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Russ Baker interviewed by Jay Taylor on our hidden history— the big picture you are not getting in the convention coverage. Find out why neither the Democrats nor Republicans will diverge very much from policies that benefit the few.


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  1. Jimbo says:

    I heard you on the David Feldman podcast today, Russ. I am a regular listener to his show. You did well. It is interesting how he wanted to veer off into personalities but you kept putting him back on the path of seeing the big picture. I wonder how he will digest your telling him that as far as you have learned, Obama was born in Kenya. Pow! I am not a birther or an Obama hater but I do like the naked truth and you demonstrated in the interview that you do too. Keep up the good work. Jimbo

    PS I just finished Family of Secrets in audio and it was riveting.

    • Russ Baker says:

      Thanks, but a correction: I did not assert that Obama was born in Kenya. I noted that a book proposal from his agent made that claim, and he apparently did not correct it. could mean that he was born in Kenya, or that at the time he thought that sounded sexier for a book proposal about a guy with an international background, or that the agent was zealous and O did not check what he sent out. I also noted that Romney’s father ran for president and was not born in the US, and that i wished we cared less about where people are born than in what they do in office–and who that benefits.

  2. Paul says:

    Great short introduction to Family of Secrets which can be shared with the uninitiated.