The “Other Guy” is not Stupid

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We are all about provocative thinking at WhoWhatWhy. Clinging blindly to familiar beliefs often hides the truth in our world. So on this Monday morning, here is a challenging notion: that whether you define yourself as liberal or conservative, you are a fundamental cog in a larger machine that could not survive without either.

“Yin and Yang aren’t enemies. Yin and Yang don’t hate each other. Yin and Yang are both necessary for the functioning of the world,” claims social psychologist, Jonathan Haidt. Why? His explanation may be as controversial as it is enlightening. But if you are game to challenge the superiority of your own political views for a moment, we think it’s worth watching the entirety of his 18-minute TED talk below.

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0 responses to “The “Other Guy” is not Stupid”

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  2. Samantha says:

    “if you are game to challenge the superiority of your own political views for a moment…”
    The blurb had me thinking this would be a Democrats v. Republicans thing. I was pleasantly surprised it was not.

    Very interesting presentation, however, it lays bare some of the mechanisms that are used to control and manipulate people. I hope there is a follow up presentation educating people about the ‘illusion of choice’ (Kerry and Dubya were BOTH bonesmen) in national politics and the brainwashing techniques that are so effective on even those who understand they are being manipulated.

  3. LanceThruster says:

    As long as they allow their views to compete freely in the arena of ideas, otherwise they only contribute to ignorance and dysfunction.