 50% cancellation rate ( FBI database + people you found to be missing from their database). It would be interesting to know what the average cancellation rates are for flights at various times and days of the week and how these might be effected by lost payments and by people reserving superfluous return journeys because its cheaper than a one way ticket . If the 50% cancellation is off the scale then despite the near average occupancy at 33% this is hugely suspicious…..

  58. Avatar dave says:

    Despite months of investigation into the causes of 911, despite the fact that the official story of 911 is an acknowledgement of a complete systematic breakdown of our national security apparatus smack in the middle of the most heavily protected airspace in North America, NO ONE lost their job over the failures. Instead our national security leaders were given medals.

    • Avatar Jeff Clyburn says:

      Truth. … Incentive, neocons hoped, to keep their men from ever speaking out. Though it sure does seem like Tenet wants to let everyone know he tried to warn the administration over and over again.

    • Avatar Sarastro92 says:

      Yeah… but Tenent never provided actionable intelligence… If he revealed that alQ personnel were in the Us for over a year, traveling under their own names and passports, they could have been picked up. Though the actual mechanics of the attack were probably engineered by the US military, the alQaeda “hijackers” were necessary to provide the desired narrative.

    • Avatar lawmanjed says:

      Perhaps because the “job” that was carefully planned was executed perfectly.

    • Avatar raysusan49 says:

      and in most cases promoted

    • Avatar Sarastro92 says:

      Because these were not failures but deliberate actions

  59. Avatar PecosinRat says:

    * Building 7 collapsed symmetrically at free fall acceleration for 2.25 seconds
    * Building 7 fell into its own footprint
    * NIST analysis of Building 7’s collapse left out significant construction details which, when incorporated, make their case for a girder being pushed off its seat as the start of the collapse unsupportable
    * There has been no analysis of the collapses of the Twin Towers by governmental bodies beyond the point of collapse initiation
    * Both of the Twin Towers collapsed symmetrically and straight down into the path-of-most-resistance

    • Avatar Tecumseh1768 says:

      Tall buildings do not fall over like a tree, they do not have a tree’s tensile strength. Once support is removed, even if it only on one side, straight down is the only path. They collapse in their own footprint because gravity says so.

    • Avatar blutopluto says:

      Then can you show even one other tall building that caught fire collapsing staright down? Plenty that were explosively demolished..

    • Avatar ranger01 says:

      Yup. No ‘towering inferno’ has ever collapsed as the WTC buildings did.
      Jet fuel does not reach temperatures hot enough and burns too quickly to collapse structures such as the WTC.

    • Avatar archer says:

      If you look at some still photos of the second tower only a second after impact, you will see that probably over 90% of the fuel vaporized outside of the building. The large plumes of black smoke rising from the first tower generally mean incomplete combustion, which would mean a fire at a lower temperature than that needed to melt metal.

    • Avatar David Parker says:

      Even if JP-4 were poured inside the building and burned, it can’t reach the 3,600 degree temperature required to melt steel and steel was melted. The central H-beams were cut at a 45 degree angle. That is not accidental.

    • Avatar archer says:

      I don’t have any doubt it was an inside job. The building beams were sent off to China before anyone really inspected them.

    • Avatar therevolutionwas says:

      that is uninformed nonsense.

    • Avatar Tecumseh1768 says:

      So none of the tens of thousands of WTC employees or WTC security people or building maintenance workers noticed a crew rigging their building for demolition. Then how about the skill two guys with a few Cessna hours displayed in flying a 767 at 400 mph into the very spot those explosives were set. Wow.

    • Avatar therevolutionwas says:

      (speaking to the general audience) Look up Artists living in the WTC prior to 9/11 for one thing. The “terrorists” didn’t fly those jets.

    • Avatar abbabooboo says:

      Strawman argument. You know nothing about the timing of the placement of the explosives. Pure speculation becomes “an argument.”

    • Avatar David Parker says:

      It isn’t speculation that Bush’s brother was head of security for the WTC and that the three floors where molten steel was later observed gushing out of the building right before the collapse were blocked off for “renovation” in the month before the “attack”.

    • Avatar lawmanjed says:

      Guess you KNOW that “two guys with a few Cessna hours” skillfully flew the planes into the buildings. Because that was the story they told us??

    • Avatar lawmanjed says:

      Rigging these buildings could have taken months, even years. The tasks could be very hidden and compartmentalized. There would be no rigging “crew” walking around the buildings with “RIGGING” or “DEMOLITION” signs on their uniforms. How about the first WTC basement bombing done years earlier? Apparently no WTC employees or security noticed any suspicious ‘crew’ then either. Wow, you are very naive!

    • Avatar David Parker says:

      Not years. A month is plenty of time, given the security guaranteed by “official” clearance. Block off three floors, mine the center one, the floors chosen by modeling where to best place the charges to demolish the towers. Modeling the demolition is easily done outside the public eye. Mining the towers for demolition takes “official” approval for access and security, separate elevators to bring up the charges, etc., as well as to plant the charges in the basements. A simple gypsum wall keeps the public and the building staff away. Who knows what goes on behind yellow tape, we all assume that “government officials” have approved whatever is going on.

    • Avatar Wipster says:

      Both WTC 1 & 2 were having the elevators overhauled starting in February is 2001, providing perfect cover for exactly what you describe. The electrical systems for the buildings were shut down the weekend before 9/11.

    • Avatar David Parker says:

      The point was the ragheads were NOT flying the aircraft, all that “flight training” was to create a story of Moslem suicide highjackers.
      Aircraft are easily flown by remote control since the 1970s, especially aircraft prepped by the CIA or some other soulless government geeks for that very purpose. The drone pilots who explode missiles in the middle of a raghead family gathering in Afghanistan are sitting on the other side of the world in a mobile office in the Arizona desert.
      For a government operation, remote control is no problem.

    • Avatar therevolutionwas says:

      This site won’t let me show you who was really involved. Look up Artists living in the world trade towers prior to 9/11

    • Avatar Blaine says:

      Even if the damage from the plane impacts and subsequent fires was enough to trigger a collapse, the upper stories would have disintegrated as they drove down. Eventually (theoretically after a like number of lower floors had been destroyed or sooner) the whole mess would have slowed down or stopped completely short of a total collapse. The resulting mess should have sloughed off to one side or other instead of crashing through the point of maximum resistance.

      Hide a stool in a pile of leaves and jump on it from a tree limb…what do you think will happen?

      The plane that hit the Pentagon was reduced to plasma after taking out a handful of relatively small concrete columns. Yet we are expected to believe the same sort of impact could have punched cleanly through the outer box columns, and still had the energy to destroy a large number of the core columns, triggering a complete, acute collapse – aluminum vs steel – not possible.

    • Avatar Tecumseh1768 says:

      Blaine the collapse began at the point of impact. And once a single floor or even a part of a floor collapsed it was over. The Pentagon is a short squat marble building, stronger stuff than the ‘thin skinned’ WTC. I doubt we will ever see additional footage of the Pentagon hit because Washington doesn’t do transparency.

      The fire itself did not bring down the towers. Being hit by a 767 at 400+ MPH and the resulting fire did. One wall and the structure behind it was compromised and 2 9000 lb engines continued through and out the other side. I read that the WTC buildings were designed to withstand a typical office fire for three hours, this was much more.

      All this reminds me of the ridiculous video made by the CIA for TWA 800. The front third of the 747 was blown off, the thing now has the aerodynamics of a Styrofoam cup, and they wanted us to believe it climbed several thousand feet before “exploding” and plummeting down….to then break apart again on the way down? Sure.

      This conspiracy theory detracts from the real issues of 911. Including, that the hijackers had help from within the Saudi govt, and possibly “another governments intelligence service” knew in advance but I won’t go there. Also glossed over is the fact we have spent billions on defense and intel and still apparently didn’t see this coming. Finally, the last thing they want Americans thinking about is how our foreign policy finally came back to bite us in the a_s.

    • Avatar Blaine says:

      The North Tower collapsed from the inside out, top to bottom – visible as the radio tower sank into the building before anything else dropped. The central core was massive and massively trussed together yet the collapse went right down through it (look at the pics of exposed construction).

      The outer box columns fell outward, yet if a gravity collapse they would have been pulled inward. What of the geysers of dust exploding outward?

      What of building 7 or the numerous reports of explosions all day. The presence of fires in the rubble pile in excess of 2500° F days after the towers fell?

      The towers survived the impact and the fires were dying out – the structure should have been getting stronger (assuming the steel had been weakened by fire) at the moment it collapsed.

    • Avatar Marv Sannes says:

      The top 16 floors were 1/4″ steel, the next 16, 1/2″ steel, 16 – 1″, 16 – 2″, then 3″, 4″, 5″, 6″ in the sub floors. You need more than gravity to get a beer can to go thru your BBQ as fast as it will fall. Watch again, look for evidence of the explosions everyone who was there talked about.

    • Avatar joe fowler says:

      No, it is not “all over” when a floor collapses.
      You have to do an analysis of the weight of the floor, the height it falls, the strength of the structure below…and on & on.
      If you drop 10 stories of a building straight down on the remaining 90 stories (something that didn’t happen on 9/11, the top of the buildings were twisting and careening off to the side before they exploded), at worst the top 10 stories would crumble at the same rate as the stories beneath , and the whole episode would be over by the time it reached the 80th floor.
      In actuality it would be over sooner, as the lower you get on a building, the more robust the structure is, as it is designed to carry more load.

    • Avatar David Parker says:

      Concrete columns? No, that was in OK City, when Clinton era goons blew up the Alfred P. Murrah building with the kiddies inside in their scheme to take out the budding state militia movement.
      The WTC structure was all steel, requiring 3,600 plus degrees Farenheit and a whole lot of heat to cut the massive H-beams in the central core and the exterior steel support structure.

    • Avatar fizmath says:

      Tecumseh, has that ever happened before 9/11? Straight down is not the only path. A steel structure can fall over like anything else.

    • Avatar joe fowler says:

      you have no grasp of physics. If something, anything, is undermined in an unsymmetrical way (on one side only) it is going to fall to that side, period.

    • Avatar Robert Lindsay Nathan says:

      In the history of high rise building construction, only three buildings have collapsed due to fire, and they all fell on 911.

  60. Avatar Orangutan. says:

    PNAC’s 2000 document titled “Rebuilding America’s Defenses” lays out the motive. Journalist Kevin Ryan lays out the means and opportunity in his book “Another Nineteen”. And the Bush Admin, CIA and corporate controlled media handled the cover up. Who benefited? Definitely not the American populace.

    • Avatar Jeff Clyburn says:

      This is true. Though I will say: Ryan’s book rides the coattails of Michael Ruppert’s Crossing the Rubicon from 9 years earlier.

    • Avatar Orangutan. says:

      That’s fine, but the facts within stand the test of time regardless. Journalists can solve the crime if they so choose. It would take a “Family of Secrets” by Russ Baker type effort though. But like you noticed much of the leg work has already been done.

    • Avatar raysusan49 says:

      I miss Michael Ruppert RIP

  61. Avatar Orangutan. says:

    Henry Kissinger was appointed by the Bush Administration and then resigned when the Jersey Girls brought to light that his client list included members of the Bin Laden family.

  62. Avatar Robert says:

    Jet fuel will not melt structural steel. Symmetrical collapse is difficult under controlled conditions, on 9/11 we watched 3 within minutes of each other. The debris was guarded and hauled off without investigation.

  63. Avatar Shoestring911 says:

    The “unidentified FAA supervisor” who destroyed the recording of the air traffic controllers who handled some of the hijacked flights was Kevin Delaney.

  64. Avatar James says:

    * Building 7 is the only steel skyscraper to have collapsed due to fire.
    * The roof collapsed symmetrically at a rate of free fall.

  65. Avatar Shoestring911 says:

    The “unidentified FAA supervisor” who destroyed the tape recording of air traffic controllers who handled some of the hijacked flights was Kevin Delaney.

  66. Avatar Orangutan. says:

    9/11 was an inside job. Ask questions. Demand answers.

    Anthrax used to threaten top politicians and media came from U.S. Military labs.

    WTC Building 7 fell at the rate of free fall in a symmetrical controlled demolition fashion.

    False Flags have been used throughout history. Disaster Capitalism. Shock Doctrine politics. And false flag tactics are evident in many wars and political assassinations.

    PNAC provided the motive. The Bush Administration provided the cover up.

    Journalist Kevin Ryan provided the who, the means and the opportunity in his book “Another Nineteen” available on Amazon.