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CLASSIC WHY: Real Reason for Syria War Plans, from Gen. Wesley Clark

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We originally published this in September, 2012. More relevant now than ever. Also be sure to see this other piece with views from Clark on oil and activism, and our other related stories by typing “Syria” in our search box.

In this stunning but little-known speech from 2007, Gen. Wesley Clark claims America underwent a “policy coup” at the time of the 9/11 attacks. In this video, he reveals that, right after 9/11, he was privy to information contained in a classified memo: US plans to attack and remove governments in seven countries over five years: Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Iran.

He was told: “We learned that we can use our military without being challenged …. We’ve got about five years to clean up the Soviet client regimes before another superpower comes along and challenges us.”

“This was a policy coup…these people took control of policy in the United States….”

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87 responses to “CLASSIC WHY: Real Reason for Syria War Plans, from Gen. Wesley Clark”

  1. Avatar Levi says:

    Nice posts. So, Who Gassed the Syrian Civilians, Again?

  2. Avatar Blucross says:

    I notice he mentions Syria ..OFTEN..
    and yesterday my president Trump attacked Syria using a obvious
    FALSE FLAG event as the catalyst (reason)

  3. Avatar Juan says:

    He is certainly speaking of the CFR having accomplished the coup.

  4. Avatar Newt says:

    He is Illuminatee

  5. Avatar Juan says:

    Genearal Clark is a CFR member and as such did not say it was the CFR who did the coup. As I do, he seems to oppose our aggression in the countries he mentioned. The CFR & Tri lateral Commission do run our country. Our last 4 Presidents are members & I believe every Sec. of State for 70 years has been. Other Presidents have also. I can define aggression & we are doing it. I am sad.

    • Avatar SDMommyie says:

      The U.S.A. immediately began to build new Iraqi oil pipelines through to Israel, and to Israeli-controlled Lebanese ports where the huge quantities of Iraqi oil are loaded onto waiting oil tankers and transported by sea to China and India.

  6. Avatar Anarchitex says:

    It is a tragic shame that progressives and leftists came out against action to topple the Assad regime when the more liberal and local opposition to Assad had a chance to consolidate a win, before the foreign jihadis showed up.

    • Avatar Andyj says:

      Your comment is untrue. The particular religious “party” who were shot up by Mossad to kick the bee’s into war contributed less than 10% of the Syrian vote.

  7. Avatar Habeas Corpus Canada says:

    And who decides what’s a scapegoat?

  8. Avatar Harper R. says:

    The General will probably be JFKd for reporting our plans for the Middle East.

  9. Avatar wild william says:

    Sir how can U support Clinton with the four dead Americans that her response was a lie..I have experienced 3 wars and NEVER left men behind.

    • Avatar 545mp Phouc Vin Viet Nam says:

      “the strange death of Vince Foster” will reveal Hillary”s fine work on her “X” in the Whitehouse the night Pres Clinton was interviewed by Laryy King.He fired FBI head Sessions to prevent an investigation into the death. A blond hair was found on Fosters sportscoat. All 67 former employees including the 3 CHP officers who guarded Clinton as the Gov of Arkansas are dead. So do we want Hillary in the Whitehouse or some anarchistic republican?

    • Avatar k_billy says:

      You believe the pack of lies the right’s alternate reality news networks feed you.

  10. Avatar Zack B says:

    And the justification is that Uncle Sam wants “our” oil.

  11. Avatar Liberal Dogma says:

    The key term is “attack”.
    I do not consider military support to vetted, organized opposition groups opposing a brutal leader unleashing his Army in indiscriminate slaughter as an “attack”
    25 missiles flying into the Assad palace/bunker, that is a long overdue “attack”.

    The old story of course can’t mention the appalling use of chemical weapons on families, but the widespread torture was already condemned by the U.N. and others.

    REGIME CHANGE in Syria has been called for openly: the proposed peace conferences have the premise that Assad is vacating his seat.

  12. Avatar Crime Reporter says:

    I volunteered and volunteered and volunteered for the good general in 2008. This speech is one of the reasons.

    While he’s somewhat connected simply based on who he is, he’s actually been quite ostracized for this. With his credentials, he should have been Sec. of State or National Security Advisor (he couldn’t serve as Def.Sec. until he’d been out of the Army 10 years – so that would be about 2012 or so), but he’s never given the nod. Probably because he knows this shit and says it out loud.

    BTW, that Kosovo crap was blown out of proportion by a media looking for something to get on him. His British counterpart, Gen. Mike Jackson told the European media that it wasn’t as big of a deal as the Americans were making it out to be. He chalked it up to the fact that Clark was running for the Dem nomination and it was political.

  13. Avatar ShirlB says:

    Clark knew this when he was running for president. It would have meant something if he’d revealed it then.

  14. Avatar InnerCynic says:

    Clark is a rat. I wouldn’t believe anything this fellow has to say. This is the same lunatic who was more than willing to start a war with the Russians during the Kosovo charade. At least the British had the sense to say, “No” to his insane demand that they kill the Russians and take over the airbase they’d speedily controlled. He’s not to be trusted on any level.

    • You are right so far he tries to play the peace pigeon, in the FORA TV speech he did know from 1991 that US DOD did plan to “clean out those soviet client states” i.e including Yugoslavia, the war he did manage as commanding General, he did order intentionally and systematically bombing civil targets (see Yugoslavia at ) so his played wondering of attcking 7 countries in case of Libya, Syria etc. was just faked.

  15. Avatar Dennis Kirkpatrick says:

    The hypocrisy is overwhelming. Where is his comments on the drone murdering war monger in the Obama house!!!

  16. Avatar todawgs says:

    This is and has been the Capitalist-Globalist agenda. Nothing new. The sheeple are allowing it-Nothing new!

  17. Avatar crankedyank says:

    A policy coup; interesting and unsurprising. It dovetails with my take on Putin’s good offices in pulling President Obama’s chestnuts out of the fire regarding the Syrian gassings. Why would Mr. Putin want to do something which would help the POTUS in a difficult situation? IMHO it was because Putin knows that President Obama was installed in his office in the first place only because it was supposed that he could be played as a useful idiot by the same covert clique behind the “policy coup” and the other more generally recognized and conventional coups that have preceded it in the decades since “the good war.” This is a group Putin clearly would like to thwart in whatever adventitious manner that that might present itself and so he took some pressure off the POTUS at a crucial juncture.

    Why would these aforementioned coupsters deem a bright, sophisticated and charismatic man such as Barack Obama as great patsy material? In their eyes, given the president’s background, base and political tendencies, he neither had nor could he have made the kind of connections in the necessary circles, who would have alerted him in time and shepherd him away from the blunders these coupsters were expecting him to make. The “usual listers” were counting on him to eventually get badly out of step with lumpen America (as he indeed has) and go too far, which he nearly just did. Yet another war in Syria would have been the “policy coupsters” dream scenario and would have enabled them to follow a discredited Obama into office as saviors of The Republic, thus enhancing the power of the Russians’ worst case subset of American rulers. With no small sense of irony I find myself thanking heaven for Mr. Putin, who skillfully played his cards against forces of darkness who have proven themselves far more effective than those he is intimately familiar with ever were.

    • Avatar Bob says:

      This guy’s mostly got it. Anybody remember Putin telling the “NWO” it lost its chance – or something to that effect ? Also all this squabbling and attention given to obvious trolls plays perfectly into their hands. America invented the modern marketing biz, both overt and covert.

  18. Avatar Hendrick Smit says:

    My question still is: How does Mr. Clark get away with exposing this big plan? He’s still alive. Or is he playing a role in this?

    • Avatar crankedyank says:

      I think it’s obvious that Clark, who had the reputation of a sneak in the military, is connected well enough (a phrase I use with reservation) that he is almost certainly involved as a player, and that his revelation is disinformation (as would almost anything be, from that source) even though it may well be perfectly factual. It’s all a matter of timing.

    • Avatar Man on the street says:

      For most of us unwashed masses, how are we going to distinguish between true inform assign, disinformation, and misinformation?

      Deviants plotters keep making things very complicated! It is like the hand is quicker than the eye? As they get your attention on something, they are busy slipping in another. Very similar to the Evangelical preachers, as they get your attention on war against Muslim terrorists, which we are all in agreement on, they slip in unconditional support for Israel.

    • Avatar abbeysbooks says:

      We cannot know and we can never know. We are in Simulated Reality and all we get is credibility and speculation. Does Clark have credibility. With me he does for Bosnia. And the way he ran for prez. Other than all that I know about as much as you do, perhaps less.

    • Avatar Man on the street says:

      Bosnia was a fabricated war, a la Kiev revolution, Tahrir square,…

    • Avatar abbeysbooks says:

      Yes. The West broke up Yugoslavia on purpose.

    • Avatar John Gregor says:

      Yugoslavia shows what people might do to each other then money for all runs low, and power of the state starts to loose meaning. For years Yugoslavia was maybe not so bad a communist state. Then look what happens?

    • Avatar Matt Prather says:

      I’m sure you will appreciate this writing, as it reinforces your observation:

      I am from Bosnia. You know, between 1992 and 1995 it was hell. For one year I lived, and survived, in a city with 6000 people, without water, electricity, gasoline, medical help, civil defense, distribution service, any kind of traditional service or centralized rule.When it all started some of us were better prepared, but most of the neighbors’ families had enough food only for a few days. Some had pistols, a few had AK47s or shotguns.After a month or two gangs started operating, destroying everything. Hospitals, for example, turned into slaughterhouses. There was no more police. About 80% of the hospital staff were gone. I got lucky – my family at the time was fairly large (15 people in a large house, 6 pistols, 3 Ak 47s), and we survived (most of us, at least).The Americans dropped MREs every 10 days, to help blockaded cities. This was never enough. Some – very few – had gardens.It took 3 months for the first rumors to spread of men dying from hunger and cold. We removed all the doors, the window frames from abandoned houses, ripped up the floors and burned the furniture for heat. Many died from diseases, especially from the water (two from my own family). We drank mostly rainwater, ate pigeons and even rats.Money soon became worthless. We returned to an exchange. For a tin can of tushonka you could have a woman (it is hard to speak of it, but it is true). Most of the women who sold themselves were desperate mothers. Arms, ammunition, candles, lighters, antibiotics, gasoline, batteries and food. We fought for these things like animals. In these situations it all changes. Men become monsters. It was disgusting.

      For many Westerners and Americans in particular, there is an automatic revile of anything described by the words “socialist,” “communist.” They will disdain anyone suggesting anything good described by those adjectives, or the Big C Noun.

      They will tell you how Communism is a half-baked theoretical paradise that never has been and never could be implemented. I suppose you could say I agree with that, except that I would make the distinction that my ideas are more misanthropic and wider in scope than just believing that Communism is all-bad and that what we have in the West instead is the best thing that ever has been and ever will be.

      You see, I don’t believe in idealized capitalism any more than I believe in idealized communism. A subset of the reflexive socialist-hating Westerners — the libertarian idealists — love to wax rhapsodic about some fantasy-land idealized conception of “capitalism”, but that is quite naive.

      It’s just individual persons associating in “clubs” (to use a neutral / positive, generous description of their collective teams — I won’t say “gangs”) that defines our history. To call them “socialist” or “capitalist” in any pure sense is to mislabel and misclassify them, and then usually fall into dogmatic misunderstanding of what’s really happening from that point.

      Yes, there is some basis to classify societies as “capitalist” or “communist” but one needs to be aware of the limits of the labels. There’s always definitely been hybridization of policy on both of the supposed sides. Socialist policies encouraged by corporate enterprise in the West, private wealth-focused state-endorsed enterprise in the East. Oligarchy has ruled us all.

      And it’s not great big dichotomous Freedom versus Collectivism ideological conception of history that is really what’s going on our societies, historical or modern. That’s a frame of view but it’s not what’s really going on.

      It is — I say again — just a great many individual people and their associative teams (corporate, state, gang, whatever) that make all the choices.

      So I would support you and those who speak like you. Those who would say “maybe the communism wasn’t even half-bad for the Balkans; freedom and capitalism hurt them.” I support you against the reflexive dogmatists who can see no sins or rottenness in teams formed under the ideological banner of “capitalist freedom,” even as they see every sin and rotten thing in teams under the other banner.

      I just also think that we haven’t gotten any great form of society right yet, and we have a lot of reform in people at the individual levels before we could expect it.

      I’ll leave with this final quote from the same Bosnian. Just because.

      After the war we had guns in every house. The police confiscated lots of guns at the beginning of the war. But most of them we hid. Now I have one legal gun that I have a license for. Under the law that’s called a temporary collection. If there is unrest, the government will seize all the registered guns. Never forget that.

    • Avatar John Gregor says:

      Thanks for the very good and useful response. Dimitri Orlov about going back and visiting the Sovier Union during the last years as native speaker and compares and contracts the USA at

    • Avatar abbeysbooks says:

      My best friend whom I met online is also Bosnian. Your comment feels very influenced by Zizek to me. To meet more people who are thinking like you you need to go to the facebook page for Global Center for Advanced Studies. My friend and I are there among many others and many are studying for degrees with GCAS where Zizek, Badiou, Caputo, Crockett,and many others are teaching.

    • Avatar Eye Spy says:

      Hey I walked into a western church in a second city aimed at Asian converts to Christianity and saw exactly what you described.

      Now what do you mean ‘we are all agreed upon the war on Muslim terrorists??? I ask because no Muslim nation has sent a single soldier or declared war on any European country (except for Israel, if it is considered a state), However, western nations from all over the globe have sent their soldiers and their military to Muslim nations from time immemorial. So how do we have the supposed phenomena of Muslim terrorists.

      Please don’t come at me with that idiotic conspiracy about bin laden and 9/11.

    • Avatar Habeas Corpus Canada says:

      Clark is a Rhodes Scholar. They are indoctrinated to play a role in a game aimed at world government. Is anything he has alleged regarding these plans to take out seven countries useful to the cause of world government?

  19. Avatar just sayin' says:

    Any country that does not comply with the world banking cabal makes itself a target.

  20. Avatar Dawn Anewday says:

    So you’ve never heard of The Project for the New American Century??? PNAC???

  21. Avatar Pembroke says:

    Has anyone ever corroborated Clark’s assertions? Who was ‘the officer’ who told Clark ‘we’ve’ decided to go to war with Iraq? Does anyone on the planet know who that officer was? Is the name in Clark’s book? And if so, did he corroborated Clark’s assertions?

  22. Avatar Gumaro Valle says:

    is funny but in the 80s a dreamed that the US would occupy all the north of africa and move its troops all over the middle east

  23. Avatar Karl Ihrig says:

    Since President Obama already ticked Libya and is about to tick Syria off Clark’s list, it isn’t a policy coup. It is policy. There may be a long standing collaboration with Saudi Arabia for geopolitical reorganization for Saudi/Sunni empire building. Kerry now says Arab countries will pay us to strike Syria. Our leaders may be idiots!

  24. Avatar sfulmer says:

    “This was a policy coup…”

    Readers of Family of Secrets please keep in mind that this may be better thought of as “policy sustainability”, as the nation has been drifting or driving to the right without opposition since the real coup of November of ’63.

    Covering up 63/68 only makes it possible for Wesley Clarke to think there was a policy coup, and for the public to accept the appearance of such as more evidence that our elected leaders have no control.

    • Avatar Matt Prather says:

      Good point. Let me do an idle recap of policy vis-a-vis The Presidency since ’63…

      LBJ: Obviously a collaborator with (or hostage to) the JFK Assassination Forces.

      Nixon: Hostage to Said Forces. Was thrown out of office in a softer coup for not being hostage enough.

      G. Ford: Took way too many blows to the helmet in his many years of competitive football. Not smart enough to have achieved First Base in Politics without being a stooge to Said Forces. Warren Commission Stooge (or let’s just say he had much to lose from any Warren Report revision). After the Nixon Soft Coup, Ford put in Rumsfeld for Secretary of Defense and Cheney for his Chief of Staff. Whose idea was that? Well, Ford said: “I did it totally on my own. It was my decision. I fitted the pieces together, and they fitted excellently.” Uh huh.

      Reagan: The Bush clique had ascended to power through almost the full spectrum of government by this time. Reagan was their Actor / Puppet Placeholder President. (Said act was so convincing to the die-hard true-red conservatives that they still take his speeches for the high-water mark of late 20th century conservative morality, and pine wistful as they commisserate with Glenn Beck about what to do in contemporary national politics. Uh huh.)

      Bush: Ha ha. Let’s just say he had more to lose from any Warren Report revisionism than his checker-piece Ford.

      Clinton: You would have to believe, as many do, that Clinton was actually hostage to the CIA and to the Bush clique (the catch-all word “Mena” serves to extapolate to many incriminating connections). I can’t really state that Clinton was surely connected to Bush & Co., and if you have heard the stories and don’t believe them, I can’t make you. But maybe he’s part-and-partisan to the continuity of policy just as every other President in this post-’63 recap was too.

      post-Clinton: Nothing more need be said.

      * * *

      So there’s the continuous JFK Assassin Clique Thread which runs through all the Presidents. The assassins have held Chairman-of-the-Board-level power continously, if you can believe it.

      I didn’t actually get into the continuity of military-intelligence-finance-oil policy which you referred to, and which the “I Was Just A Naive, ‘Peter Principle’ United States Military Officer” General Wes Clark also referred. (He said that the employment of aggressive, hawk-style military strategy boggled his mind, when he first heard it at high levels in the 1990’s.)

      That continuity of that policy is much more patent in its historicity (agreed-upon factualness).

    • Avatar lwheel says:

      the coup in 1963 removed what hawks perceived as a national security threat in jfk. they grabbed the power back from a “coexistence” easing of cold war tensions type of foreign policy. Nixon himself talked about a pretext or cover then go into cuba. if one doesn’t appear through randam events, they will create their own pretext through a provocation. if Obama doesn’t go along and chooses to go Kennedy’s route. history will repeat itself.

    • Avatar Gerald Campeau says:

      the real coup of 11/22/63 continues today with CIA asset Obama makeing rich richer and rest struggling

  25. Avatar Snead Hearn says:

    If a king or president follows US orders, he’s a great democratic leader, who “fights terrorists in his country”, even if he uses WMDs (such as Sadam did with our backing), or is involved in drug dealing (Noriega, with the CIA). If he stops following US orders, he becomes a corrupt dictator, who uses WMDs, or sells drugs, or who kills his own people, etc.
    And of course, chemical weapons are fine, when the US uses them, as in Vietnam and Iraq.

    The hypocrisy in Washington reeks.

  26. Avatar Perplexed says:

    Wesley Clark is a moron. He is only a General becausse of Clinton.

    Clark sold his soul to politicians.

    Don’t believe a word he says.

  27. Avatar Orangutan. says:

    “This was a policy coup…these people took control of policy in the United States….”

    And then they appointed Henry Kissinger to run the investigation and the people bought it up. Sad days in America.

  28. Avatar ewastud says:

    I had a dim recollection of this information related to the public by Clark recently when hearing of Obama’s charges against Syria’s political leadership.

    This post helpfully refreshed my memory and suggests that the claims of use of chemical weapons against Syrians is as phony as George Bush’s infamous WMD. It appears to be nothing more than a pretext for a confrontation with Russia for reasons of a larger geopolitical strategy.

  29. Avatar gogetem1 says:

    This “little known speech” is becoming quite well known among alternative media watchers, and he made this allegation in more than just one speech.

    • Avatar Russ says:

      In my conversations with some of the most successful, best educated people in this country, virtually none are familiar with this speech, even today. “Alternative media watchers” are not the standard for much of anything in this country–that’s why we are trying to grow a news organization with a much broader and larger reach. Please materially support our ability to expand–and introduce more people to our site. Thanks.

    • Avatar gogetem1 says:

      That’s a fair point. Though I would still point out that Clark has told this story to Amy Goodman as well.

    • Avatar Russ says:

      Most of the people I’ve seen on that show talking about Syria seemed to support intervention. The need for new media outlets is pretty apparent.

    • Avatar mt56 says:

      I disagree. Amy is opposed to the war, but is determined to also present the opposing rationale for us to see their view for ourselves. She wants us to understand their rhetoric too. It’s important to understand your enemies.

  30. Avatar Jeff Grotke says:

    somebody please explain to me how Syria’s government is worse than Saudi Arabia’s?

    • Avatar ewastud says:

      According to Clark, it isn’t the way these Middle East countries’ rulers rule that matters to the Powers That Be in our Military-Industrial Complex/National Security State, it is the countries’ alliance with Russia that marks them for elimination of their ruling regime. Democratic principles have nothing to do with it as far as these policy coup people are concerned – purely Machiavellian.

    • Avatar Frank von Winkhorst says:

      Democracy=Capitalism. It’s the old Cold War Mindfuck. “Democracy” is just a euphemism for corporate rule. The Saudis are friendly to the corporations. Therefore, they are “democratic.”

    • Avatar crankedyank says:

      A sig line I saw on another forum:

      “The left-right dichotomy is just a ruse that keeps the common folk playing checkers while the elite play chess.”

      I agree, and I’d take it a step farther. Left = Right. There is a “higher” club to which all the (kabuki) players belong. We are living in post-political America. There is much sound and fury, which signifies not a thing because it all occurs on a bogus stage.

    • Avatar Snead Hearn says:

      US stooge=good, democratic.
      Fail to be US stooge=evil, dictatorship

  31. Avatar ironcloudz says:

    it obviously is not primarily a question of a few “bad men” who have hijacked American Foreign Policy. Since Obama has carried on the policy and is now about to expand it, long after Wolfowitz and company are gone.

    This is a “limited hangout” by Clark.

    • Avatar ewastud says:

      Possibly you are right. However, you are assuming that our civilian government leaders – our president and elected members of Congress – have full control and authority over the national security apparatus of our country that enjoys a monopoly on the “legitimate” use of violence and military force. Ever since the assassination of John F. Kennedy in Dallas in 1963 — a military-style ambush worthy of a banana republic — the true political order in the USA has been in doubt, at the very least.

    • Avatar ironcloudz says:

      Yes, I agree about the significance of the JFK hit (as well as the other state assassinations of liberal figures which followed in its wake). It marked the beginning of the end of liberal reformism in the US and the ascendancy of the military/intelligence/corporate-fascist apparatus over “civilian” authority.

      And the overall inability of the liberal media and political establishment to challenge the official explanations of these murders showed its inability to pose a meaningful challenge to that ascendency.

      The main thing I am questioning is the “few bad apples” analysis which Clark is putting forth here.

    • Avatar ewastud says:

      OK, I agree with that. US military actions and foreign policy under Obama seems to be not very different from under Bush, and there is little evidence that the “bad apples” representing the fascist Project for a New American Century (PNAC) / “Neo-conservatives” have not “infected” the whole “basket” of our national security state, metaphorically speaking.

      The situation may be comparable to the FBI. That agency has functioned as a national secret political police since its inception early in the 20th Century. Its many crimes and flagrantly unconstitutional abuse of power have not not merely been the doings of a few “bad apples” — J. Edgar Hoover, his lover Clyde Tolson, William Sullivan, Mark Felt, et al, but they have been systemic and continued long after their demise and departures.

      The heads of the agency have always seen themselves as protectors of the Established Order and people of property, wealth, and political power before they are upholders of the Constitution and the Law. The FBI frequently acts above the law — lawless, a law unto itself, or in the too-often used euphemism: “extra-judicially.”

    • Avatar sgtdoom says:

      Geez, Obama has appointed neocons from previous neocon administrations, just as Hillary Clinton, upon becoming secretary of state, appointed Marc Grossman (member of previous Bush inner circle, and a distant cousin to the Bush family), Jared Cohen, former advisor to Kindasleazy Rice (a k a, Condoleezza Rice), and Victoria Nuland, wifey of founder of PNAC, Robert Kagan, a person Obama has mentioned that he is a big fan of?

    • Avatar Frank von Winkhorst says:

      Still, I have hope.

      Hope that the congress will get up the nerve to impeach the murdering bastard.

    • Avatar Frank von Winkhorst says:

      sad but true

    • Avatar sgtdoom says:

      Wesley Clark is a stooge, always meant to mislead. One might perhaps categorize his retarded son in the same manner if he weren’t so stupid? (Clark Jr., claimed that 9/11 couldn’t be an “inside job” as there were actual “republicons” in the Twin Towers that infamous day?)

    • Avatar Frank von Winkhorst says:

      Like the CIA “rogues” and mafia hitmen and anti-Castro Cubans of the Kennedy assassination, this is just another fallback position. I hate to say it, but I no longer trust anyone who ever wore scrambled eggs on their uniforms. Even the big bad general is afraid to say the forbidden words: 9/11 was an inside job.

      There’s a good reason Dick Cheney has an aritificial heart and has an ambulance following him around wherever he goes. He can feel the flames of Hell licking his ass.

    • Avatar Kaptain Amerika says:

      You forgot to include the false flag event of 9/11….that was the coup that turned this country into a police state.

      Bush & Cheney Knew About 9/11 Months Before It Happened Says Whistleblower Charged Under Patriot Act

    • Avatar sgtdoom says:

      This ancient fart may sound offensive to you, but the idea that Johnson, Nixon, Ford, David Rockefeller-supporter Carter (still a member of the Bretton Woods Committee the last time I checked [BWC is the lobbyist group for the international super-rich[), Reagan, the Bush boys, the Clintons, etc., were somehow the people of choice is truly stupifying, my good citizen!

      The coup occurred in 1963, when the last real Democrat in the White House sought work for overall progress, both technical and progress for the peoples of the planet. After President Kennedy was murdered, then the national progressive leader, Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., and Bobby Kennedy immediately after he won the California presidential primary and he looked a sure bet to best Nixon, their coup was absolutely solidified.

      No, the real coup occurred long ago, and the people, Trilateral Commission’s Tom Brokaw’s so-called greatest generation (greatest sheeple bunch, IMHO), looked the other way, either out of stupidity or cowardice.

      Read the 1958 published article by Ferdinand Lundberg, The Treason of the People.

    • Avatar Frank von Winkhorst says:

      Remember the Maine.

    • Avatar Frank von Winkhorst says:

      I’m not sure it’s a “limited hangout,” whatever that non word is supposed to mean, but he clearly doesn’t understand or won’t enunciate the obvious fact that 9/11 was instituted for the specific purpose of allowing the ramming through of this “policy coup.”

      9/11 was no more happenstance than the blowing up of the USS Maine that allowed the U.S. to attack and defeat the Spanish Empire. The only difference is that the Spanish-American War was over bananas, whereas the current hostilities are over oil, gas, and pipelines.

    • Avatar Matt Prather says:

      A limited hangout is a term with well-established meaning.

      For an ironic chuckle, check out the story about a term that Nixon’s counselor Ehrlichmann used to him: “modified limited hangout”. What will those career liars (oops I mean “lawyers”) think of next!

      Oh, hey, look, this came out today…

      On a completely unrelated subject, it does seem that no one with any real-world clout on the other side of my computer-screen-media-portal can ever say that 9/11 was an inside job. (So just forget that whole “bottomless pit”.) Wesley Clark is going par for the course here, as someone with real-world clout, as opposed to “I have a computer and a keyboard and an opinion”-clout.

      I guess the reason for this is it destroys the foundations of our way of life, not just in cognitively dissonant terms, but in economic terms. Just too many people from the tip-top to the very bottom depend on an economic order that depends on the 9/11 Myth as it is, so unless you want to up-end all that, just forget it.

    • Avatar Frank von Winkhorst says:

      Please don’t quote Wikiganda to me. If you haven’t figured out by now how corrupted that organization is, there’s no hope for you. Check out show number 645 at Black Op Radio, Jim DiEugenio’s analysis of how John McAdams and his allies have prevented any honest description of the facts of the Kennedy assassination there:

    • Avatar Guest says:

      Don’t make a joke of yourself by not reading me.

      “Limited Hangout”. It means something. It’s well-established. That’s not any form of -ganda.

      If you would read me, you might not impute whatever sense of persecution you did from my words.

      And it’s a god-awful logical fallacy to dismiss Wikipedia in that way. Sure, it doesn’t have “the real truth”. But it’s still useful.

    • Avatar Frank von Winkhorst says:

      Granted it’s useful if you want to find the discography for a rock band. Beyond that, not much. And as for ridiculous neologisms that don’t appear in any serious dictionary or even in slang dictionaries, you really need to lose the American tendency to make up words because you don’t know the real word. And that is, in the final analysis, why Americans make up terms. It’s because they have been watching dumbed down TV for so long and reading only the most superficial of dime novels that they have no inkling of what real English looks and sounds like. This is the very essence of Orwell’s Newspeak.

  32. Avatar Matt Prather says:

    In the footage, a YouTube copy of which was linked to by WhoWhatWhy, he tells the story the most fully (and names the most names).

    He also told the story more briefly in an interview with Amy Goodman on Democracy Now!:


    (link #2) has a “download” button for the whole interview, for those who are into archiving — it also has a transcript.