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NASA Predicts Megadroughts Are Coming to the American West

Drought computer models
Drought computer models Photo credit: NASA Goddard / YouTube
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While the recent water shortage in California and other states made headlines for months, NASA scientists believe that drought will be viewed as comparatively minor in the not-so-distant future.

Based on NASA’s climate models, large parts of North America could begin to experience megadroughts — severe climate events that can last decades — before the turn of the century. NASA believes that, without immediate and aggressive action to curb greenhouse gases, this frightening scenario will not just be a mere possibility. It will be a near certainty.

In this short, informative video by NASA, climate scientist Benjamin I. Cook discusses the extreme drought risk in the 21st century and why we should be very concerned.

Related front page panorama photo credit: Adapted by WhoWhatWhy from dry land (NASA Goddard / YouTube)

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11 responses to “NASA Predicts Megadroughts Are Coming to the American West”

  1. Avatar Cheyne Settlemire says:

    There are actually articles about this all across the internet. I don’t hear about this in the mainstream media At All… And I wonder why…

  2. Avatar Josephine Harkay says:

    How about immediately starting to establish desalinating (sea water) centers along the Pacific and the Atlantic and from there building canals inland before real tragedy strikes later in the century? Some 35 years ago or so there was drought in the NYC and Long Island area and they were seriously thinking about desalination. But then next year the rains came and the idea was quickly abandoned.

  3. Avatar Ernest Martinson says:

    All the more reason for a rising water tax as well as a rising carbon tax. Conservation conversation is cheap. The proof is in the payment from the pocketbook.

  4. Avatar stevor says:

    because of HAARP and the manipulation of the weather?
    I figure that NASA has been clued in as to what the gov’t plans to do with HAARP and wants the sheeple to think it’s a natural occurrence to expect!

    As to tree rings: I studied them, comparing them for 30 trees in Tahoe in 15 in Sacramento. In both cases, you cannot compare the rings of one tree to the other when they’re close and in the case of Sacramento, all about the same age in McKinley Park where they were planted.

  5. Avatar Oldsailor65 says:

    Our biggest concern is not greenhouse gases. More people requires more water and other resources.

  6. Avatar Galhalla says:

    Gee, I wonder how NASA can predict such things. It wouldn’t be because they know they’re going to be the ones deliberately cuasing them ? Oh, heavens, no.

    Never forget that NASA controls all of America’s aerospace industry, all the way through the FAA and everything.

    • Avatar Thom Prentice says:

      I think you hair is on fire

    • Avatar Progressive Moose says:

      NASA is using science to understand the climate phenomenon. They are not “causing” climate change, they are using science to understand what is happening and the likely consequences. We often use the term “rocket scientist” to describe a really smart person. NASA has many of them in their employ.

    • Avatar stevor says:

      On April 21st and April 28th there were massive amounts of chemtrails overCalifornia’s Central Valley and guess what, storms followed. In the last three days, there’s hardly visible a Contrail and no chemtrails, so no storms for now!

  7. Avatar 0040 says:

    Drought is a natural outcome of human overpopulation and has happened repeatedly world wide in the 100000 years or so modern humanity has been around. Lack of political will to move water around is the current cause of drought in the American west. Off topic and not on these e-journals as of yet Daniel Berrigan one of America’s best died today. RIP.

  8. Avatar CosimodiRondo says:

    I’m sure Nestle will be there to sell them their water back.

  9. Avatar Pyra Gorgon says:

    In the video above, no more than half minute into it, the man distorts truth. He said the “Dust Bowl” was natural. It was not natural. It was man-made by farmers not practicing proper agricultural techniques.

    • Avatar Progressive Moose says:

      He was referring to the drought that occurred during the Dust Bowl. You are correct about the agricultural techniques. NASA is correct about the drought impact.