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TvWHO: Russ on Election Reform and Having Real Choices

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Russ speaks with RT’s Abby Martin about WhoWhatWhy’s recent article, Unstacking the Deck: The Status Quo, Third Parties, and You. The subject: our incredible shrinking choices in national politics—plus what can be done to reverse the trend, and bring fresh ideas and new possibilities to the country.

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3 responses to “TvWHO: Russ on Election Reform and Having Real Choices”

  1. Avatar $28747572 says:

    It’s past the time WE Americans take charge of government as it was designed to be. Our representation in the House was deliberately stopped in 1929. With no real increase since the 1910 Census, Americans are being intentionally marginalized contrary to the Constitution.

    Please America, join and Fight the Federal Government, and Take it Back. Government is too important to be left to the politicians.

    • ?? What happened in 1929?

    • Avatar $28747572 says:

      Public Law 62-5 was passed. It set the number of representatives at the current amount. Previously there were increases every 10 years as stated in Art. 1 Sec. 2.
      It actually stopped after the 1910 Census, because in 1920, Congress could not pass the legislation to increase the numbers. While the Constitution is technically being followed, it still violates the spirit greatly so, and is unacceptable.

      See for more details.

      I stumbled on this issue from my state where a 26% increase in population did not raise the number in our assembly. However, there is a state limit here for reps.