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RadioWhoWhatWhy Extra: What the Boston Jury Never Heard But America Must

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  1. Nichole Noel says:

    Collins don’t let this die down. If Judy Clark can’t do any better on appeal than she did in court he will writhe and as the Supreme Court’s dissent from S.S. on burning people alive on experimental cocktails like the Jordanian pilot captured caged and lit afire! We are copy cat serial killers with our lethal injections

  2. Nichole Noel says:

    Take time its on website how to send this skinny misguided kid some food money and someone should be allowed a prayer rug. Are we total savages that boy was shot and has brain damage from it and is in Hell right now shot up beaten in jail and gives the Johnny Depp mug shot finger.Show Gods mercy he told the nun and attorneys he was wrong and sorry where’s our remorse he wrote while that boat was shot 230 times heavy rifle shots Wow And he’s still here to suffer on.

  3. Nichole Noel says:

    Jahars family won made him a martyr. He never got a break. God will give him one . Western union can send Jahar some commissary cash .it’s not hard to get an inmates address id # give for Gods sake

  4. Nichole Noel says:

    This is about vengence all the way around point a finger 3 point back at us fbi and cia travesty

  5. NanaS says:

    Please excuse my ignorance, but I have a questions!…what would concerned citizens do to get a review of this entire mess. I can not even use the word ” trial ” in regards to what I have witnessed !
    This has never felt like terrorism to me…I have the deepest ,heartfelt, sorrow for the loss of life and limb suffered , but just as I cried for each of them I have equal sadness for Jahar, who has been silenced and handed to Boston as an offering (of sorts) …saying, “Look here Boston, America, and the World”…we got the bad guy, we have the terrorist, an All American, average , college 19 year old !,,
    I will say this,” Take me, execute me, I would gladly trade places ” I would face execution with honor and self respect , knowing that I died for a cause that I feel so deeply about.
    Jahar deserves a fair trial !,,

  6. Mark says:

    Bravo Russ Baker and team!! Don’t stop! Don’t give up! Don’t ever accept the official narrative! You are getting there!!!

    • Happyfeeling says:

      I agree, I never want to give up. The truth needs to be heard all across this country what really happened in Boston,

  7. Dennis Nilsson says:

    Thanks, Peter Collins, for your all your hard work!

  8. sk1951 says:

    Only one person died…his brother.

  9. NanaS says:

    If I were a victim in this situation I would be Pissed that anyone expected me to accept any of this as truth or justice
    Too many secrets!
    If I had my way the entire defense team should donate the fees to Sister PJ. I was taught early in my education on public speaking to always stay on topic…Duh.. The topic was, per them, He did it but WHY ?. A lesson on Russian history? That he was a nice child? Or that at 19 the brain is immature? Tam was a crazy ass, mom and dad were not around blah, blah, blah !!!!!!
    If this was not a total mess up by U.S…then say…this kid with a big heart and a charming smile watched the news and say innocent men, woman, and children, blown to bits (collateral damage) . maybe he wanted to make a statement and get everyone’s attention. I doubt it, but just for shits and giggles the let the defense team flash these blood drenched images to the jury! And like the US government tell everyone, state, we accept responsibility, no one was meant to die, ….Anything!!!! His lawyers showed nothing !!! If I were a betting person, every American has had family member like Tam, pounding his religious drum, Not one word was spoken that appeared to be a reason for this “cluster f*** !!!
    I understand that Americans want someone, anyone, to pay! I also know that it is very unpopular to have compassion for a terrorist….someone knows something and I hope to God, we get answers before Jahar is gone and some ass decides to write a book! Every American deserves answers , the silence in Boston is deafening!

    • Nichole Noel says:

      NanaS you’re smart too bad they didn’t have one brain on the jury without fog.
      thank God you have a gifted heart soul snd brain

    • Happyfeeling says:

      Well written. Could not have said it better myself

  10. QuestionsRemain says:

    Comparisons have been made between the Tsarnaev/marathon bombing investigation and the Lee Harvey Oswald/JFK investigation. Oswald was killed so quickly resulting in a lack of information from him, however, D. Tsarnaev is alive, repeatedly present in court as are his group of friends/schoolmates, therefore, why the lack of any further credible information other than pointing out the obvious, such as – we don’t know who built the bombs, the boat note seems odd, Danny the carjacked individual situation is odd, Collier murder has unanswered questions, etc., etc.. Seems with so many individuals still alive that further info. would have leaked out by now…especially verifiable info. on where and by whom the bombs were made. The mosque Tsarnaev was attending has already been singled out and looked at. I’d focus on searching for answers at the MIT campus, the Boston Police, the MA Army National Guard (Tsarnaev & Silva’s boss at the Blodgett pool was a MA Army National Guard soldier) and the MMA/boxing clubs in South Boston that Tamerlan T. boxed at, keeping in mind that many boxing clubs, as is the case in Boston, often have a good number of police officers and veterans involved in the boxing circles. The Boston Police accompanied by the MA Army National Guard had jurisdiction at the marathon finish line. Sometimes answers are right in front of us but we don’t realize it till we conside taking a closer look.

  11. oh_look says:

    Some other things to consider:
    Eric Holder was up for impeachment but
    chose to step down, however, he waiting until after the Conviction of
    DT. The new DOJ head, Loretta Lynche made it clear after the death
    sentence that DT got a “fitting punishment”, so it becomes clear she has
    inherited Holder’s extreme views on DT. This does not bode well for
    Dzhokhar. I wonder if she was quietly interviewed on this case before

    Dzhokhar’s “car” business that dealt with mysterious
    people claiming to be students at MIT, who drive expensive cars. The
    owner of a shop where he would bring the cars, Gilberto Junior, said
    Dzhokhar had $900 dollar shoes on last time he saw him, which was one
    day after bombing.
    Junior said one time the people said they were from Turkey but being a foreigner himself he knew they were not.

    And then there is Daniel Morley, another loon linked to MIT:—a-troubled-intellect-is-there-a-connection-to-the-boston-marathon-bombings-part-1-by-b-blake.html

    • lofty1 says:

      Gilberto Junior is aka Gilberto Tercetti Jr. Not that I believe all the disinformation that it was a staged event, but it is interesting to note that aside from running Juniors Auto Body shop, he is also an actor on the casting list for Boston University.

      Maybe I’m reading too much into that fact, but It makes me wonder about the truthfulness of what was said in this interview or maybe what was not said.

    • oh_look says:

      very good point. I wasn’t aware of this story until yesterday. I was wondering if it may have tied in with “danny” since there was an expensive car involved, and Danny actually seems to have been some kind of handler that they knew. The college connections include MIT, NorthEastern and apparently Boston University. Maybe Danny was a new recruit into intelligence after graduating from Northeaster and was on his first assignment and needed his coach, Fox, in the audience during his testimony? Just speculating….

    • lofty1 says:

      I remember something about Danny having a large amount of money (over 200K or some such figure) in his car at the time of the “kidnapping” because he was such a bigwig in his business, but now I can no longer find anything on that part of the story, true or not. Then the story became that he was a student (with very little or no mention of his business) with no cash, but did have a debit card on him, and whose expensive car was a leased vehicle.

      It seems odd that the only information on him is what pertains to this one event in his life. Things that make you go hmmmm…”Danny” aka Dun Meng. Where is Danny today? Is he still a “partner” in a
      food delivery app company? Which one? His linked in still shows him as a
      student. Is he putting his degree as a traffic engineer to use or is he
      still a student and continuing his education? What kind of visa is he
      here on now, student or work? Is he still here, or did he go back to China? Is he still so traumatized by the “kidnapping” ?

    • oh_look says:

      Another guy said same thing about a large sum of $$ being found in Danny’s car, and he said the articles disappeared. He had it on his FB page and it disappeared from there too.
      He has an interesting theory, that Danny was actually the brother’s “handler”.

      And then there is Rose Tsarnaeva’s article in the Chechan news where she states the FBI had visited and told one family member to call Jahar and tell him he “needs to take the blame”.

    • Nichole Noel says:

      Of course kangaroo court

    • Nichole Noel says:

      I would like to know more about this :

    • disqus_a2SRiKaB1i says:

      ask the good professor Fox from NEU.

    • lofty1 says:

      I would, but then I saw he was a Fox “News” consultant.

    • Nichole Noel says:

      Jahar could have had his life spared and sent a healing message even to victims and their families . Also he was perfect to help homeland security the FBI and CIA Justice department about how his brother was radicalized and if he went along being threatened by his family as a traitor and to be a martyr. Once you are in you can’t get out it’s exactly like the mob.
      His defense was a hatchet job. Judy Clark shouldn’t have mucked this up and had him testify. She bung him coming out of the gate with her he did it remark never leaving him a chance for l juror to give him a break.
      lf you really want to show Gods love send him sme money for commissary he’s literally skeletal. Thin as a rail.
      this could be our kid being recruited.

    • Nichole Noel says:

      Loretta Lynch has the name lynch mob shes a incompetent to be so one sided our country and cheney and bush started these massacres.

    • Happyfeeling says:

      A lot centers around MIT. Many rich kids from the middle east are at MIT. Where was the bomb really made. The trial just skipped over that very important fact. Jahar did not have a bomb in that light blue or gray back pack. They will never let him talk. Like Oswald he maybe killed.

    • oh_look says:

      They may have an inmate kill him, but it will only draw more attention to the case and his innocence. The FBI, et al are a very emotional laden group, and if they used their brains a little and thought this out, they would realize that freeing Jahar, due to finding he did not kill anyone, would be so unprecedented and so jaw dropping that the United States would instantly gain several brownie points around the world. But they don’t care about this and those in power do not want the United States to be a “friendly” nation. We are the new Germans in the world providing the new World order the militarization it is going to need to continue suppressing/oppressing 7 billion people.

    • Nichole Noel says:

      Holder should have left it to the State. He’s s murderer. He said he doesnt condone the death sentence personally. Go figure he’s out and Loretta didn’t get confirmed too early, Losers both of them . I wish her to get out next election.

  12. oh_look says:

    Very sad to see nobody else commenting here. Maybe people are out camping this weekend. Not me. I am doing more research, reading, and finding answers. Of course, I just bought a new, used bicycle, and will be going out on that tomorrow and probably on Monday since I got that day off too. Everybody needs a break from the reality of this awful mess the Power elites have gotten our nation into, but Americans tend to do it too much. The Tsarnaev case is the absolute most important case for our nation since 9/11. After watching 9/11 used for nefarious reasons overseas, you would think people would have enough.

    • cyndyt says:

      I will be honest, from the moment I heard the ‘judge’ refused to move the trial, his ‘lawyer’ claim he did it and it was reported that every juror they picked admitted they too believed he was guilty but they would give him a fair trial….well besides my body being overcome with a feeling of fear like I have never experienced in my life, I realized that my suspicions had been confirmed. The US Government has been overthrown and we the people, none of us are safe anymore. Well I say overthrown, but that is not correct. Our country, our Constitution, and everything those flag waving Americans claim to love was handed over to a foreign entity with the full support of the “God, Guns and Country” crowd . And they are too stupid to realize it and too lazy to research it when someone points this out to them.
      My heart breaks for this child and his family. I am in Florida and remember what the government goons did to his friend here.
      As for the death penalty, I do not believe in it. In 1997 I lost 2 foster sons to murder. Their killers are on death roll now. There was a time that I honestly
      did not have an opinion one way or the other concerning the DP, but it only took my learning of 1 innocent person on death roll to be found innocent for me to not just have an opinion, but a strong outspoken one. I would rather see 1000 guilty people walk free then one innocent person put to death. Including the young men that killed my babies. I am not sure if I agree with a life sentence except for crimes against children.
      Enjoy your new bike ride !

    • Happyfeeling says:

      I feel the same way. I have tried to speak to many people about this case only to be called names i.e conspirisey theorist. I have been told I have no feelings for the victims. i reply that i do feel for the victims but we need to hear the truth. What also bothers me about this trial why were the victims marched in at all. They are not witnesses as to who did it they are only witnesses as to what happen to them. They did not see anything but were told this is the man who did it. Also another suspicion is that the American Snyper hero Chris Kyle owned Craft International. He died two months before the bombing. I read Craft International sold there services to the rich all over the world. Teaching them how to shoot and set bombs. I believe his business and his book were financed somehow through Bloombers investment company. Just repeating what I have read myself. When Chris was shot he was on a very wealthy shooting range. 11,000 acres. Many of the rich are associated with this Ranch.

    • Nichole Noel says:

      Good on you

    • oh_look says:

      You are so spot on. And I’m sorry for your tragedy. I feel the entire prison system needs to be overhauled. The death penalty can never be 100% accurate or fair and so should not be legal (not to mention that is morally wrong, imho).

    • Nichole Noel says:

      Cindy t be my friend on facebook email me say Jahar finally l have a soulmate inthis you read my heart

    • Nichole Noel says:

      Truth keys you’ve figured out the puzzle. Sorry for your loss life is short l lost a child to kidnapping never closure there.

    • Nichole Noel says:

      I hope you still read this a month later. You are so right. Western union him commissary $for food l plead anyone with any idea there may be injustice here. You can’t write but u can send $ via western union $ forhis once a month 15 minute call . They can’t call him. He’s so isolated!

  13. oh_look says:

    The entire idea of a Jury that is Death Penalty Qualified, amounts to circular logic. When every juror supports the Death Penalty the trial will be unfair because studies show Death Penalty Qualified individuals will more likely convict. There can never be any logic in this, because if you put somebody opposed to death penalty on the jury, then of course you will not get the death penalty….But they will never do this because they have to be death penalty qualified..

    So, the death penalty sentence can never really be a fair sentence. Since we are dealing with humans, it makes sense to abolish it to prevent any errors.

    • Nichole Noel says:

      I pray in my lifetime we abolish this sinful practice. I’ll never support a politician who is not 100% against legal murder aka death penalty. You want death. You’ll get a dirt nap and stay there