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An Independence Day Appeal

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We know the last thing you need on Independence Day is someone nagging you to make a contribution.

But consider this: at WhoWhatWhy, you tell us again and again that you love how independent we are. You love that we’re not beholden to corporate interests, that we take no ads, that we don’t favor one party or candidate over another. You love that we seriously investigate the goings-on in the world, then tell you what we found out.

Someone, marveling at our approach, declared, “Wow – so you do pure journalism!”

We do. And you can help us to do more of it and expand our reporting team. Please make your Independence Pledge today by signing up to become a monthly sustainer, at whatever level you can afford.




Our sincerest thanks and best to you for a fine holiday.

Russ Baker and the WhoWhatWhy Team  

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2 responses to “An Independence Day Appeal”

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  3. Avatar Skeptic says:

    Interesting how WhoWhatWhy can skeptically examine the Arab
    Revolutions and other current events, but it doesn’t question the American
    Revolution. It even displays an image of the U.S. Declaration of Independence
    which was thoroughly countered by former Massachusetts Governor Thomas



    You have a first-hand account of what happened in 1776, but I
    have not seen anyone on this website address its actual arguments. You don’t
    have to be a monarchist to be skeptical of the listed reasons for revolution. WhoWhatWhy
    is wise to be skeptical of the public statements of Obama, Bush, and other
    political figures. You could say I should be equally skeptical of Hutchinson. I was
    skeptical of a loyalist, but I don’t see how his arguments specifically addressing
    the listed complaints in the U.S. Declaration of Independence are wrong.
    Perhaps, there is a great article explaining how he was wrong and the Founding
    Fathers were 100% correct. If so, I would like to see it.