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Russ Baker Discusses Katrina Madness with Gary Null

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Russ Baker and radio host Gary Null discuss the tragedy of Katrina, “disaster capitalism”, the Bush Administration’s hollowing out of government services, and more. What you didn’t hear … anywhere else during all the 10th anniversary hand-wringing.


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3 responses to “Russ Baker Discusses Katrina Madness with Gary Null”

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  2. Avatar editorsteve says:

    Perfectly logical. Corrupt state and local officials made sure unqualified companies were allowed to build levees incorrectly and pocket the money saved, minus a bribe or 20. Clearly the fault of capitalism. The federal government, run by a doofus (Dick, not George, although he, too, was a doofus) and FEMA specifically, run by a political crony? Also capitalism’s fault. Seems to me, when government has too much control (and the Republicans wanted more, more, more), things fail and fall apart even faster. Ah. Liz Blanco, the governor. A year before Katrina I interviewed her for a business story. She was on a state board that issued disaster bonds. She had no idea what they were, even though she had been warned that this was what I was interviewing her about. Dumbest public official I ever interviewed, in a journalism career that now spans almost 50 years. I was teaching in India when Katrina struck. My students (certainly no fan of Bush… whose English they found lacking) were amazed the USA could screw up the infrastructure and the response so badly.

  3. Avatar Laurie says:

    When you share this on SpaceBook the Tape needs to be shorter . . . SpaceBook users have shorter span attention time and many work from their smart phones so you want to be aware of how much your sending . . . I would edit the tape to be SHORTER . . . and you can make the listen not pop to your site. I would give an example but you did not have link . . . so I shared it with “only me” and you can do the same thing to your own FB page then edit to add your comments or text . . then share to public . . .

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