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Does Being Rich Make You Mean?

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Why are the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer? Is it simply the inevitable result of capitalism, or something more?

The statistics are clear and the gap in America is getting wider between the wealthy and the not. There are economic implications to this, with some economists arguing that the expanding chasm hurts consumerism since the poor find it more difficult to spend money. There are also those who say the gap has a human consequence: with a “lifespan gap” between rich and poor, as those with little money are increasingly less likely to live as long.

But is it possible that the gap is programmed into our very nature? Are we essentially in a “rigged” game of monopoly where the rich play by their own rules, and the poor have no chance of passing go?

Watch this fascinating talk and tell us what you think.

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5 responses to “Does Being Rich Make You Mean?”

  1. Jon says:

    When big govt. picks the winners you can bet the game is rigged and opportunity for others is limited.

  2. Thomas C Morris says:

    Really?…Goldman Sachs sponsored?…shill for “grassroots” 1%’ers real quick right at the end?…I have noticed this pattern in TED previous talks…fascinating throughout and then spin at the end…slick Powerpoint presentations by non corporate looking scholars (Clinton or Gates excluded)…TED and ALEC should marry and have many grassroots babies

  3. ladygeek says:

    I’m trying to catch up on my reading list but I’m in the middle of Jeff Sharet’s book, The Family. I already knew some of it but I’m beginning to see why populist groups such as “OWS” have failed. I worked in SF many years ago primarily in HR/Labor Relations. One of the “preventive labor relations” philosophy in those days was to attack and show how unions were violent. One of the companies where I worked was being organized by the Longshoremen’s Union (Local 6) – Harry Bridges. If I had known then what I know now about how Harry Bridges was deported because he was a labor union organizer, I probably would have said those things to the people in the group of employees who were trying to get unionized and been fired. But, OTOH, truth needs to come out. I don’t know what happened to OWS – was it really a formed by real people or was it just another manipulative play by the 1%. I wish I knew.

  4. dusty rhodes says:

    i work for a billionaire, no matter how much he trys to be mr regular guy, he aint. and his obscene life makes him myopic… you have no idea…

  5. Snead Hearn says:

    or does being mean help you get rich?