Orlando — Huh?

What was the shooter doing for most of the three hours he was inside the club?

Omar Mateen, Pulse nightclub
Police response at Pulse nightclub  Photo credit: Adapted by WhoWhatWhy from Orlando Police / Twitter and DMV
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I must be stupid.

I cannot seem to understand, no matter how many articles and news reports I consume, what took place for most of the time that terror reigned at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando.

As far as I can tell, Omar Mateen entered the club after an initial exchange of fire with a security guard. With a semiautomatic rifle and pistol, Mateen methodically shot scores of people over the course of just minutes, at times weeding through bodies on the floor to finish off those he had wounded.

He then entered bathrooms and, with a few exceptions, remained there for nearly three hours, while a large cluster of men and women were packed into just several stalls, hiding from him. He occasionally shot through the stall doors. He presumably could have shot open the door, and killed everyone inside, but did not, and some survived.

What did he do during the next three hours? Besides terrorizing those in the bathroom and killing some, he entered into phone discussions with representative of the 100-or-so police that had arrived on the scene. He also seems to have gone out into the club at large a few times.

Early on, we’re told, Mateen made a brief call to 911, and another to a TV station. We know he claimed to have accomplices, and hostages, and explosives. So we understand why the authorities didn’t just rush in.We also know that he may have spent about 30 minutes in total on the negotiation calls.

But those calls, and the thin accounts we’ve heard of negotiations, don’t account for three hours, or anything close to it. And three hours is, in such a situation, a very, very long time.

What strikes me, besides the fact that the media doesn’t seem to be answering these questions — or even asking them — is that we are left with this enormous, weird gap in the story.

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Related front page panorama photo credit: Adapted by WhoWhatWhy from Adapted by WhoWhatWhy from street scene (Orlando Police / Twitter)

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5 responses to “Orlando — Huh?”

  1. Larry says:

    What strikes me is the eerie similarities to the Boston Marathon Massacre. Please see “The Boston Bombings: Was Tamerlan Tsarnaev a Double Agent Recruited by the FBI?”, by Peter Dale Scott, June 23,2013, Who.What.Why. In that case Tamerlan’s uncle, Ruslan Tsarnaev, had been married to the daughter of the notorious CIA goon, Graham Fuller. Ruslan had also been employed, at one time, by USAID [which some consider to be a CIA front] and by Halliburton. Graham Fuller has been linked to the recruitment of Mujahideen in both the Caucasus and the Balkans.
    One of Omar Mateen’s alleged mentors [handlers?], was Marcus Dwayne Robertson, aka Marcus Robinson, aka Abu Abu Taubah. Robertson is another CI who worked for both the CIA and the FBI, according to court records and may have been and may still be a military intelligence operative. (It is also claimed by law enforcement that Robertson served on the Blind Sheikh’s security detail. )

    Omar Mateen’s father, Siddique Mateen, has worked for the DOS under the Board of Broadcasting Governor (BBG) for one of their subsidiaries Ashraf TV, which is part of Voice of America (VOA) family of media outlets that produce both white and grey propaganda for the U.S. government. The father is a familiar of at least two powerful U.S. Representatives, Ed Royce and ‘Gunga’ Dana’ Rohrabacher.

  2. bill mcwilliams says:

    What evidence is there in support of all of the claims of what supposedly happened in Orlando ? Without (credible) evidence, we are left with only claims.

  3. colleen says:

    Was John Wesley Howell part of the attack? Or is this a weirdly connected concocted story?

  4. integrity matters says:

    Turns out he was seriously mentally ill – documented since about 3rd grade – scary he was a security guard.

  5. Rockie Springer says:

    No one was killed until the “SWAT” team showed up 3 hours later. Judge Andrew Napolitano has clarified this is the official FBI report on Orlando. There is a video with the police radio chatter that the Pulse shooter was at ORMC 2 hours before the “SWAT” team showed up and all the shooting started. Extremely compelling recordings and video.

  6. nomadd says:

    Yes – if you disregard other possible narratives.

  7. Ken Boe says:

    I don’t quite get where you’re going with this. But the you tube videos of American Flag Man and others rather bloodlessly pushing “victims” of the shooting TOWARD the Pulse night club is extremely odd.

  8. Lynx 2000 says:

    It is down right bizarre. I have no idea what the complete story is but something just doesn’t add up with what we know. I don’t believe this was all a hoax like some people claim but it’s obvious that the whole story is being kept quiet here.