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Comedy and Reality Break: Bill Hicks Classic on War, Taxes, Media and Freedom

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“You are free to do as we tell you”

In this bit, from the early 90s, the comedian/commentator Bill Hicks takes on George HW Bush, the first Gulf War, manipulating the masses, public attitudes toward war, popular indifference, and more. Funny and brutally direct, with some profanity.


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4 responses to “Comedy and Reality Break: Bill Hicks Classic on War, Taxes, Media and Freedom”

  1. Matt S says:

    You want a better world? Spread the word of Bill Hicks… We must do it for him, since he was taken away when the world needed him most.

  2. MoralOutrage1 says:

    “Why can’t you do things that will appeal to everyone?” asked a woman of Bill Hicks.  She is the quintessential American, her head cheerfully and unquestionably in the sand.
    P.S.  Humor is what keeps us ‘heads-out-of-the-sand’ people sane–not to mention the sheer enjoyment of a big, deep, belly laugh. Thank you, Bill Hicks.

  3. PB says:

    The separation of Church and State by the Founders must have meant metaphorically and practically the separation of Centralized Myth Making from State. 

    Of course, those Founders didn’t know anything about a Ubiquitous Media Eco-system used by private interests to control minds, but they did know about Institutions used to control minds with the Church being the main example from their times on their minds!

    They also intended us to have an independent, diverse, and subsidized media, rather than anything that could approximate a ubiquitous mind control Church!

    This is the issue here. The people doing the constitutional interpreting take it literally because it serves them to have their privately owned media complex! Trouble is, it feels now like they’re taking this game home now…next round of elections with Citizen’s United corporate and foreign oligarch money!

  4. russwnyc says:

    IMPORTANT: If video does not load for you, try refreshing your screen a couple of times.