Speaks for Itself: US Government on Rights of Foreigners…vs. Americans

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5 responses to “Speaks for Itself: US Government on Rights of Foreigners…vs. Americans”

  1. Maggiemaxwell says:

    Beware the white-shirted stormtroopers. Fascist fashionistas, white is the new brown…shirt, that is!

  2. Howard Beale says:

    You start wearing the blue and brown
    You’re working for the clampdown

  3. Carlos M says:

    double talk that is… and one would wonder if this is Democracy or Hypocrisy

  4. Mtmahmood says:

    We have the right and the freedom to do what, again?

  5. Moore_mellonie says:

    Your website in insightful and informative.  The deception has gone on for far too long!