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TVWHY: Counterintelligence—Part 5, Drone Nation

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Part 5 of a new five-part documentary on the national security state, from the maker of Psywar. We do not necessarily agree with the accuracy of all of the material. But it is an enormously compelling and worthwhile watch.

(All five parts of the documentary have now appeared on our site. See Part I here; Part 2 here; Part 3 here; Part 4 here.)

Counter-Intelligence: V – Drone Nation from S DN on Vimeo.


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One response to “TVWHY: Counterintelligence—Part 5, Drone Nation”

  1. Avatar Torstentopp says:

    It says in the film that CIA killed Italian prime minister Aldo Moro as a part of operation Gladio. They probably killed Swedish prime minister Olof Palme too – in 1986. There was a former mercenary who lived in Sweden, he – Ivan von Birchan -was offered to do the hit by a Charles Morgan working for the CIA. He declined. He tried to warn Palme. This has been corroborated.

    see here:

    In addition the murder was a preceeded by a intense character assasination campaign, very active in this was an obscure political party called EAP, it is a part of the the american Lyndon LaRouche-movement. And it has in turn well known close ties to the CIA. So first psy ops then the murder.

    A swedish prosecutor Ola Nilson, in the city of Malmö, received a phone call from a police officer, the police officer said that six months after the murder he had driven two extreme-right wing police officers from the police head quarters in Stockholm to the American embassy. The two passengers were elated, and said that they knew who had done the murder and that it never would be solved.

    If anyone has any interest there is a documentary on the Palme murder here: The Forbidden Trail. The first part you can see here:

    On the 11th of October 1982 at 12.22 hours a 1200 pound mine detonates at Hårsfjärden in the southern archipelago outside the Swedish capital of Stockholm. A foreign submarine is cornered behind the line of mines and can not escape.

    Everyone assumes that it is a Soviet submarine. Only a year before a Soviet submarine is found stranded on an island by some fishermen. There is only one problem. The coast guard’s plane SE-GYP, the whole crew, now testify that they have seen a distress signal in the water, a 50 by 50 yard green-yellowish spot in the water. The problem is that Soviet submarines don’t use distress signals. But NATO does.

    On the 13th of October the chairman of the chiefs of staff, the second highest military position in the land, Bror Stefensson, personally and on this own initiative and without any consultation with others, contacts the officer in charge of the mines. He orders him to push the button that switches off the mines. The submarine disappears into the night.

    And who is Stefensson? He was the highest commander for the Stay Behind-network in Sweden. This network was organized by the CIA, as you can see in the film above. Involved in organizing this network was for example William Colby when has was stationed in Stockholm. Later Colby became the director for the CIA.

    In the spring of 1986 Prime minister Olof Palme was scheduled to go to Moscow for an official visit. And of course, now the CIA feared – I speculate – that the Russians would convince him that the submarines did not in fact come from Soviet union but from NATO. And the easy way out? To kill Palme before he could go to Moscow.

    My source for the submarine part of the story I have told you is from a former fighter jet pilot in the Swedish air force – Anders Jallai. See here (sorry in Swedish only):