Welcome to the End of the World — Everybody Dance

Documentarian Josh Fox made his name showing us the real face of fracking. Now, he makes it possible for us to really, truly, see Climate Change in perspective — to take a moment to love the world, and to consider doing something.

Damn Dams — The Dirty Secret of Hydropower

Hydropower — touted as clean and green —
is actually neither. Environmentalists say it devastates lives, destroys rivers, produces methane which contributes to global warming, and fuels corruption. Calling it a “false solution” to combat climate change, they are urging governments to pull funding for massive dam projects, particularly in tropical regions. Here’s why. (VIDEO)

Exxon Feeling the Heat Ahead of Paris Climate Conference

As all eyes turn to the Paris climate talks, ExxonMobil finds itself in hot water. A series of disclosures reveal that the oil giant not only knew about the risk of climate change in the 1970s but slashed funding for further research when it became clear that there was not going to be any regulation on the issue for a long time.

GMO Makers, Their Puppets in Academia, and The New York Times

Are GMO (genetically modified organisms) foods good for you and the environment? Whom should you go to for answers? Scientists necessarily know more about such stuff than the rest of us — but be careful. The ones you are most likely to hear from are actually propagandists paid for by the biotech industry. And from what you can read about it in the mainstream media — especially The New York Times — the industry’s grip on academia and the media is much tighter, wider, and deeper than you would ever guess.