New Perspective on King Assassination

Dr. Martin Luther King, Civil Rights March
Dr. Martin Luther King, Civil Rights March Photo Credit: Rowland Scherman / Wikimedia (CC 0 Public Domain)
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Stuart Wexler and Larry Hancock’s mini e-book, Killing King, on various attempts at assassinating Martin Luther King, does a good job of reporting on the tight KKK/Southern law enforcement network that pretty much committed every major regional bombing and assassination of civil rights activists (and of small children in the infamous 1963 bombing of a church in Birmingham, AL.)

But within the text lies buried a potentially potent lead into more fertile territory. Col. William Potter Gale, about whom the authors write in passing, was more than a fruitcake wing nut. He had important ties that give the King shooting a whole new context.

According to his obituary, after leaving the military, Gale went on to join, head or found some key extreme right-wing entities, including the paramilitary wing of the Christian Defense League. The book situates Gale, who believed Dr. King controlled by a satanic Jewish conspiracy, in the middle of a group of far right, religious extremists along with JB Stoner and the Venable family, a major familial link to the southern Klan.

But first, he was an aide to General Douglas MacArthur in the Philippines during World War II, serving as an intelligence officer.

The head of intelligence for MacArthur in several theaters, including the Philippines and later Korea, was Col. (later General) Charles Willoughby. He is a somewhat mysterious figure, thought to have been born in Germany and to have changed his name in America.

Before the war, Willoughby was a public sympathizer of both Mussolini and Franco. He was given an award by Mussolini’s government in the 1920s — the order of Saints Maurice and Lazarus. During the Second World War, he was investigated for pro-Nazi sympathies. MacArthur affectionately called him “my little fascist.” Willoughby’s loyalties and calculations were always suspect; he faced heavy criticism by other military leaders (and the author David Halberstam) for poor intelligence preparations during the Yalu River debacle in Korea.

After the Korean war, Willoughby became a lobbyist for Franco and Spain. He worked with the famed Dallas oil billionaire and right-wing funder and firebrand H.L. Hunt on the Committee for the Defense of Christian Culture, an anti-Communist and anti-civil rights group. Willoughby’s beliefs, activities and networks have drawn the attention of those looking at the authorship of the assassination of John F. Kennedy. (For more on Willoughby, see Dick Russell’s book The Man Who Knew Too Much.)

The question then, is this: was Gale just a loose cannon, or did his links to this network of powerful, connected and wealthy extremists mean there was more to the Martin Luther King assassination than just some low level miscreants?

Much more research needs to be done.

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5 responses to “New Perspective on King Assassination”

  1. SRVES339 says:

    The King family won a civil suit against the owner of the restaurant close to the shooter nest. They won a jury verdict that concluded he was part of a Government plot… but not a single corporate media outlet reported a word of it.

    • planckbrandt says:

      Was it a Government plot? There were collaborators within public safety and police agencies, that is for sure. But, were the real bosses behind it Government, or were they private Deep State powers calling shots from far outside of the Government? Whoever they were, their Deep State operative network must still be in place and replicated a few generations later throughout these public safety and police agencies, since they were obviously never rooted out.

    • SRVES339 says:

      It’s been a while since I looked at the details… as ANoneeMouse says, Mr Pepper’s book would cover all of that.

      My point was that a jury of Americans reviewed the facts in a court of law and convicted a man of conspiring with the Government… and not one person in the media had the guts to report on it (America is now permanently trapped in 1984), and amazingly almost no one is even aware of it.

      I agree on the deep state comments, but MLK, RFK, & JFK do not get whacked without top level approval (with all traces of it scrubbed of course)… and it isn’t covered up by every public official and media outlet unless their career depends on continued silence (I throw things at the TV when I hear the likes of Chris Matthews go off on anyone even suggesting someone other than LHO was involved in JFK… when he’s made millions on books about him… he of course knows the truth all too well but is bought and paid for like all the rest).

      All three were bearing down on those in control (and I mean in control of those we believe are in control) and had to be stopped… RFK is a clear example, as he was gunned down just minutes after winning the California Primary, which sealed his fate and would have taken him to the White House (I guess “the boys” were worried someone might catch on if they waited and assassinated a second “President Kennedy” in five years).

      In his final JFK book (Last Word) Mark Lane (no one better on the subject) reports a CIA head (Central & South America I believe) was called to a private meeting of the Commission on Assassinations in the late 70s.

      He was given a copy of a cable from Mexico that proved he had lied under oath about Oswald’s supposed activities there (a setup to connect him to Cuba)… breaking the entire cover-up story wide open. He read it, stood up, put it in his jacket pocket, and walked out without a word… two weeks later the funding was cut by congress and the entire investigation was shut down (Mark Lane was part of the committee’s investigation team).

      This is the country that circles the globe with military might, “spreading democracy,” fighting evil and corruption… lol!

      And sadly, you are of course correct… the control only gets stronger, and one only needs to, as is always the case, follow the money.

  2. ANoneeMouse says:

    Read “An Act of State” by William F Pepper. It explains all.